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noskcaj_leahcim777 *rolls a blunt to celebrate
Zmaniac nosk you talk out of both sided of your mouth could care less didint say i dont care
noskcaj_leahcim777 correction Z, I talk out of my ass too
Zmaniac dazed and confused
noskcaj_leahcim777 especially after 2 breakfast burritoes
AlexHamilton Lights a Trump brand cigar.
AlexHamilton McCubus welcome
McCubus hello Alex
AlexHamilton You have a topic?
McCubus not wit me at the moment laughs
AlexHamilton bring a list of topic next time
McCubus got ya bring list
McCubus how are you today Alex ?
AlexHamilton Yes, indeed, bring a list of topics. Many topics.
McCubus have you a topic in mind ?
AlexHamilton I'm well, a slight on-set cold from some dirty person somewhere who does wash their hands or their mouth.
AlexHamilton I have many topics. I'm glad you asked.
AlexHamilton McCubus do you smoke fine cigars?
AlexHamilton Cigar Life.
AlexHamilton you drink coffee ?
Zmaniac i like cigars filled with weed
AlexHamilton what kind of coffee do you like, do you make it at home?
McCubus yes and you didnt mention weed
AlexHamilton Zmaniac if you had a *&&!@# you put weed in it. Dance probably.
AlexHamilton Nosk you like coffee?
AlexHamilton The topic is Coffee.
AlexHamilton How do you make your coffee at home?
McCubus i drink coffee all day
noskcaj_leahcim777 i make it in a french press
Zmaniac no but why smoke that nasty cigar with out the good taste of some cush
noskcaj_leahcim777 or if i make a lot i use a coffee maker
AlexHamilton French Press? Does it taste good this way?
noskcaj_leahcim777 yeah tastes stronger with the press
AlexHamilton Is a coffee maker okay. I use a coffee maker.
noskcaj_leahcim777 coffee maker is good as long as its clean and whatnot
AlexHamilton I trying a grocery store coffee now. Lavazza. It is okay.
noskcaj_leahcim777 and as long as u dont leave it on too long to go racid
noskcaj_leahcim777 i buy the beans and grind them myself
AlexHamilton Yes. I clean it. Don't say "whatnot" that is bad grammar. This is room that expresses ideas with good grammar, even great grammar. Big words and Small words with much meaning.
noskcaj_leahcim777 nothing beats fresh ground
noskcaj_leahcim777 who the hell uses all perfect grammer in a chat room?
AlexHamilton How much is a grinder. I need to get a grinder and grind beans. You Do your Coffee Special.
AlexHamilton you are a coffee aficionado
noskcaj_leahcim777 FYI I am a professional editor and my grammar and spelling is not perfect when i chat at high speed
AlexHamilton I'm trying a new app Grammerly
noskcaj_leahcim777 in a room you go for speed so the only time i correct people in chat is if they are being jackasses and they can't type or spell lol
AlexHamilton Grammerly
AlexHamilton I pay for line edits and copy edits when I write my columns for newspapers.
noskcaj_leahcim777 you should have a person proofread it though because programs can miss things
AlexHamilton yes i pay $10 to $30 for them
AlexHamilton so those are good rates?
Roll___ the blind asking for color
noskcaj_leahcim777 yes good rates
AlexHamilton Thanks. They turn it around in 24 hours.
ArcaneArts good for the writer
ArcaneArts i mean editor
AlexHamilton cheaper for 48 hours. I should try that next.
ArcaneArts good for both really
noskcaj_leahcim777 24 hours is good
AlexHamilton so you know how to make good coffee
AlexHamilton you are resourceful chatter
noskcaj_leahcim777 used to work in a health food store so learned about organic coffee there, good stuff
AlexHamilton organic coffee - where do I get that?
AlexHamilton I'm a novice.
AlexHamilton Do you smoke cigars?
noskcaj_leahcim777 only stuffed with weed lol
noskcaj_leahcim777 and yeah go to like wholefoods or trader joes
acesfewl can I laugh

I think therefore I am!

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