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disintegritation they'll be about an hour. and they're really really bbq'y
PlayingMusik as long as you feel good about yourself is all that matters
Devils Never Cry Do you care about personal hygiene?
RedTemplePrayer i don't smell.
disintegritation what happen dev, you trip?
RedTemplePrayer if that's what you're getting at.
Frank Azimuth BBQ is good, but of course, that also depends on what part of the country you're talking about.
RedTemplePrayer i shower. and i even shampoo! *gasp*
PlayingMusik might have gone right to bag lady image in some minds
disintegritation luna you rockin out?
Frank Azimuth Showering is good...he.
kevcyr89 ChristIan praise and worship
PlayingMusik i'm not a conservative water person i shower then take a long hot bath with all kinds of candy smelling body washes
disintegritation i want a room like a sauna but the whole room is a shower
disintegritation or a shower over a swimming pool
kevcyr89 Praise and worship
PlayingMusik i want a steam room
Devils Never Cry A Christian
PlayingMusik i can't handle sauna
kevcyr89 Yes in your face
Frank Azimuth I remember steam rooms...long ago, when I had a membership at Bally's.
RedTemplePrayer jesus poops
RedTemplePrayer because everybody poops.
PlayingMusik i liked bally's
kevcyr89 He did. DIBCE He Was A Real Man . A whole part if the world saw gmhis miracles and power
PlayingMusik this is a cool instrument
PlayingMusik it's an african isntrument they call a finger piano i think
PlayingMusik this is the biggest one i've seen
disintegritation in highschool once i turned the lights out on a guy taking a shit hahaha
RedTemplePrayer harpsichord
Frank Azimuth The old Bally's I was a member of used to have a cold pool, to go along with their hot tub...was...uh, interesting, to say the least.
RedTemplePrayer oh to have a pool
RedTemplePrayer i miss swimming
PlayingMusik my best friend in highschool her dad was President of Presidents Health Club who sold to Bally's they were extremely wealthy
disintegritation i used to swim all the time. and mountain bike
PlayingMusik had a gigantic house they moved to Dallas from NYC
Frank Azimuth Yeah, it was President's back when I started out as a member.
PlayingMusik and they didn't have 1 stick of furniture in it
disintegritation when fising a lot for a few years
PlayingMusik except for bedrooms
PlayingMusik it was really weird
PlayingMusik had rolls royce, motorcycles, suburbans, pools, 3 kids
PlayingMusik not one couch or table
PlayingMusik in probably 20,000 sf of house
PlayingMusik they did have a tanning bed and bedrooms furnished
Frank Azimuth Yeah, a pool would be nice to have...gonna hafta settle for a Mr. Turtle pool nowdays, I suppose.
PlayingMusik and a kitchen table
disintegritation i saw this pic n thought it was chuck YouTube
Frank Azimuth Chuck Manson?
Frank Azimuth Yeah, he does resemble him.
Frank Azimuth If he became a guru on top of a mountain.
PlayingMusik and strangely enough the president of Presidents health club his wife was fat
RedTemplePrayer anyone here have a doppelganger?
PlayingMusik and she never worked out
PlayingMusik but he was a workout fiend
PlayingMusik opposites attract i suppose
PlayingMusik i felt sorry for her because she never went to any events embarrassed that she didn't fit into the lifestyle
PlayingMusik she was so sweet
PlayingMusik i guess if you crap out 3 kids you can't expect the world
PlayingMusik this is sooooo cool
disintegritation listen to everything i link
PlayingMusik total tease^
PlayingMusik o i love these exotic instruments i want this
disintegritation i wanna make my own guitar
PlayingMusik if you were carpenter you could make that
PlayingMusik you should kyle
RedTemplePrayer that would be cool
PlayingMusik what kind of wood would you use?
RedTemplePrayer making your own
disintegritation first an acoustic or classical
PlayingMusik the type of wood you use makes a huge difference in what the guitar sounds like
PlayingMusik like ebony = bright sound
PlayingMusik rosewood = warm tone
PlayingMusik so when shopping for a guitar one must know the sound they are striving to get
PlayingMusik and buy the right kind of wooden guitar

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