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Bellaamore_01 Sadly, please keep your chubby within a 5 ft radius...I'm ovulating
justpaul Thanks
justpaul Who sucks more
sadly I'm team long dick bella
Ripespud my typing aint the greatest
J O K O @Bellaamore_01 disgusting ovulation id ont want to know about owmen
sadly Not girth
kodak13 I am fine just ask me what you want to know but I don't let stupid @$**%'s tell me what to do so if you think you are going to tell me what to do I'd beat the &$^* out of you and send you home looking like shit.
S CA R Dave!
Agouti there needs to be a state chat
koolz any single lady in Ontario looking for a bf?
sadly Well I have both
kodak13 My bidness ain't ur's just cuz your here and i am here.
DÄVÉ© How are you tonight girlie?
Bellaamore_01 Joko, thats what I heard through the least pertaining to their chat Network
Ripespud i doubt it
sadly But yeah go team long dick
J O K O @Bellaamore_01 interesting. thanks for the news
Mediamole I just dipped my toe in my expensive whirl pool olympic size swimming pool ..its nearly at optimum feel good temp ..another hard ahead.
sadly Put em asleep
justpaul Long duck dong
GrimReefer81 im not into girlie...hell naw.. im more into women lol
J O K O so wireclub is going to close poor lady adria
Bellaamore_01 Research it, Joko....could just be smoke up ours asses
DÄVÉ© Wire is closing?
S CA R All good How are you dave?
S CA R Hey jew
Bellaamore_01 Nah, Wire is fine
DÄVÉ© Not too bad here girlie
sadly Adrian another member of team long dick
DÄVÉ© just got home from work not to long ago
sadly Is here
DÄVÉ© just kind of chillin
kodak13 Ok but a chat room doesn't have to go any certain way.
justpaul It's just a rumor
koolz I got short dick
justpaul It's not a tumor
sadly Well fu
sadly Then
sadly 😂
Bellaamore_01 Joko, the more you know about women the better period that includes ovulation Cycles
sadly Bella being impregnated
kodak13 Now i'm 31 and no longer use those place's if you think your like going to trick me i'd turn you into a igloo.
Mediamole Sadly the wire mafia ..just kinda fades you out ..if you dont kiss it
Bellaamore_01 Unless you wanna buncha lil Joko runnin around
Spirallove1981 talking is better than writing easier...
sadly Is not that bad
A W K S maybe i could just close my eyes for 5 minutes
S CA R Just scrolling jew lol

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