Punky's Ladies Paradise

princess_punky thats cause you are cute
blair256 im not very good at hosting them
blair256 only a couple
blair256 i attract the freaks and weirdos
blair256 i also have jackass rooms
princess_punky you have a room, blair?
Trauma Llama I'm gonna be quiet before I ruffle feathers of ghosts
Trauma Llama It's not always about what happens
princess_punky i didnt even get into a fight
Trauma Llama I thought uou were banned from one staci
Trauma Llama You have self help rooms and gang rooms lmao
Trauma Llama I'm sorry that was harsh
Trauma Llama You have sex rooms
blair256 i dont ban people
Trauma Llama Name one room owner not banned from a roo.
princess_punky not really
Trauma Llama I think the only room owner banned from my rooms is Buffy
adufeaux Interesting
Trauma Llama Most room owners are banned from at least one room
princess_punky yepperdoodle
adufeaux thats odd
adufeaux someone banned staci?
Trauma Llama From where
adufeaux I’m not banned
princess_punky yes unless owner unblocks
Trauma Llama You are banned?
Trauma Llama Until the room owner unblock you
adufeaux Are room bans lifelong ?
Trauma Llama 📸 savor the moment
Trauma Llama I think we just bonded staci
Trauma Llama Me either.
princess_punky I dont care for her
Trauma Llama I'm not sure if staci likes me lol jk staci
Trauma Llama Rj doesn't like me
Trauma Llama Sarawilson?
adufeaux what’s up with Sara?
adufeaux Why not?
princess_punky sara wont be back
princess_punky you too Tiger
English_Muffin I’m heading off. Bye ladies. Have a good weekend.
English_Muffin But shush she will be back
princess_punky she is one of the best
Non_PG_Kare hahah she's funny one lulu is
English_Muffin No worries
Luviissa Bb after 💋🌹
Luviissa Time to get me PJ's on
Luviissa Face like a bulldog licking sulphuric acid off a stinging nettle
Non_PG_Kare security or production runs in pretty fast messing it up
adufeaux ❤️
Luviissa I would too Ellie. Slap that Georgia so hard , her ancestors felt it
Non_PG_Kare yeah the racketts scraps never last long
Trauma Llama @adufeaux
English_Muffin Yeah I reckon I would too. I’d end up in a scrap
Luviissa I would get kicked off by the producers
Luviissa Cara is bonny for sure but a wee @!%!&
English_Muffin They couldn’t handle me on one of those shows Karen
Non_PG_Kare would be pretty hilarious
Non_PG_Kare imagne seeing lulu and ellie on one of those shows
English_Muffin I like cara too lulu.
English_Muffin lol imagine
Luviissa I want Jordan in the next series
Luviissa Bonny lass though Amy
Non_PG_Kare for entertainment purposes
Non_PG_Kare I only watch for them making arseholes of themselves
Luviissa Needs a night out and her esteem built up
English_Muffin But she’s crazy funny
Luviissa Amy is soooo insecure
English_Muffin Everyone needs a friend like her

have a photo, be a woman, no drama

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