EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd I've seen messages out of order while ghosting
Mourning Star EveryoneLiesAtTheEnd
EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd The website is glitched yes
EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd You're not muted
brenzey10 Catt got the piano in the marching band
CookieCatt and aask "what am I doing with my life? lol" but I guess there was a huge crew probably helping.. with cameras and stuff
Mourning Star there's nobody left.
xSany My boyfriend
brenzey10 who's in on the joke
CookieCatt i think i'd be too tired from dragging my piano up an ddown the hills... and not want to play it lol as well as teh cello...
xSany It's an inside joke Brenzey
brenzey10 well the picture was
brenzey10 leane left , pity she was hot
xSany Yea I know
brenzey10 happily married actually
xSany Sometimes it does not post links or even sentences Mourning
brenzey10 from ask me
brenzey10 your dating profile says you are married
CookieCatt i can't believe they put a piano on a high mountainous ledge
Mourning Star This website is a glitch
xSany Not married yet but my boyfriend knows yes
brenzey10 Sany body out there
brenzey10 xSany does your husband know you chat here
johnnyrocks35 wipes cheese on oobies shirt
xSany mourning*
xSany Try again Mounring
Oobie Mm cheese
xSany I also want to see cute chinchillas holding up tiny signs with encouraging words on them
Mourning Star Why won't my links word
Mourning Star I'm muted?
Toad what about the produce section
xSany aisle*
xSany I would like to see that when im entering the cheese ailse
xSany Hahaha
WaitroseLover I'm always the best break dancer in the cheese aisle
xSany dangit its so freaking adorable
xSany That lil kid can break dance
xSany Heheheh
CookieCatt sure, whatever you have on hand you may put on your ice cream
xSany can we have sprinkles with that? plise?
CookieCatt now it's time for ice cream
xSany Thank you for your kindness
CookieCatt glad I could help
xSany Cookie i read that in a rap way and weirdly it worked
CookieCatt nibble at the crumbs of bread left behind so I don't have to vacuum them when I eat cake
Shanti Kutta lol a guy gets his future read and the mystic says to the guy you are gonna die in EIGHT.guys eight what the mystic says SEVEN SIX FIVE.....
CookieCatt yes little nice come back
sodipop you saying i donโ€™t know the dead?
xSany Into ouur lives again~~
xSany Oh let your love come shining in~~
EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd Lol Brian you wouldn't even be useful
CookieCatt dead mice
xSany Na na naa~~
sodipop conjure the dead and use their power ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
Shanti Kutta nothing good from messing with forces u dont understand
siobhanlass the future is your thoughts responding to everything we thought first
EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd Lol probably just open you up to possession
Adalven raise them as a zombie army?
EveryoneDiesAtTheEnd What is the dead going to do for you
Mourning Star To communicate with the dead
CookieCatt answers about your future?
Toad psychictherapist
CookieCatt where's everyone elses vote? lol
Mourning Star Get some answers
CookieCatt that's only one Yess

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