jimmyjim397 This is Living heh
jimmyjim397 You looks lovely as always ....
lizardhippi whats going on
lizardhippi whats sup dude
Slackluster Your mom is going on
lizardhippi shut up thats jokes that my grandma tells
lizardhippi anyway lol ...
Slackluster Your grandma sounds cool
lizardhippi No she's not
Slackluster Oh hello there
lizardhippi well she's sweet but definitely not cool
lizardhippi Hi Aquilegia
lizardhippi so this says this chat is about music
Deux dans le rose Cold down your way, lemons?
lemons man not too bad, got my jumper on
Deux dans le rose Yeah. I'm rocking the flannel sheets and jammies
Deux dans le rose I'm in my jammies at 735pm. idc
lemons man yeah I need a flannel shirt
lemons man Ideally
Deux dans le rose Flannel, or um
Deux dans le rose Jesus, what's that shit called?
Deux dans le rose You know what I mean
lemons man polar fleece
Deux dans le rose Yeah, that shit
Deux dans le rose I do wish I had my polar fleece blanket, though
lemons man Yeah the blankies are ok, I think the clothing went out a while ago
Deux dans le rose I remember when blankets were all the rage
lemons man as its absoloutley useless in the wind
Deux dans le rose I used to work at a place that supplied them, and I'd bang one of the warehouse guys to get blankets for free for my fam
Deux dans le rose I mean, I banged him anyway cos he was hot, the blankets were just extra
lemons man with free come stains
Deux dans le rose You don't bang on the produce, lemons
Deux dans le rose Come on, man
carthage creek When ya wish upon a star
carthage creek Name it after me
carthage creek Ok I bet its laggin on the loading
lemons man actually a polar blanket would be good in autumn
Deux dans le rose Mine is great. It's black and white striped like a zebra
carthage creek Well this came out pretty dope Tangible
lemons man purrrfect
carthage creek I try to let the train engines blare in my ear and life is super sick
lemons man whats that creek?
carthage creek It's like the minute long promo for the whole video project
carthage creek Just bombin good form since the injury
carthage creek Like im psyched cuz scouts can see all I needed was a minute more to tie my shoes
carthage creek Coulda gotten the big'ns
carthage creek I went after geoff rowley's in the first huge release
carthage creek 9 mins of destructiom
carthage creek If I had landed all the tricks in the crash reel it woulda been pro
carthage creek But my leg gave out

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