Howardtheduck the abuse turns me on
Dancing Cow that's all there is
DecayedUnicornsHouse Answer the question
johndoe106 Tell it how it is -The Growlers
Howardtheduck what question ?
Nostalgian howie, the difference is you get turned on by a guy abusing you
GrapesGrapes oh!!! im here to freakout!!!! howie!!!! im doing the robot!!!!
Nostalgian you 2 inch pinch gets hard
Howardtheduck no i get turned on by the abuse
Howardtheduck its just better when a woman does it
Nostalgian you're so far in the closet you can see aztlan
Nostalgian you're have a good view of narnia
LunaRiviera Howard knows beggars can't be choosers
ChickMagnet2016 lets all speak slow so howard can understand
Nostalgian i just have violent urges
Nostalgian high testosterone levels according to the doc, from my recent blood test
jollygoodspork can you throw a car across the street?
GrapesGrapes luna!!!!!!! how are u?!,!?
Nostalgian I'd crack a crowbar over howies f'ucking ugly cranium
Nostalgian look at that thing, the melon
ChickMagnet2016 howard loves getting abused by goats
LunaRiviera I'm good, grapes
Nostalgian dump his body in a river
johndoe106 Lets all fill up a pillow cases with bars of soap and beat Howard
DecayedUnicornsHouse Why so many fling alts
ChickMagnet2016 decayed hey long time no see
DecayedUnicornsHouse I dont remember you :/
GrapesGrapes luna!!! bats?
johndoe106 Bron-yr-aur eargasms
GrapesGrapes yes!!!!!!
johndoe106 He is your father
GrapesGrapes meddy!!!! rum sum dumb gimmie some mega hug!!!!! ka ka comin in!!!!!!
johndoe106 Papa jojo
HeartOn hi grapes
GrapesGrapes JOHN !!!!!! DUDE!!!!! We should buy the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!!
LunaRiviera They told me you was hit by a train!
johndoe106 Dallas buyers club already
Giraffe_ Sum ting wong here
LunaRiviera Hi James
johndoe106 Ruby Tuesday -Stones
GrapesGrapes GIRAFFE, dude.... I need some advice
Giraffe_ No grapes you cannot physically become ab inanimant object
GrapesGrapes No, not that!!!!!
johndoe106 Is it wrong to smoke a doobie at a playground ?
johndoe106 Full of toddlers
GrapesGrapes GIRAFFE!!!!!!!! I need help!
Giraffe_ Ok grapes with what?
LunaRiviera Blow the smoke in their tiny faces and make it an interesting day
johndoe106 Ok Luna good advice
GrapesGrapes GIRAFFE, I want to make everyone in the world happy.... What do u think I should do?
LunaRiviera Oral grapes, lots of oral
GrapesGrapes hummmm, interesting approach
johndoe106 Yeah and don't forget the balls
GrapesGrapes I see where we are going here, and I like it
LunaRiviera I'm full of good advice today
Giraffe_ Lift your head up high and blow your brains out
johndoe106 She lives in pans at the end of this prism

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