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testtubetrauma1 she obeys your lies,for the wisdom she provides,covering elegence with a fatal desire,she undertakes to break his mind,with an appetites she might find,the forlorn discarded looks,through the shirnking sands of time
PaleBurnedAcid i was watching a show
Alaska Young How are you, lovely?
ahGeoffy you're a lyric machine
PaleBurnedAcid and it has subtitles so i had to actually watch it
MiraiTrunks I'm great
PaleBurnedAcid im great, you?
Alaska Young did not mean that
ahGeoffy I'm more minimal I guess
ahGeoffy did you do the open mic alaska?!
Alaska Young pretty good, I am going to play an open mic this evening
duble_d81 paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale!!!
PaleBurnedAcid oh that's awesome !
Alaska Young it;s later
PaleBurnedAcid Dan you sexy man beast
duble_d81 miss youz
ahGeoffy alrighty
PaleBurnedAcid i know it's Summer so I don't chat much
testtubetrauma1 beautys melodic epervesant dance,waltzing over the billion broken dreams,spitited away to some far located cave,dropping out from heaven with aploom
PaleBurnedAcid it's right until 11 pm
ahGeoffy alaska is v good ps
duble_d81 i shouldn't be, cuz im working... shhhh
ahGeoffy blew me away a couple of nights ago
ahGeoffy with her tracks
PaleBurnedAcid i won't tell anyone
duble_d81 thanks!
PaleBurnedAcid informants will be shot
duble_d81 yesssssssssssss
duble_d81 how you been ? ?
PaleBurnedAcid right in the knee caps
duble_d81 i love your devil pic
PaleBurnedAcid ive been busy, i have a bit of a tan
PaleBurnedAcid we had a week of no rain
ahGeoffy if only nerd was here she would agree
PaleBurnedAcid im not the colour of a normal alive person
Vessels ty russian
Vessels I'm not really here I'm just spying on russian
PaleBurnedAcid oh im glad you liked that picture, i coiuldn't resist posting it
ahGeoffy sorry tube
Vessels making sure he doesn't cheat on me or tarnish that skin before I take it from him
ahGeoffy I got distracted
ahGeoffy pretty cool lyrics man
Vessels don't want my new coat getting stained before I even wear it
testtubetrauma1 can you rise a smile?can you stoop so low?can you become the chosen one?can you be the perfect sun?can you grasp a heart so tight?can you run with all you might?can you breaathe clean purified air?can you really care?can you let your sorrow go?can you be t
testtubetrauma1 e one who really knows
ahGeoffy some recording I can hear?
ahGeoffy I need to put it into context
Alaska Young sorry, got to run. love ya paley
PaleBurnedAcid man i was just watching this show called Deutschland83, took me right back to the cold war
ahGeoffy good luck!
PaleBurnedAcid break a leg Ruthie
Cthulaid_ i think i might have a job lined up in denver
ahGeoffy listening
RedTemplePrayer i feel like marvin the martian
testtubetrauma1 hey nick your welsh right?
Cthulaid_ an organ soup factory
ahGeoffy nick is surely welsh
Black Russian That's great news maniac
PaleBurnedAcid i feel like a blancmange
Cthulaid_ starting pay is like 13 bucks an hour
testtubetrauma1 love the offical welsh song for france 2016
ahGeoffy not bad!
Cthulaid_ &^%$ yeah
ahGeoffy what are you doing/
Black Russian Money is money
testtubetrauma1 did u like the last lyrics i wrote geoffy?
ahGeoffy for sure but I need to hear you singing them
testtubetrauma1 its called cant

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