goatgirlgold sorry, gotta go
goatgirlgold I can relate to that lol
ro_m same old stupid shit
ro_m nothing new
goatgirlgold brb I need more coffee
goatgirlgold not a lot. what is new with you?
ro_m what's new
ro_m yoo
goatgirlgold but that is just what I think.
ro_m tada
goatgirlgold I do not argue politics. I am beyond bored with your guy did this and well, but your guy did that. Both guys do what they are told to get the corporate money. So pfft on that.
goatgirlgold This is more important to me than what has been said in here lately.
goatgirlgold Politicians in both parties take money from the same corporations and owe them favors. This utube has 3 parts. Things might make more sense after watching it. If you are not interested, that is ok too.
goatgirlgold It has served both the red and blue parties to encourage people thinking anyone outside their own party is the enemy.
goatgirlgold Some of you have already heard of John Perkins. Some were too young when his book came out and was on the best seller list for months.

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