mstanley905 It matters.. I shouldn't have said that
brownieee nvm, you are right, who cares
mstanley905 Knowing who dropped the ball
brownieee again, you are correct
mstanley905 Facetious now?
sheepshed did anyone watch gutfield ?
sheepshed he was really on a roll
sheepshed he had a former navy seal captain in laced on skinny leather pants and greg was just so funny about it
sheepshed or green beret i cant remember, one of the elite
sheepshed the miley cyrus big 400 pound muscled guy was cracking jokes
SensasianaI Armageddon. They don’t make movies like this anymore. “I will make 800 feet. I swear to God I will” “then let’s turn this bomb off”
SensasianaI Everything has a damn agenda now. Just make entertaining movies ffs
LeDude this room got started
FactsNotFeelings Former NBA Player Steve Nash: Constitution ‘Very Old,’ Americans ‘Brainwashed’ to Love Guns
FactsNotFeelings Haha, when does freedom get old?
sheepshed my husband likes the shoot em up movies and sci fi whatnots, i watch parts of them now and then but usually let him enjoy and just join in a little bit
sheepshed dont really opay attention to them
FactsNotFeelings Sensasianal I hate how they are trying to politicize movies and make things politically correct
sheepshed its too late and no one would want to watch them
sheepshed i think my fav movie was Rainman
sheepshed and Blind Side has to be right up there
SensasianaI If you like football you need to watch a movie called when the game stands tall
SensasianaI It’s based on a true story
sheepshed not a ball fan
SensasianaI It’s not so much about football as a moral message. Football is just the vehicle it uses. A high school team that was undefeated for like 9 years or something like that finally loses a game and then a whole bunch of crazy stuff starts happening
SensasianaI And they have to refocus and find themselves again
sheepshed my husband can tolerate some ball game about half an hour a year added together, i dont think we would tune in to a movie with much football on it, but your plot sounds interesting
sheepshed he likes Nascar in the backgroiund and watching it, not a lot of sports
SensasianaI I like nascar and I became a huge football fan when I moved here
sheepshed did you see watters world and that road rage which is a bad thing, but the car that tried to pass the one in front of it, and caught the front right edge of his mid sized van on the other car and it flipped the van over on its left side
sheepshed about 3 miles an hour lol
sheepshed i felt sorry for the guy as first he was victimized by some spitting road rage guy, then his van tipped
sheepshed boy you never know
SensasianaI Daytona 500 tomorrow
sheepshed there are a lot of nutty people out there
sheepshed good my dh will enjoy watching that, what time eastern /
SensasianaI Did you see the wreck where Austin Dillon flipped his car into the stands at Daytona
LeDude sheep what is van tipped?
SensasianaI 2:30 eastern
sheepshed dh says 2 pm
sheepshed OK, STARTING COVERAGE at about 2 pm
sheepshed dude if someone said their van tipped over on its left side, how would you picture that ?
SensasianaI Check that out
sheepshed when was that car in the stands ?
SensasianaI It flipped into the guard rail broke them and bounced back out
SensasianaI If you keep it on it shows replays where you can see it clear
sheepshed didnt see the date on the tiny video
sheepshed there was one a year or two ago one car went on top of two other cars at high speed and threw it into the air and it went over the top of a like 15 foot slanted fence came down on the bleachers grandstand on top of people

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