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LovelyBCBG13 Time to see my therapist
Jim lol lovely
L a c y lolol
lokin4peace2knou sorry i mised it
americansteelxx so i stay home an talk to u people
Fists Of Fury Skills fernie
Ouchithurts I drove to hsw
FernieB Aiiii
TuckingFypo and you got ina fight with your husband or whoever this day
TuckingFypo if you were married at time idk
L a c y naw we were just dating then
s0nitara loll Fernie
americansteelxx aintcha lucky LACY
Ouchithurts Man oh man takes off my shoes feels so god
L a c y I've only been married three years
TuckingFypo what year was this
americansteelxx i stay home an talk to u
americansteelxx aint dat nice
lokin4peace2knou you know the silver back when you piss him off
L a c y 2014 is when we got hitched
FernieB I keep trying to click someone's name but then chat moves and i click someone else's name smh
L a c y all drunk and shit in vegas
L a c y best way to do it
TuckingFypo in novelty store though
TuckingFypo lol fernie
DukesTheCredibleHulk Fernie drank too much tequila
Shabba mr loverman fernie u snooping on some guy pics?
americansteelxx that's me big silver bk gorilla
Ouchithurts Sees it's funny cause it's sad
CarnalKnowledge a ring doesn't plug a hole
LovelyBCBG13 Who doesnt snoop
L a c y Skd you can't talk to me until you get rid of that stupid seal pic
Ouchithurts Learn from me boy
LovelyBCBG13 Im possibly the biggest creep
FernieB Dukey
LovelyBCBG13 I look at everyones pics
FernieB Shaddup
L a c y lol Dookie
L a c y ahahahahhaha
LovelyBCBG13 Linger look linger more
FernieB Hahahahaha, Lacy
DukesTheCredibleHulk What's so funny?
FernieB Hahahahaha
lokin4peace2knou what is you way to meet ladys here jew
americansteelxx baby baby dontcha wanna cum with me
FernieB Lmfao
FernieB I can't
DukesTheCredibleHulk How have you not known that was a thing by now Lacy?
FernieB Funeral is Thursday at 2
L a c y looool
Jim i am just lovelys booty call
Ouchithurts First rule don't talk about stuff
L a c y Chris I hope you're drinking
DukesTheCredibleHulk Like Dookie has been my kid nickname since I was like 9
L a c y cuz this shit only makes sense to drunk people ok

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