l0stm0on aint toked a blunt in like 9 yrs
l0stm0on hahaha
Defective ohhh for lung ?
l0stm0on yes yes
l0stm0on and antibiotics for kidney infection to boot
l0stm0on uh huh
l0stm0on bad thing about w.e it is they cant figure out the major underlying illness
l0stm0on when i get one thing i get mutltiple things
l0stm0on and it lingers
l0stm0on but im a ninja
Defective well that sucks asss
l0stm0on stilll going and gong
l0stm0on eh its my life
l0stm0on all i know
l0stm0on reallly
Defective yup yup
l0stm0on makes me who i am
Defective just keep showing the teeth
l0stm0on bbiam gonnna get my nebulizer aka breathing treatment machine
l0stm0on they are beauts huh?
l0stm0on i showed em off like whoa yesterday
l0stm0on compliments everywhere
l0stm0on first time id eaten with em
l0stm0on twice yesterdday
l0stm0on but bbiam
Hiraeth_ You stopped playing wordy, Travis?
Defective he's masterbating
Hiraeth_ Are you watching him doing that
Defective shit no
Hiraeth_ Then why say such rubbish, papaw
Defective buti can hear muffled monkey like sounds coming from trhaqt dark corner
aceleopard99 wow, most of the ravens and jags are kneeling during the anthem
aceleopard99 trump done pissed off the nfl
GrapesGrapes dick juice!
Defective theres a game on right fn now ?
aceleopard99 yes, in the uk
aceleopard99 you have to watch on yahoo
Defective pfffffttt those heathens dont deserve to be blessed with american football
Defective and why the hell would they disrepect our anthem overseas ?
aceleopard99 they want the world to know cops are murdering civilians in the us
Defective then hold a lil #^!ing sign ... don't disrepect our anthem when you are over seas
Defective they better be hella fines to come
aceleopard99 nope, they have something called the 1st amendment
Defective they don't have !@%~ing cardboard and majic markers in the UK ?
Defective fine the shit outa them
aceleopard99 flacko sacko
aceleopard99 so apparently London is jaguar fans
Defective they can keep that kneeling asss trash team
aceleopard99 they have played there 5 times
Defective a good high school team would whooop that ass
aceleopard99 high school and elementary teams kneeling now
aceleopard99 finally a mlb player did it
Defective hold a fn sign then .. direspecting the anthem is like disrepecting the whole country for 1 issue... hold a sign and say what ya want fn said
aceleopard99 holding on jags
aceleopard99 its disrespecting the people that's hired to ptotect and serve americans murder them and get off scot free
aceleopard99 cops in the uk don't murder civilians
Defective what the %@*@ ya think cops are robots ??? no bad fireman doctors or lawyers... for less pay then all just mentioned
aceleopard99 jags kickin fg
Defective no bad priests teachers
aceleopard99 if a fireman, dr, lawyer, teacher, priest pulls out a gun and murders you, they all go to jail for life
Defective damn skippy
Defective if proven guilty
aceleopard99 cops get off
aceleopard99 with 30 videos proving their guilt
aceleopard99 some? 99%
Defective they got good laywers
Defective like OJ

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