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greywolf49 the room smells like an old pair of socks
mattengel god is a dad nobody can change that
ArcaneArts done with this chatroom
mattengel he can though
ArcaneArts you are immature @ dan
DansOnly have you reached high school??
W__h__e__a__t Poop evolves into fertilizer I guess that's not a good example
ArcaneArts i am 10 times highschool
xanderjoel delusional
ArcaneArts delusional
ArcaneArts i studied highschool to its max
ArcaneArts i know everything
ArcaneArts and everything we will be
fyrtruc ok,lets back it down a notch, which automotive paint is outlawed in the united states, you get a choice, either lacquer of enamel, you have 20 seconds to answer arcane!
DansOnly and still being a bully...
ArcaneArts you are a moron
greywolf49 i wish i knew as much as arc
DansOnly or troll..
xanderjoel arc are those beagles?
ArcaneArts dan is a moron
Darth Enthronics But look around. Every spring life emerges again. Every morning Sun emerges again. Just like life emerges every day around the Galaxy.
ArcaneArts that is information
ArcaneArts that i study
chatonator the paint with lead in it
fyrtruc buzzer, times up
chatonator lacquer
fyrtruc bingo, winner winner
Darth Enthronics We are not new. We just feel new.
ArcaneArts times up
DansOnly name calling now??
greywolf49 how long is the insane asylum open toingt
mattengel if you really think god cant pay someone youre in the doldrums
ArcaneArts dan you dont know what intelligent is
ArcaneArts a manfiold system is stupid
DansOnly wow... now it's pre school..
ArcaneArts manifold engine
ArcaneArts come on now
Chris8011 its open 24 7 grey
ArcaneArts dan you are !!^%ing stupid
chatonator that's why so many collectors like original paint cars nothing compares to lacqer
greywolf49 well....thats a relief
xanderjoel snack bar closes at 10
HeidiHippyChick ~thank you Clenched
ArcaneArts i study plants, robitics,animals, elements
DansOnly your opinion is yours..
ArcaneArts you guys dont study shit
xanderjoel in vass
ArcaneArts i am the smartest here
ArcaneArts you are all stupid @~##s
greywolf49 tosses arc a this
HeidiHippyChick ~I'm hiding from the negative vibes
NoOneKnowsAnything reality is nourishment
xanderjoel he is smart
mattengel when god is happy something bad usually happens to him
greywolf49 ya chick..i dont blame ya...some real donkeys in here tonight
HeidiHippyChick ~I like reality in small doses
DansOnly I haven't heard you express one interesting idea yet Arcane..
NoOneKnowsAnything which flower is that Heidi?
xanderjoel gummy but smart
Darth Enthronics grey, if you didn't fight for standing rock and just give 5hit to the natives in here, what a hell are you worth of?
HeidiHippyChick ~Hey Grey * scratches behind Grey's ears*
HeidiHippyChick ~ Let me see
greywolf49 sick of native....they can go sit on rock
greywolf49 ya chick
HeidiHippyChick ~ I am going to say it is a lilac...even if it isn't
NoOneKnowsAnything Grey...suck my..
HeidiHippyChick ~or an African violet
NoOneKnowsAnything Heidi...are u fat?
fyrtruc jasmine
greywolf49 i have a leech than suck your thingy
HeidiHippyChick ~NOOOO hahahah far from it
aridShrub Because the First Nations held slaves - they are as bad as the White.
Darth Enthronics grey, so you must be fake... no real native turn their backs to their own
mattengel god wants to marry everyone ok?
aridShrub First Nations still want slaves.
chatonator I'm fat
NoOneKnowsAnything Heidi...I remember ur name buttttttttt.........tsss...who are u ...I can't recall
DansOnly why do some call college students 'kids' when at 18 we are considered legally 'adults'??
greywolf49 the first national indjuns....did lots of bad things
aridShrub We tell them "no you can't have slaves stfu"
ArcaneArts i am back

I think therefore I am!

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