Adorbs I only go to hiltons
toad I only go to days inn
the deleted one hooker trucker
Adorbs Those are good though
toad Been to Hilton atl it was meh
Adorbs I like places that have free breakfast
Adorbs Hilton doesn't
Adorbs The recent hilton I went to was in May and it was resort
toad Hilton can suck it like paris
superdupertyson yeah i could easily live in a hotel if there was free breakfast
Adorbs Had a restaurant and starbucks inside but meh
the deleted one i could if you pay for it
Death Bear paris as in france
superdupertyson its probably cheap as in cambodia
Adorbs But I'm with mr picky who wont sleep anywhere else
toad I ate at Gordon Ramsay restaurant in new York and it suxed
toad Room service actually
Adorbs I want to try his places
toad His fish is rawr
the deleted one i stayed at the bellagio
Adorbs So rawr it's still swimming
superdupertyson you should have gone full ramsay on them
toad I would but I was so high I didn't give a shit
superdupertyson the episode where he assblasts a french guy is the best
superdupertyson he really hates french ppl
toad Assblasts
Adorbs god damnit thanks for otterbox
Adorbs my iphone just fell
superdupertyson i saw anotherr episode where there was a dead lobster in the fish tank
Phantom22 this room is losing its audience cause me & dirt aint around much and toad cant keep it interesting
toad O wow
toad Hi hyp
toad Room has lots of new regs
Phantom22 hypno im digging the new pic
TheWolfisSheep Entertain me, if you would.
hypnosexray138 thanks phantom
toad Phantom still shadowboxing his neurosis
Phantom22 entertain yerself fggt
TheWolfisSheep Thank you. Job well done.
Phantom22 as pretty as hyp is this room still lacks interest so im gonna leave now
toad Wolf are you Justin
hypnosexray138 have a good night
TheWolfisSheep That is my name, yes. Why do you ask?
toad Just got that vibe
Phantom22 hyp maybe later we can sex chat in a private room
hypnosexray138 i'll think about it
Phantom22 away from these morons
toad Omg m I a moron
hypnosexray138 i thought about it
hypnosexray138 gonna be a no from me
toad Looooooooool
TheWolfisSheep I have a vibe?
toad Pwnd
toad Yeah you do
toad Waa just discussing you with the oracle
toad Was
toad The all seeing eye is focused on you temporarily
hypnosexray138 i miss chappelles show
jjordison666slipknot Finally, someone who appreciates comedy
hypnosexray138 i just randomly yell out quotes from that show
toad ^~#~ your couch
hypnosexray138 wackarnolds is tearing this family apart
hypnosexray138 granny don't
jjordison666slipknot 'Rick James by*ach'
TheWolfisSheep Well explain to this all seeing eye that it should look upon me from the right. That's my good side.
hypnosexray138 charlie murphy!
superdupertyson the prince skit was the best
toad Will do

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