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JayTheSpartan But im not from Texas
UltimateS Mind blown
JayTheSpartan I like country music
JayTheSpartan this shit is chill
JayTheSpartan Yes my friend, country
Black Russian Lol James took ya long enough
Black Russian Do they have any gay country singers?
LunaRiviera Hi James
Felonious Drunk Sorry I'm eating
JayTheSpartan Not sure mate
JayTheSpartan Probably bot
Toroid Who is they? The country music slavers?
Black Russian That's probably why you like it jay
Felonious Drunk How are you Ericka and br?
JayTheSpartan You're saying i like country music because the're aren't any gays country singers?
JayTheSpartan What's sexuality got to do with music bro?
Toroid Trouble.
Felonious Drunk He's got a gun
Toroid Janey tier.
LunaRiviera I'm doing well, James. Thank you for asking
JamieSMASH what does sexuality have to do with music?
JamieSMASH have you ever heard
JamieSMASH . . . a song?
Felonious Drunk That's good np ericka
Ling Ling_ lol a song
Joseatv yoo Peace
Joseatv fine man
Joseatv how are you peace?
Joseatv great!
JayTheSpartan Who cares if you're gay or not, if you make good music you make good music!
Joseatv how is the weather there Peace?
Felonious Drunk Most gay music consists of disco/electro beats with some singer nowadays that is
Ling Ling_ doesnt care what anyone's sexual preference is.
Peace Wave Station its pretty nice
Felonious Drunk I've been to gay clubs so I've heard it
Joseatv here is so cold
Joseatv I just traveled to the highlands
Joseatv under 6°C
Black Russian I'm doin great James I gotta head out soon tho
Felonious Drunk Ah, well that's good br why you heading out?
Joseatv I saw you new room Pease
Joseatv Peace*
Felonious Drunk I don't go back till monday
Peace Wave Station yes I missed you last time
Peace Wave Station I saw you came in
Felonious Drunk My direct job is scanning movies after I check for defects and or ripped plastic and stacking them in bins
Joseatv I'd be glad to listen those type of music you like
Felonious Drunk To be taken to another station to be packed in boxes and shipped off to stores
Peace Wave Station dont want to force music upon you
Joseatv oh no its my decision to explore new fields
Joseatv lol V:
Joseatv on music obviously
Felonious Drunk Those 5 dollar bins in walmarts you see come from places like where I work
Joseatv gtg for now
Peace Wave Station take care jose nice seeing you again
Joseatv see you guys!

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