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pasoguy Hello
LoveCharmr Ok someone kill Aaron the turkey
pasoguy Ladies
LoveCharmr Let us eat him
LoveCharmr Hahahahahaha
ponzo im back
King_Buckethead I dont want to eat out Aaron
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Turkey for me, turkey for that guy, I'm gonna give charmer a black eye
SallyDoRight just cook im, i aint eating him
King_Buckethead No offense Aaron
AaronOMGLookItsAaron None taken, my friend.
LoveCharmr Aaron u like turkey guess what? Ur family is a turkey
LoveCharmr And I will eat u all
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Take that back. That hurts.
V i n n i e WoW that a nice table Good table free.
MosstheBoss too deep.. too deep!
MosstheBoss hey king
SallyDoRight wb bossmoss
LoveCharmr I will give u something Turkey it is this:
MosstheBoss cheers sally
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Turkey for me, turkey for Glitter, why didn't we hire a babysitter
LoveCharmr Aaron ur a dumbass
LoveCharmr Just stop talking about. Turkey u idiot
AaronOMGLookItsAaron All these kids gettin' on my nerves, I'm gonna sit over there, with the pervs.
LoveCharmr U are a pervert
MosstheBoss careful where you put your hands
LoveCharmr Moss ur right
AaronOMGLookItsAaron Just sing along to the tune of the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song, DickCharmer.
LoveCharmr Don’t kiss girls
AaronOMGLookItsAaron It's jolly good fun.
LoveCharmr They don’t like disgusting guys
V i n n i e Moss even made sex words out of play station and xbox.
LoveCharmr Triple lol
MosstheBoss its a gift
MosstheBoss usually one people tend to take back when they meet me
V i n n i e Or a curse.
MosstheBoss like socks for christmas
SallyDoRight 2sox the cat
LoveCharmr Triple for Aaron the turkey idiot who will die and’ go to hell
V i n n i e I wouldn't mind some free socks.

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