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ReeRee_ Sure thing
ReeRee_ Not really sure
frozenmud cotton i invite you to live in the usa
ReeRee_ Lol Anton
frozenmud the usa loves india people
frozenmud lol ree
cotton_____candy oh really? @frozen
frozenmud cotton you are my guest in my trailer
ReeRee_ We grow cotton in west Texas
frozenmud tamil tigers
ReeRee_ Main crop
ReeRee_ Cotton and pecan
frozenmud cotton you want to live in texas
frozenmud or california
ReeRee_ Lol Anton
cotton_____candy i love to live in india only
frozenmud in india but they have no toilets
mmjohnjohn I hve never seen a cotton plant before
frozenmud cotton to which caste you belong to
ReeRee_ It's a tall plant Johnjohn about 2 feet high
ReeRee_ With little buttons of cotton
mmjohnjohn cotten was the slave industry
frozenmud all blacks came to the usa as immigrants
frozenmud trump said so
frozenmud no one was forced
mmjohnjohn Ree Ree cool
frozenmud they all came freely
Roll___ ramigrants
Cygnarian Muslims sold so many blacks
ReeRee_ Ello roll
mmjohnjohn frozen thta is about as ignorant a thing as i have ever heard
frozenmud they only forced the mexicans to go to the usa illegally
ReeRee_ Blacks sold blacks
frozenmud cyg arabians
frozenmud not muslims
ReeRee_ I learned that from the movie roots
frozenmud ree true
Cygnarian Hahahahah
frozenmud blacks sold blacks
Cygnarian Blacks did too
Cygnarian Muslims sold more
frozenmud and caucasians bought them
frozenmud and treated them like shit
ReeRee_ Yup Anton
Cygnarian They were dominant in slave trade
ArcaneArts so that was isomers and polymers today
ArcaneArts what a headache ima read on uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
frozenmud ree most blacks dont even know their roots
ArcaneArts semicrystals next
ArcaneArts i keep wanting to badly
ArcaneArts its also on my chart i study
mmjohnjohn no captured africans in africa where, it ws jot untill the whites wanted to buy them that the slave trade became so popular
frozenmud the caucasians stole the roots of the blacks
ArcaneArts and also diodes are semi crystal
ArcaneArts and germanium
ArcaneArts im back
frozenmud arcane is black
ReeRee_ Lol wb
mmjohnjohn many different diodes
ArcaneArts ;openarms:
ReeRee_ That's a lot for one day
ReeRee_ Welcome
mmjohnjohn and three diodwes make a transistor
frozenmud it was to much for cotton
ArcaneArts wellllll maybe but next time itll be easier
ArcaneArts to understand
frozenmud she left
ReeRee_ Your brain is greedy
ArcaneArts yes it is x]
ReeRee_ That's true it will
ReeRee_ Hehe arts
mmjohnjohn are npn and pnp tranistors

I think therefore I am!

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