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Tsukii on the Internet
Tsukii hey dan and z
Tsukii ah weezer. I remember this song
superdupertyson they pumped out a lot of music
huntingparty46 can someone help..i just joined and my private chat doesn't seem to work ?
Jinnathon are you in offline mode, hunting?
Jinnathon If so, switch to online.
Jinnathon how is it not working, if I may ask?
huntingparty46 it says online in green
darknightcerberus count your toes bigtoes
darknightcerberus to be alone with hey how did i become the enemy
darknightcerberus haha mon Pikachu whats up
darknightcerberus your a pokemon haha
darknightcerberus i finally got me a cd i like
darknightcerberus it takes like 1 out of 20
getfuzzy95 Hello everyone
darknightcerberus you left me here to cut me down
darknightcerberus shh hmm such brillant words for sure lol
Chris Don't blame her
Mon Petit Chou Before you say it
Mon Petit Chou He's from New Zealand.
Chris She's from some country where they don't teach such things as words
Mon Petit Chou I know you so well
Chris Shut u[
Chris There
Mon Petit Chou Talk to your friend.
darknightcerberus i need to pee isn't it fabulous
Chris I'll talk to your friend!
darknightcerberus yeah me too wheres your friend? lol
darknightcerberus who wants to hear mindless death metal? just me surely not
darknightcerberus young ppl f off lol
Chris One time
Chris I ate a whole bag of boiled peanuts
Chris I likely got sick
darknightcerberus die at the scence of the days
darknightcerberus this is the end how is that only dreaming
darknightcerberus haha suck a banana %&&**es
darknightcerberus thye said that we'd find them alive
MusicAddict1994 Hello peoples
darknightcerberus 94 was a good year
darknightcerberus i think i don't remember lol
paganpoetry uhhh uhhhhhuh uh
MusicAddict1994 Hey, my generation is one of the best. XD
darknightcerberus this auto correct from edge makesme seem like a pro haha drunk

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