joegulf2 not much change Tony
detroitt << -- gonna go workout -- bbl
tulsadigs5 workout for me.....
joegulf2 tx does DL have link
joegulf2 your lover
joegulf2 haaaaaaa
tulsadigs5 I think he should have..... but I dont know
tulsadigs5 awwwwwwww.. he's my precious guy
tulsadigs5 TS morning
tsarge2815 Texie...Howdy
tulsadigs5 how are ya ?
tsarge2815 Morning to all
tsarge2815 Tex...Upright and able to take nourishment, so all is well
tulsadigs5 I got my directive .... from AOL this morning... about closing out AOL to me.. as we know it.
tulsadigs5 they want me to go to GOLD
tulsadigs5 I'm not going yet
tulsadigs5 I'm going to call em..... ask em lotssssssssssssssssssssss of questions as to WHY
tsarge2815 my risk, I state without qualification or moderation or temperence, AOL Gold is crap.
tulsadigs5 I'm just not in the mood... or feel like calling them.... right now
tulsadigs5 thats what everyone says.... TS
tsarge2815 I COULD count the ways, were I so inclined
tulsadigs5 many have reported back.... with the same about AOL GOLD. Nobody likes it... so far
tulsadigs5 At least we have wireclub... here... where we can find each other
tsarge2815 For starters, it is slower than molasses in January
tsarge2815 It took myself and a very helpful and knowledgeable person to get me cut over to Gold when they booted me
tulsadigs5 If I knew how... I would sign up for Gmail... and tell AOL to stuff it
tsarge2815 How does one sign up for AIM??
tsarge2815 At LEAST, we could IM then
tulsadigs5 TS.... go to google... ask
tulsadigs5 they will give you a directive... where you can go to find out
tsarge2815 OK,,,and HOW did DBrown make out with the ;cane?
tulsadigs5 oh... He did fine...... he said
tulsadigs5 Have you seen or talked to Eeeenee ?
tulsadigs5 he was in here the other day... but I missed him
tulsadigs5 Detroitt... is working out... right now
tsarge2815 'bout time for him to take his skeerdy cat but back to Florida, isn't it?
tulsadigs5 think so... in October...
tulsadigs5 He hasnt been saying much..... in chat. I think he misses Detroit.. hahahah
tsarge2815 So do I...
tulsadigs5 we bad...... we bad
tulsadigs5 whatever happened to Pebs ?
tsarge2815 Has Buffy gotten her :"notice" yet
tulsadigs5 she disappeared
tulsadigs5 not that I know of
tsarge2815 I see her on FB once in awhile
tulsadigs5 is she still working?
tsarge2815 Oh yes...she has a kid to finish raising
tulsadigs5 she always has Mommy and daddy
tsarge2815 I think she has become very self sufficient now. Seems to be doing a great job with the kid. To say I am impressed would be a gross understatement
tulsadigs5 I never did understand all of that........
tsarge2815 Nap time here....Good chatting. Regards to all
eeeneemeanie helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
heshoots67 Hi room
detroitt ok , I'm back from my workout
detroitt - 2- 1
detroitt -42+-8
detroitt hay Joe
detroitt where is everyone ??
detroitt see ya Joe

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