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welshy1987 final fantasy damh tht shiiiir
welshy1987 twisted devil avit
welshy1987 suck suck mkaaaaay hahaha
welshy1987 wan listen 2 bad company straight shooter album
Frank Azimuth Hey, Aqui.
Aquilegia Hi Frank
Giraffe_ Franky 2 nubs
Frank Azimuth Waddup, F to the D?
Giraffe_ Not a god damned thing
Frank Azimuth Pretty much the same...chillin, enjoying the much cooler temps.
Aquilegia That didn't last long.
placidic That's what she said.
Giraffe_ Yeah same here frank
welshy1987 nurse jus had bomb off me... now she snuggled nxt to me.. Wat doctors guna say lol
Aquilegia lag lag lag
Giraffe_ Welshy no one cares that you are a dope fiend
welshy1987 I'm not tho
welshy1987 I'm getting clean
welshy1987 4 days now
welshy1987 am jus seeing the nurse atm but she tired after 12 hour need to thrash her be4 docs come
Giraffe_ 4 days isnt long enough to even pass withdrawals
BeyondTheDark moe : ) what a voice , great drummer and singer
welshy1987 no ur right I'm still withdrawing
Giraffe_ Well your not clean yet
Giraffe_ Its still in your system
welshy1987 wel I jus passed my drug test 20 min ago so
welshy1987 got no speed in my system now
welshy1987 them shit tests dnt show everything tho 😂
welshy1987 mdma crew coming out 2 u
Giraffe_ Just sleep that shit off
welshy1987 mish mash
Giraffe_ I've been clean from speed in over three years now
Giraffe_ But I also never got addicted
Giraffe_ So I didn't need doctors
LeDude puts on tenanious D
LeDude like a phoeniiiiiiiiiiiix!!!!!
Giraffe_ Or rehab
Giraffe_ I just stopped
LeDude sun shine!!
welshy1987 which speed man?
LeDude its a hell of a day!!!!!
welshy1987 pasty Base speed?
Giraffe_ I've smoked, crack,meth,snorted cocaine
LeDude base player of all time?
BeyondTheDark ok , bye people
welshy1987 ye I'm meth and beer addicted... but dabble in everything
LeDude betonde bye
LeDude wow,,,
welshy1987 u hit up?
LeDude i thought this would actually be a chat for ppl that liked Music?

All genres, all artists - music lovers unite! ♫

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