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Seity sits in the lost corner
Izzie iz Really Jean?
Marjack i suggested steves to watch allo allo, he learned english
Izzie iz Hate to hear that
Lady Lacy that makes me sad, poor Lokin.
Lady Knot should we send him flowers?
knightstarz junk mail did you spike the rooms punch
Marjack wiz a strong ze german azent
Seity Lord
Lady Lacy I need to buy him a badge the next time I see him.
Lady Knot there should be something where if someone on here die
Izzie iz Agree lacy
junk_mail81 geeze wtf are you people on?
Natural Gold this room confirms for me that im a horrible person and take pleasure in others misery
Lady Knot you send the family flowers
chapmanangela Sits in the lost corner too
Coral123 hard to know how to get started on here
Seity stop showing off
MrClaws what badge is that lacy "half a batman badge?
Lady Lacy I agree, Bree.
Seity <<moves over for angela
Lady Lacy LOL Yuvi
Marjack this is oval room, you can not sit in a corner ffs
Seity coral it is not easy when you don't know the ppl lol
Seity but there are some nice ones around
Izzie iz Wanna give him a hug
Coral123 I know !!! tell me about it !!!!
junk_mail81 ahhhh i think i just seen a nipple
Seity if i want a corner i get a corner jack
Lady Jeanette Ima do my hair and get all pretty today.
Seity <<offers coral a cookie lol
Seity welcome
MrClaws john making demands like a total reg
Izzie iz Makes you feel good
justplainAaron Why you gonna get all pretty today
Coral123 thank you yummy
Lady Jeanette Look less like ripespud.
justplainAaron LOL @ that
Marjack if yo find a corner in oval room you must wear that jacket
chapmanangela How do you make different flag icons. Like the Phillippines flag. hillippines:
MsGwen i have..
Lord VJ no wonky eye?
Izzie iz I did it yesterday
MrClaws jack this room isn't oval its anal
chapmanangela nope that didn't work.
Seity haha
Mysweetness13 ( ¤ )( ¤ )
Seity jack lol

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