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self1 I mean
Intellectior Only if you're a manager type.
self1 I'm like a hybrid
tiinatoni good night here
Devon_ Hey malicia
Aaron_Number_1 You see, we're putting the new cover sheet on all the TPS reports now, before they go out. Did you get the memo?
Intellectior Don't make me apply for a Business Intelligence position
Intellectior I'd say fack no
L a c y You have to have an approved business need tgen you have to write a novel on why you needed it also an itemized receipt and you can't go over the set limit
whooza_nerd malicia, i didn't take it that way, just thought it was obvious enough
self1 ah see that's crazy
Sarah_Cries i stupidly bored
L a c y Thats the basics
whooza_nerd sarah, let's dance
timbutler0922 Hello everyone, How is everyone doing?
Intellectior Or just stupid?
self1 I didn't set up my expense reports like that
L a c y Its more complicated but thats the general idea
BlueMoon86 sarah cries
Aaron_Number_1 I really want some soda and we ain't got no soda.
timbutler0922 I hopd that everyone has had a wonderful day today so far.
Aaron_Number_1 Perhaps I should go to the store and purchase some soda.
JeanetteCula Drink water.
back_forth Every expense report I fill out is the same. I sprinkle the blood of a vanquished coworker on it, and give a thumbprint. That's it. It's never rejected.
L a c y We are highly regulated and are going through a government audit
BlueMoon86 billy likes to drink soda
L a c y So they are being dicka about it right now
self1 Aaron is gonna stumble on the only diet soda hidden away and have an existential crisis considering drinking it.
Aaron_Number_1 OMG look it's my OLD OLD OLD OLD OLLLLDDDD friend Jeanette!
back_forth Tell them to stop being dicka.
Intellectior Gotta love those ISOs.
self1 Lacy that's lame, sorry
timbutler0922 OOPS Typo. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day today so far.
L a c y It really is
Intellectior What lame? It's the norm.
maynicole1987 good music people pm your fav
self1 I set up my expense report document as simple as possible
Intellectior Your company needs to be on level 5 like Amazon.
self1 Explicitly remind people not to write a novel
L a c y Some douche bag in texas haf the bright idea to buy a margarita machine for office use
Aaron_Number_1 That's a legitimate business expense if I ever heard one.
Intellectior Drinks at the office is only after-hours.

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