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gregory_tamag And then it came back around
BisforBlair Always has always will
Hanging_Around if you get pissed enough it is
obviouslymee Or is it in amesterdom
mike40474 So tfelicia and I were debating the bible on whether or not it's accurate and suddenly she blocks me. Lmao
CitizenPM blair you know those chicken nuggets are only 50% meat?
craismith1 well, isn't pan searing just another word for lightly frying?
Fists Of Fury blair, ur no longer a BFF u like micky ds, you get down graded to acquaintance now
BisforBlair Whats the other 50
xsweetxpotx Sex farts
Fists Of Fury lol jk blair
Hanging_Around I can get down with their fries
BisforBlair @Fists Of Fury 😡
gregory_tamag Blue eyes
Hanging_Around I'll have 12 large fries please
CitizenPM the rest is fat, bone, and tendons
obviouslymee Xswee it's called queffing
Hanging_Around and a paramedic
BisforBlair Im actually disgusted
BisforBlair Why didnu say that
BisforBlair Why would you do that to me
Rolling Stone fast food is cancer
billy_alverson57 Their quite unreachable my child their in their hell as well as you are in yours but please feel free to explore we have eternity to know your flesh
Fists Of Fury what stone said
Fists Of Fury like soda
Hanging_Around I'd still eat them
xsweetxpotx Whats queffing
obviouslymee Girls wash y'all ass if u gonna end up quiffing
Rolling Stone a coke factory was recently shut down because they found human waste in the cans
craismith1 Yes, I looked it up Fist, pan searing is just lightly frying
BisforBlair Food is what i look forward to
Razza666 messy anal is better tbh ]
birdy55 Fists
SallyDoRight always some weird sex thing on here,nightly
Fists Of Fury LOL stone yuck
CitizenPM Dr. Richard deShazo ...""Our sampling shows that some commercially available chicken nuggets are actually fat nuggets," "
obviouslymee Like u said .... Sex darting
craismith1 so you DO fry your food
xsweetxpotx I dont speak english😅
jellosea_ lol true sally
billy_alverson57 Kirsty so eager to play so reluctant to admit it
Hanging_Around imagine snorting human waste in your coke what a bummer, literally
Rolling Stone lol nasty ass soda
birdy55 Sally
jellosea_ just gotta skim the posts
grizzlytx9 keeps you coming back eh Sally
Fists Of Fury stone, u know cops use coke to get rid of blood stains on the road?
hime_kawaii @SallyDoRight of course lol I wouldn't be pcl
Crazy_Runs_Deep Who even talks about this b.s? Lol
xsweetxpotx Farting just sounds better
birdy55 jelly hi

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