dwk9cop tizzy
rogue_tizzy I always enter when ur doing kisses thing
dwk9cop lol, that was a while ago
dwk9cop but I'm sure she has an extra for you if you wish
rogue_tizzy No no she all yours I’ll feel guilty
rogue_tizzy Those r yours
DWsBluestocking I have big lips lots of kisses
dwk9cop she's got a big enough heart, I can share some with certain ones
rogue_tizzy Awww very sweet
rogue_tizzy Totally mind in gutter now u say u got big lips
DWsBluestocking He ia fibbing about the heart
dwk9cop it's Sunday Fun Day tizzy
rogue_tizzy Long as day
rogue_tizzy Tc both x
Krypt 0rch1d Hello miss blue
DWsBluestocking How are you?
Krypt 0rch1d Attempting to survive lol
dwk9cop Krypt
Krypt 0rch1d Heya boss
Mara_Jade72 Ive had my fill of the other room
DWsBluestocking Same, thats why im just posting songs
dwk9cop raging
dwk9cop hello amira
Ragingwildfire Good morning kitten
Demonics_amira Morning Lion
Mara_Jade72 amira again
Demonics_amira How's everyone?
Ragingwildfire still waking up
Demonics_amira I was about to call you lazy but remembered you're about 3 hours behind my time lol
Demonics_amira Its 11 here. I been up since 7.
Demonics_amira I said I was about to. Not that I was. Cheer up
Ragingwildfire ill cheer up shorty.
Demonics_amira Need coffee? Lol
Ragingwildfire still trying to warm up
Demonics_amira I'll trade ya. Its hot as hell in this house lol
Ragingwildfire well the furnace just kicked on after i cranked it up so the house is still heating.
Ragingwildfire plus i must have slept pretty deep last night
Ragingwildfire ok, i like how im the half asleep one and the room stays quiet otherwise.
DWsBluestocking so.much.red.
Ragingwildfire yes it needs more blue
Demonics_amira Well I'm playing with a cat.. So yeah. Sorry lol
Ragingwildfire and purples! hello krypt!
dwk9cop I slept like a 13 year old boy that found a VHS porn when his folks were out
Ragingwildfire always playing with your pussy kitten
Mara_Jade72 purples? hmm? what?
Ragingwildfire im glad to know you and blue had a fun time dw
Ragingwildfire and more purple
Demonics_amira Lol its a real cat.. Looks like a Lion.
DWsBluestocking Blue and purple are in the same family
DWsBluestocking oh god, my eyes
Demonics_amira Damn that's bright
Mara_Jade72 moooooooooore purple
dwk9cop looks like baby shit

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