Plus size  and bbw room Plus size and bbw room

brchevalier51 don't have any
gomezadams86 One Of The Kind
cal21 👀
gomezadams86 Yep had me some Tequila Earlier Cal
cal21 everyone
cal21 you did?
Lynn2225 Thought you were mad
gomezadams86 Then Pasted Out
cal21 Tequila makes you sleepy huh?
gomezadams86 No Cal Get Mad, I Get Sleepy
cal21 I ain’t mad.
gomezadams86 So does other stuff
gomezadams86 Got What?
latachuela srry i was afk
cal21 You made a new account?
latachuela hey look someone has ratio name but with 6
latachuela who got new acct
brchevalier6 Got it on my phone
cal21 Ratio apparently
latachuela u don't need a new acct for be on it on ur phone
cal21 No lol
latachuela why u make a new one
brchevalier6 From my phone
latachuela oh for the ho ho ho
latachuela on other acct
cal21 Hahaha
latachuela very smart Ratio
latachuela now they won't know about us
latachuela u have 2nd acct
brchevalier6 Wouldn't use same one on phone
brchevalier6 Don't know
cal21 I’m on my phone right now. No problem logging in. Lol.
gomezadams86 I'm on my couch
brchevalier51 something 2 do with only numbers
latachuela -starts to think-
gomezadams86 See my chick later
brchevalier51 my phone wouldn't let me have access with brchevalier51
latachuela did u log off with 51 on comp and then log on the phone
brchevalier6 I'm a dumb ass
latachuela don't you duh me
latachuela where are u
brchevalier51 look at it this way, 51 I'm on computer, 6 I'm on phone
brchevalier51 you'll know
cal21 I’m here
latachuela there u are
latachuela i love the new pic
latachuela kitty name?
cal21 Thank you.
cal21 His name is Oliver
oldrairesmale55 good morning all

For people who are and people who like bbw women . Don't be rude and ask before add.

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