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Hypocrite Shuffle u like funky house?
InnerUgly Funky manpanties its a thing.
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE That's all I listen to
c ful erik davis?
c ful techngosis?
InnerUgly Curtis mayfiel.
SteIla this is great house:
Lumen__34 techno all the way if you ask me and also drum n bass neurofunk
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Techno is the same
Hypocrite Shuffle cause I literally made a sick one I bet you wont be disappointed
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Unless its so old school
Lumen__34 i love techno
AesofIniquity Oh I'm here still
SteIla hi aes
AesofIniquity Later bores
Lumen__34 I am techno
c ful this good yea hes from where youre from ..and this dude..explores all aspects of spirituality
SteIla bye aes
SteIla I want aes' acceptance
Hypocrite Shuffle listen to anything you want
Hypocrite Shuffle top one anyways
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Love green velvet
GrapesGrapes I love AES. I think he is a great person
InnerUgly shuffel. horror thats borderline anarchy in there.
c ful thats cool..if u can feel beats...
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Second game that we played as CH ildren was house
scampbell33 shinedown state of my head
Lumen__34 La la land has some good rmx-es But i don t like nothing komercial, just some of them, moustly undergroud.
c ful kick drums are good for flips
Hypocrite Shuffle listen to it i say
Hypocrite Shuffle its good for ur brain
InnerUgly greenvelvet has wire perv anthem: The Stalker.
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Where's ur like k bro
SteIla I love to be hip, and keep up with all you young people
Tupac_Shakur1996 stfu decayed
GrapesGrapes Meggers, taco bell has rolled chicken tacos now
scampbell33 artic monkeys or kongos next???? hrm
Hypocrite Shuffle huh? should be there??
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Where eis the link
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Send me a link
Hypocrite Shuffle I put it up twice
Hypocrite Shuffle ok Ill send it directly to u yea
SteIla ily megan
Jander_Sunstar I used to like green velvet. Cajmere also
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Lol Stella ily too
SteIla tupac you're a good person
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE Not your moment pac
InnerUgly group hug?
DecayedUnicornsHOUSE K well you're boring with no links hypo

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