Plus size  and bbw room Plus size and bbw room

queen_heartoficy69 Ladyyyyy sis๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ
not_a_toy maybe i make my own room
Grim_reapin if u mod her i mean
not_a_toy ill call it no toys for boys lol
Grim_reapin i used to be a mod in a few rooms on here before
not_a_toy no grim
sumrandumguy_1111 girls have the best toys
Grim_reapin then i left this place n deleted account haha
Grim_reapin hey queeny
OGINTx Really and what happened
not_a_toy grimreaper
queen_heartoficy69 I'm still a mod in 5 rooms
jeffyboys7 hi queen
Grim_reapin what toy?
sumrandumguy_1111 u r a busy girl
LadyLaser Hi Jeff
sumrandumguy_1111 what rooms Queen?
queen_heartoficy69 Wandering minds Sub Dom and etc
rbwells09 Hi lady
sumrandumguy_1111 i love the ect room
sumrandumguy_1111 both are awesome
queen_heartoficy69 I had couple of rooms myself
sumrandumguy_1111 im joking Queen...sorry
queen_heartoficy69 Summer its cool
Grim_reapin im only on here for a couple days then i will disappear again
not_a_toy to where?
not_a_toy job to do eh
Grim_reapin this place is depressing and u only realise it when you shut your account down lol
sumrandumguy_1111 its winter here
Grim_reapin yes toy to hell
not_a_toy life is more depressing.. at least here u can fake it..
LadyLaser hi my friend
LadyLaser I never fake it Lol
sumrandumguy_1111 ok...cya in hell Grim
Grim_reapin i never fake it either, if you are talking about that lady lol
sumrandumguy_1111 like this dude
Grim_reapin ok sum ill be waiting there for you
sumrandumguy_1111 what friend jorgit??
queen_heartoficy69 Sum can I add u as a friend
sumrandumguy_1111 sure...but im gone in a few days
not_a_toy fake life people.... man are all your minds in the ditch all the damn time!!!
Grim_reapin hahaha sum
sumrandumguy_1111 wtf happened toy?
sumrandumguy_1111 i was in the ditch on the weekend
egauthier282 Hello and good evening everybody
Grim_reapin hahahaha
sumrandumguy_1111 but i swervered to miss a dog

For people who are and people who like bbw women

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