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hungarianprince9 I had Pizza Hut today
godcomplex i believe in the buns
hungarianprince9 And just took a shower
chatonator do you have taco bell runs
Pinkymiss I like milk products
wizardofodds throwaway thursday s&p all time high bitcoin all time high
Hotel Prius Welcome to the Hotel Prius.
Pinkymiss So cheese is my favorite
wizardofodds you guys...
ruetwobetwo There are no fast food chain places around me
wizardofodds all time turd lows
Hotel Prius *places mint on pillow*
hungarianprince9 Let's skype
ruetwobetwo the closest taco bell is like an hour boat ride away
chatonator same here reut
ruetwobetwo but it is super close to the trader joes i get my groceries from
wizardofodds Im going to shit in chatonators mouth after I saw his arms off
Pinkymiss Kfc is 20 mins drive
chatonator do you live on an island
Pinkymiss I am feeling like eating cheese burger
Pinkymiss Veg burgers
hungarianprince9 Pagan I want to caress you and make your body feel like velvet
Pinkymiss KFC doesn't have good chicken
hungarianprince9 Til you're blissful
chatonator relax wizard you're not even my #1 priority you probably have a month or two
Pinkymiss It is all chemically soaked
wizardofodds pinky what are you going to do the first time you taste burger and you become sexually aroused
ruetwobetwo Salt is chemicals
ruetwobetwo and so is water
wizardofodds pinky will shunned from her hindi community
wizardofodds you murderer !
hungarianprince9 Chocolate and champagne
Hotel Prius A bucket of KFC in Ukraine is served with 2 free beers.
Hotel Prius It's free.
chatonator Wizard but in these next couple months i recommend doing things you can only enjoy with hands and eyes like say porn
Pinkymiss Lol I can kill mosquitoes
Hotel Prius Why not soda or juice? Well, IDK...
hungarianprince9 Bubble baths jacuzzis
hungarianprince9 Massage oils
ruetwobetwo Because beer is a soft drink in much of the world
hungarianprince9 Rose petals
hungarianprince9 Silk sheets
chatonator wizard watch as much porn as you can in the next two months
Pinkymiss Beer soft drink ?
Pinkymiss I didn't know that
wizardofodds every blowjob taco gives come with a complimentary venereal disease screening
Enmgos here comes the Gurkhass YouTube
hungarianprince9 And some Marvin Gaye
wizardofodds chato you fat fucer you could never catch me
Pinkymiss Hotel is taco?
ruetwobetwo Yeah wuite a few places consider beer a softdrink
hungarianprince9 Some love making music
Hotel Prius Won't be long before I move out of here and into my Hotel Prius.
wizardofodds better lose some jello round boy
Tacomangia rue is very annoying keep you're comments to yourself ..smh
Hotel Prius Hello, Pinkymiss.
hungarianprince9 Strawberries
Hotel Prius Welcome to the Hotel Toyota Prius.
chatonator wizard i'll get you when you're sleeping you have to sleeo
Pinkymiss Hi 🙋
ruetwobetwo Others just have less strict liquor laws around the less alcoholic beverages
wizardofodds is taco bragging about living in a subcompact car
Enmgos if a man is saying he is not afraid of dying...either he is lying or he is a Gorkhas
Hotel Prius I need a pooping bucket.
ruetwobetwo That was rude tacomangia
wizardofodds I have drones that will rape you if you come anywhere near my property chato
chatonator wizard i'm very humane i'll sedate you first
wizardofodds chato is coming for sure now
Hotel Prius I need a pooping bucket with human waste bags.
Hotel Prius And a rubber brim for added comfort.

I think therefore I am!

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