testtubetraumasghost sounds like a cross between cat stevens and sting
Thib 3rd I generally like anything with almonds
ravetothegravec01 Hershey's gives me heartburn
JaneDuh snickers with almonds are my favorite
testtubetraumasghost love this one katie
no_touching she accidentally dropped it in her coffee and said f it
chodie foster Thibby whibbt
Thib 3rd chodie woadie
JaneDuh idk smartasses ive never had it before
Basic Bish Hey Chodie
Thib 3rd I had some pecan praline coffee , wasnโ€™t bad
aPerfectStorm Think of 10 good things about yourself that you are proud of and that works for you and the wall of where your burdens lay will crumble
siobhanlass scuba gear for your consciousness
joaquinwalken hey chodie
Thib 3rd Sounds pretty good
monkeyfinger with nuts ?
JaneDuh i just made some snickers flavored coffee, yum
no_touching self contained underwater breathing aparatus
Thib 3rd Pretty much bish
siobhanlass you dont need flippers with these bad girls
Thib 3rd born with scuba gear
jul3 Gonna make bbiab
Basic Bish Chodie thumbs. ๐Ÿ‘€
no_touching its from walking on the cuticle, it obstructs the nail growth
siobhanlass very stubby
siobhanlass and those
siobhanlass the big toe is the biggest
Basic Bish That sounds painful just reading it.
Thib 3rd stubby fat thumbs
siobhanlass I have web toes
Thib 3rd Iโ€™ve seen those before
TheCultLeader web toes = alien
Thib 3rd Oh lol those
no_touching the bone grows 2 high on the foot causing your toe 2 curl on its side and walk on the cuticle which causes a "double nail" growth
siobhanlass very emotive in an 80s way
testtubetraumasghost the best ever sio
siobhanlass I like it
siobhanlass good song test
testtubetraumasghost norman mailer what a guy
JaneDuh i had to google
JaneDuh lol know as *stub thumb or * clubbed thumb
Basic Bish Hey, Joa.
siobhanlass and let them hurt people
siobhanlass these people are more messed up then the poor dogs they dont train
no_touching there's a common pinky toe deformity some of u may have
Basic Bish Sev. ๐Ÿ˜Š
testtubetraumasghost the blood is the elixir of existence,the wine to drinkers,the cut vines of enrichment,and the river of fundement to the sewage of society,
ravetothegravec01 Who's thumbs
siobhanlass in Adelaide it says a four year old was just rushed to hospital being mulled by a dog and the dog and the owner fled the scene
JaneDuh lol, what about those weird thumbs
Thib 3rd Yall got it
Basic Bish Jul3 ๐Ÿ˜‚
aPerfectStorm I guess I ate a hotdog in the wrong neighbourhood or something
Thib 3rd from holding a phone so much
jul3 And I automatically believed her
Thib 3rd Na itโ€™s a tiny indenture on the pinky

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