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Elycrimson I wonder where your minds are. lol brb
PRIMeBUDo one person flirtation is another person harassment
c1cf1970 come on couldn't keep up if you didn't get it
Elycrimson I get it, c1
PRIMeBUDo this is why The Girl in the Café is one of my favorite movies
PRIMeBUDo it deserves an Oscar in my opinion
Elycrimson I wonder how many are speaking truth (men or women), and how many are jumping on the bandwagon, depending on the person in question.
PRIMeBUDo some decisions are very poliitical
PRIMeBUDo and not everyone can understand it
Roll___ lol @ Turret
PRIMeBUDo people be like why we cant save all those hungry people in Africa
Elycrimson what's this film about?
PRIMeBUDo you want to save them but u know there arqe complications
PRIMeBUDo ely watch it!
PRIMeBUDo its a good movie
PRIMeBUDo I loved it
Elycrimson where?? lol
PRIMeBUDo dont have it?
PRIMeBUDo leme check
will_usa_pa Turret gets his education from Futurama, and his sex from sheep
etripikal hard to find tv movies
etripikal Bill Nighy was a vampire once
c1cf1970 not sure what you mean by that....'jumping on what bandwagon"?
Elycrimson while I wait...I hope you all got to see the return of Twin Peaks, this summer. ?
etripikal maybe twice
etripikal slow night tonight
Elycrimson oh...pools left.
etripikal perhaps i should be soaking in all this netflix goodness instead of chatting
PRIMeBUDo found it
PRIMeBUDo might have to brush off those annoying ads
PRIMeBUDo im surprised didnt have it
etripikal what ads? hehehe
PRIMeBUDo they usually have nearly everything
Elycrimson yeah, gonna kill my pc?
PRIMeBUDo lol ely
etripikal malvertisement says norton
etripikal yay, a website that tries to give you malware
PRIMeBUDo its about political life though
PRIMeBUDo and how it really is
etripikal it's about getting a virus
PRIMeBUDo and a very fine woman lol
PRIMeBUDo a woman i would like lol
PRIMeBUDo she has her opinions
Elycrimson we've not seen enough of how it "really is"? lol
etripikal streaming sucks because they never have captions
Roll___ Putlocker is fairly safe but that can depend on how savy you are at security
Roll___ its on Solarmovie too
PRIMeBUDo right @ ely
Elycrimson well, that sounds safe
etripikal no streaming sites are safe
etripikal they're evil pieces of poop
Roll___ I have never had an issue with a streaming site
Roll___ not once
etripikal that you know of
etripikal invisible attacks
PRIMeBUDo we all have our political ideas but you have to get through the mud to know how it really is for your idea to pass through
Roll___ like I said,, depends on how well you know your security
PRIMeBUDo we all want to solve the world
Roll___ the boogie man attack
etripikal norton just blocked a malvertisement from that lnik
Roll___ norton sucks
etripikal not really
Roll___ really
Elycrimson we all know how it is. lol
etripikal but not really
PRIMeBUDo to have an idea is one thing but to get 1000s of people to accept it is another
etripikal i mean, if you think so, you don't use norton obviously
c1cf1970 ok, freezing my ass off here...going inside
c1cf1970 night folks
Elycrimson you were outside?? lol
c1cf1970 yes, I sit outside and smoke
Elycrimson c1, blankets...they matter. hehe
PRIMeBUDo that woman spoke up when the british prime minister was speaking in that movie
PRIMeBUDo i think its sexy
PRIMeBUDo but damn lol
PRIMeBUDo you know
PRIMeBUDo nobody does that lol
etripikal nobody does anything that's depicted in fiction
c1cf1970 anyaway...bbl

I think therefore I am!

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