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Meta69 You know i only play the best of the best
tsukii except a few
Tragic Albatross Poor Stone - probably crying into their chai-latté right about now, pinky up
tsukii you are correct
Meta69 The few are just the best, not the best of the best
MisterPink my pinky is constantly up
tsukii I'm hungry omg
tsukii o m geezy
Meta69 I'm far from hungry
tsukii it's 9 am
Meta69 I had Hungry Jacks and a BBQ
tsukii hungry jacks? huh
Meta69 It's our version of Burger King
tsukii like the frozen meal?
Meta69 Straya
tsukii theres a frozen meal here called hungry jack
tsukii wb pac
Meta69 Gross
Meta69 Is it that shit that expands in the microwave?
tsukii sounds like you ate a lot
MisterPink hi turdy
Tragic Albatross Stone is like "Boohoo, they didn't like my Phish-link, they'll find me with slit wrists soon enough!! Bye, cruel world"
tsukii expands? idk. it's just this big thing of frozen food and you warm it
Meta69 I've been full all night
tsukii I don't like it. I like amys
KyleWhite1986 mmm GET ME A WHOPPER!
Meta69 That's what i had, Kyle ahaha
KyleWhite1986 was that caps you guys?
tsukii I can see them Kyle
Meta69 Sure was
KyleWhite1986 i missed it
KyleWhite1986 im playing guitar
Meta69 By the time i had the BBQ i could hardly fit anything and just crammed myself with sausages
tsukii lmao what is wrong with you. you wanna get sick?
tsukii silly meata
tsukii livin up to his name and shiz
Meta69 I loaded up with booze as well
Meta69 I just had to take a mean shit
tsukii lord lool
Meta69 Fast food does that to ya
tsukii fast pood
Meta69 ^^^ pretty much
Meta69 While i was there this massive group of asians came into the store, i was like da fuq when did i get to China Town?
tsukii loool
tsukii "my peeples"
tsukii thats what you should have said
Meta69 Don't be ridiculous
tsukii wait. are you even Chinese tho
Meta69 I am nowhere near Asian
tsukii i fked that one up
Meta69 I'm Italian and British
tsukii oh yeah you're not Asian wtf
Meta69 Far from it ahaha
tsukii I get you mixed up with blob sometimes cus you have similar lingo
Meta69 Loool fair enough
tsukii my brain is stupid
Meta69 You are stupid, i agree
tsukii it's 9 am mean cyberbully
Meta69 looool
Meta69 It's 2:07 am, beat that
Meta69 Hot Wheels, Beat That!
tsukii boy I been up all night. but then again I sleep in day so. yeah
tsukii you should be dead technically
Meta69 I'm fine
jander_sunstar Morning all
Meta69 Woke up at about 10:45 am
tsukii good morning
tsukii yeah I would be really pretty much out
Meta69 I'm only doing shit later in the day tomorrow

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