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playingbass25 .38 is passed the fk out.
Hello 2U hold on
Hello 2U are you saying that person lied on the internet?
MickeyKnox Blood back is higher then breath
playingbass25 Matters not
sunnysider well they took my breath too at the cop shop after
sunnysider it was higher
Vegetable When you get pulled over for DUI just get out of your car, throw your keys, and start chugging a bottle of liquor.
Vegetable Best defense imaginable.
playingbass25 Blood is the only thing that holds up in court. THAT is why they do that
sunnysider because it was later
ZedsDeadGirlfriend i got breathalized in high school once
ZedsDeadGirlfriend i wasnt even ~&@@ing drinking
seacabbage :;haha:
ZedsDeadGirlfriend someone lied and said i was
playingbass25 VEG thats a stupid defense and wouldnt work.
sunnysider depends
Vegetable It already has worked you twit.
ZedsDeadGirlfriend i laughed in their #~@$ing faces when it was all zeros tho
sunnysider it could world
playingbass25 Nope doesnt depend
MickeyKnox .4 bac is usually dead or severe alcohol poisoning
sunnysider i had a friend who hit a car drunk drove home and started pounding beers
Molesto IT was me, Z
sunnysider he got a hit and run but no dui
Molesto I lied to them
sunnysider not sure whats worse
playingbass25 If you RUN..theres NO blood
Molesto I just wanted to watch you blow into somefin
sunnysider it was a parked car
playingbass25 NO evidence
placidic Could have just given her a banana.
MickeyKnox Yeah i was told to never blow
placidic Potassium and erotic gestures combined into a high calorie snack.
MickeyKnox By a cop
ZedsDeadGirlfriend my mom got away with a dui cause she refused to do the breathaliser
sunnysider yeah i know people that have got off just because they didnt blow
Molesto Kool Moe Dee and the treacherous three
playingbass25 But there is NO fkn way you are getting out of a dui by chugging booze when you are pulled oIf you REFUSE a blood test or breath..AUTOMATIC one year suspesion of your license and you STILL get everything else with it.ver.
Vegetable bass, you seem mad.
Roothless Hey nerdy
sunnysider you might go to jail but you probably wont be prosecuted it seems
MickeyKnox Not if you get a lawyer
playingbass25 also bullshit
ZedsDeadGirlfriend dont say anything bad about Obama guys..i think hes on the edge already
seacabbage &&$# Obama
Molesto Don't. push.
playingbass25 If you refuse a breathalizeer or blood its automatic one years suspension.
Molesto cause. he's.
MickeyKnox I know a guy that didn't blow and went to court and just got a possession in a dry county charge
Molesto close. to. the. edge.
seacabbage only good thing Obama has done is make it illegal to sport hunt wolves from helicopters
placidic Would $^@^ Michelle Obama. Truth.
MickeyKnox Its not apparently
ZedsDeadGirlfriend im on the edge of glory!
Roothless All I have to say.
seacabbage and even then...what about sport hunting wolves on the ground?!
Vegetable plac, so gay.
Molesto Im on the edge of seventeen
Molesto juuuust liiiiike the oooneee wiiinged doooove
Vegetable Michelle Obama is a man.
seacabbage adam's apple
placidic Then so be it,
playingbass25 I would totally do michelle Obama.
ZedsDeadGirlfriend at least someone gets me
MickeyKnox She does have a big peen
Molesto werd to ya ovaries
Vegetable Michelle Obamas dong was swangin on Ellen.
Molesto :other shade emoticons:
playingbass25 Just 'saying something' doesnt make it true.
Vegetable bass, then stfu.
playingbass25 trump proves this every day
seacabbage god = the weather
seacabbage did you guys know?

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