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seachain Gravy, smart cookie, your dentist.
Big Bad Taco They are so... unamerican.
aridShrub my dentist said not to suck on candy at night before bed.
higgs11 BammmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMM
Big Bad Taco So hospitable.
trendybutler10 Candy is a reportphag.
Big Bad Taco So personable.
formerlybam wow menopause at 31! look out ladies
seachain Reporting is for cowards.
jeannie44 Good evening
trendybutler10 yes candy is a cowardess.
I am creampuff I am a coward
PoolsOfLight clearly y'all are not the important people
seachain And douchebags.
ldgtx7 i want trump to nuke the UK
higgs11 Hey former she’s used the same pics and age for over 10 years
formerlybam how old are you candy?
Big Bad Taco But visiting London is SO expensive.
higgs11 But I guess former you know everything
I am creampuff thank God, I do want to be popular
trendybutler10 the accents of the UK are cool
Candy VonCandyburg thats none of anyones business
higgs11 Lolol
trendybutler10 Trump has the chalky voice of a child molestrer
ldgtx7 target the london eye
Big Bad Taco I would have to live in the cheapest hostel.
Candy VonCandyburg I'm younger than 31
seachain Blunder, another tear jerker.
formerlybam aussies want trump to accidentally nuke the US lol
ldgtx7 like a bullseye
BlunderDog hi puff
Big Bad Taco For a $35 a night
Gravy I Love You bam, a gentleman never asks a lady their age
heavenlyXO Should woman be allowed to have a credit card?
I am creampuff Hi Blunder
higgs11 Lol candy hasn’t changed a pic in her profile for 20 years
formerlybam im not a gentleman Gravy
wuzzies Wifey!
PoolsOfLight > not a gentle man
wuzzies I need to give you a Halloween badge.
Gravy I Love You and candy isn't a lady lol
Big Bad Taco Probably like $39
higgs11 Look at her 80s porn couch in her pics
aridShrub Candy is so old that the Dead Sea was just getting sick when she was born.
Big Bad Taco i dont remmeber
seachain You do!
Candy VonCandyburg pools is male?
Big Bad Taco i know its $300 a week
ldgtx7 bunker busters to get to the reptillian overlords
Big Bad Taco for the cheapest hostel
seachain Then I'll feel special.
trendybutler10 porn couch KIK.
PoolsOfLight haha Candy,, yes dear
higgs11 Candy blocked me because I speak truth
PoolsOfLight do you still want a kiss Candy
c1cf1970 ok, that was funny, arid
trendybutler10 i want her to block me shes a cooch
Big Bad Taco I hear the hostels in London are among the worst in the world.
Candy VonCandyburg thats disturbing
wuzzies gave the Tricky Jack-o'-lantern badge to seachain
heavenlyXO Should woman be allowed to go to bed?
higgs11 candy is a full blown ^%%~
PoolsOfLight what is ,,, a boy named pool ?
I am creampuff Jacks are you here
seachain Ta, Wuzz...
formerlybam if candy had a hot bath would she be boiled candy??
aridShrub Candy is so old, the candles cost more than the birthday cake.
Big Bad Taco i dont do hostel traveling very well
Candy VonCandyburg just the way you talk
I am creampuff How are you?
trendybutler10 should woman who report people be allowed in chatrooms
Big Bad Taco im too much of a light sleeper
Candy VonCandyburg i can't believe you're male
higgs11 The water would be full of skin craters
Big Bad Taco i have expensive things
Roll___ if Candy had a hot bath she would fall apart
wizardofodds creampuff loves jack
heavenlyXO Should woman be allowed to listen to music?
higgs11 Candy reports everybody
Roll___ CandyRat
seachain gave the Trick or Treat badge to wuzzies
aridShrub Candy would look great at 50 if she wasn't 40.
formerlybam she hasnt reported me yet
PoolsOfLight I thought you were a guy,, buy your opinions Candy

I think therefore I am!

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