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MissDork Diego flagged me.
Diego Cervantes VI backpage haha
miilk Kitt looks so much like Nancy Botwin.. It freaks me out
CoreyOO7 after you do her...all you want is them to get the hell out
sadly There's this one 19yr old
SpongeGoo I mean, He did?
MissDork Yes you did.
sadly Maybe
Bodhi80_ kitt has damage
SpongeGoo Of the brain variety?
wonderthorn LOL Live : "Did you say "glorpmmmph?" what was that? "
Homosexual Hunter the escorts use tinder now
Diego Cervantes VI Kittrix? @miilk
shleppiepeppie who doesn't have damage
CoreyOO7 sadly...i understand...19 year old escorts...strippers....awesome....
Diego Cervantes VI what ever happened to Kittrix?
Homosexual Hunter they go are u a cop
Bodhi80_ she got preggers
Homosexual Hunter u know ur in
miilk Say her name three times
NeanderthalGangsta Kittrix makes me want to poke an ice-pick in my eye.
NeanderthalGangsta MissDork induces thoughts of entirely different type of poking.
SpongeGoo Kittrix agreed to let Charles come over, Diego.
SpongeGoo And we never heard from her again.
steven_v Sometimes I think i'm missing out by not using tinder. Then I remember that my dick doesnt burn when I pee and I feel better about it
WeirdoGirl Bidhi, did you check out?
LiveBait speaking of in ontario they fly over all the time spotting the place up
miilk tinder is creepy
wonderthorn I have never used Tinder.
WeirdoGirl Steven, that's prob why the last guy I got with isn't responding to me
LiveBait ones orbiting my area now
DÄVÉ© I will carve an eagle on your back
wonderthorn except for starting a fire.
SpongeGoo I would wear goggles if I met Dork.
Bodhi80_ what about those tinder group meetings
WeirdoGirl Made his d itch
bepat1ent Bumble is better
miilk dating apps are such a chore
WeirdoGirl And burn
SpongeGoo Beer Goggles
Bodhi80_ like on 4 diff people at once
miilk I can't do them
MissDork Ah, you lie.
wonderthorn Love me Tinder; love me True....
steven_v everything about dating is a chore
Bodhi80_ i heard bumble is the newest fad
steven_v it's just awful
Homosexual Hunter not for escorts bepat
SpongeGoo And a tin cup.
miilk It's true Steven
bepat1ent Yeah its way better
Homosexual Hunter tinder has more
SethParty but burning pee reminds you that you do have a dick bro
bepat1ent Lol Homo
steven_v It's like a job interview
SpongeGoo So she couldn't read my thoughs.
SpongeGoo thoughts
NeanderthalGangsta steven_v. try arranged marriage in india.
bepat1ent I never knew tinder had escorts
Bodhi80_ pof turned into tinder
LiveBait fk....that chopper is on something. hes gone by 3 times in about a minute
DÄVÉ© bought a Mojito for Kay the Coolest Lame
Bodhi80_ but lower grade hos
CoreyOO7 steven...get some blow...go to the strip yourself the heartache..the hassle...the talking
bepat1ent Guess it makes sense
SpongeGoo Tin foil cup*
Homosexual Hunter i messaged 1 today

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