larrygry kash !!!!!!
nyrvana5 hi Larry
abbyzetz ............h
abbyzetz ....................o
abbyzetz ..............................l
abbyzetz ...........................................e
zorrro707 did you see that ?
abbyzetz u saw that
zorrro707 well, ya .......... i did
zorrro707 wherz Blufr ?
zorrro707 4 days ?
abbyzetz mebe shes at sisters
zorrro707 i orta call'r
abbyzetz u got number?
abbyzetz her
zorrro707 shez ok
abbyzetz goooood
abbyzetz why she not online
zorrro707 bad router
abbyzetz shes a luddite
evocative28 what group has Trump insulted today?
evocative28 he's a child
evocative28 a child with the nuclear code lol
abbyzetz all these senssiitve gruops...tsk tsk
evocative28 no they just laugh at him now
evocative28 the nfl lol
evocative28 he's criticizing the nfl lol
abbyzetz i feel sorry for nfl players.....makes 50 million a 12 days,,,,horrible
evocative28 12 days lmao - try again
evocative28 you have no idea how much training they go thru
evocative28 and workouts
abbyzetz and they have to look at those cheerleaders.....unbarable
evocative28 i'm sure thats not whats on their mind for the game
evocative28 so funny to see republicans now having to decide between the nfl and the clown in teh white house - their favorite sport - lol - what a dilemma
abbyzetz z duz abuff know anyone technical
kashingin franken s hypocriscy like most dems
abbyzetz z good
zorrro707 fone company is fixin it tomorrow
abbyzetz ......s
abbyzetz art roooined
evocative28 lol franken - try roy moore the pedofile !
kashingin 40 years ago, filthy dems, probably paid the fake women
evocative28 lol now you dont believe the woman right
evocative28 thats sad
kashingin fake tears
abbyzetz why moore accusations come out 40 yrs later.....right b4 election...must be coincidence
kashingin creditiabilty zero
evocative28 sad that you would go so far as to support a pedofile
tsarge2815 IF the woman brings PROOF, I believe her, but it has to be more than just her saying so. Not the way our system is supposed to work
kashingin libs believe guilty till proven innocent
abbyzetz ts is heer....hide the peenuts
evocative28 you support a pedofile
tsarge2815 Seems to be the new standard, Kash
kashingin like your pediphilre kevin spacey, oughta be in jail
tsarge2815 Where is the proof, beyond her saying it? There just has to be more
evocative28 spacey is not a politician what does he have to do with it lmao
evocative28 he's an actor lord
kashingin lib Hillary Supporter
evocative28 lmao so?
tsarge2815 I see ignorance and stupidity still reigns supreme in chat. Oh well.
kashingin PRISON for Him ,Hillary
evocative28 seems to me that roy moore is a big headache for the gop

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