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Kim Chi tasty tasty quantum soup
djmurray83 Interesting xero, but how is it that multiple people identify the same thing, like looking at a planet, all humans are creati
PinkHalo i was super drowsy
iKantSeeYou Quantum teleportation only works with things like photons
Roll___ that is the idea
iKantSeeYou sorry ik you were kidding
Roll___ I don't know the details
Kim Chi we got the new hot water heater installed this afternoon
Kim Chi when i say "we" i mean hubby and my uncle
Roll___ I wasn;t kidding....
tannerms87 I killed myself this afternoon
iKantSeeYou I don't wanna sound like a smartass but what am I spposed to do with all this useless info I learned in high school
Kim Chi while my aunt and i watched a movie
Roll___ I don't remember what I learned in high school
Kim Chi you never know when the useless information you gather will come in handy
iKantSeeYou I just graduated
djmurray83 I died when my ex cheated on me 😕
Kim Chi just study what you love and eventually your place will emerge
Roll___ ex's can't chear
Roll___ cheat
Kim Chi that's a lot of power you gave to your ex
Roll___ they're ex
chatonator I took two subjects in highschool very seriously...................sports....................and girls, and excelled at both of them
iKantSeeYou Can I ask what everyone majored in?
djmurray83 She's now my ex but she cheated when she was my gf
Roll___ chato is bragging about his sexual conquests,, in his eyes he is bad
Kim Chi i only tried a couple of semesters of jr wasn't for me
xeroxvdarpa djmurray I think its cause all our minds are essentially from the same source, we just see the same mental images fed into it, look up plato and the cave for a good analogy
Kim Chi then she did you a favor congratulations!
Kim Chi who wants a ho like that anyway?
Roll___ I have a paralegal degree (2 years) and a Poli sci degree
chatonator Roll was a 137 pound center and defensive end in highschool
Kim Chi i had certification in massage therapy...loved that
Roll___ and it wasn't HS
djmurray83 Xero, I saw that Plato and the cave thing last year, couldn't really get my head around it
chatonator I played with centers pushing 300 pounds
Kim Chi and securities and insurance (life/health) didn't love that quite so much
xeroxvdarpa its good analogy for what I been talking about
chatonator junior high*
Roll___ yes,,, I was strong for my size
Roll___ I played defensive end also
Roll___ both 1st string
xeroxvdarpa we are all essentially prisoners in a cave staring at shadows thinking its real
Roll___ 1 game,,
djmurray83 Xero. Thanks for your sharing your theory
xeroxvdarpa but its just a illusion
chatonator you played on the first string for one game?
Roll___ 2 games,, I played against this middle line backer that later became a famous local line backer
Roll___ he ran my ass over every single play
Roll___ for 4 years I played 1st string
xeroxvdarpa you go outside the cave and then you see the real world and get enlightened
Roll___ that guy fcked me up
Roll___ my coach was laughing at me
djmurray83 Xero, so are you an illusion created by my little tiny mind (no disrespect to you)
Aemond Holy shit
Aemond I am so f'ed up
Aemond I just ordered 2 pizzas
xeroxvdarpa I could be lol
Aemond I love yall
djmurray83 I mean can a person on inferior intellect create an intelligent illusion 😄
Aemond I am listening to Sublime
trentster111 This is the really real world. Aint no comin back
Aemond I just
xeroxvdarpa that's the thing we can for certain say what it is
greywolf49 none of us matter
pr0xy__ Nice, Aemond
xeroxvdarpa we are all stuck in a cave essentially
djmurray83 You gettin walnut sauce on your pizza?
Aemond I am fing schwasted
Kim Chi yes, food is an excellent idea
djmurray83 im never having kids
trentster111 Me llamo Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez

I think therefore I am!

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