Kneezus im alright was stuck in a meeting for 3 hours
EpilepticMermaid looooool tech
testtubetrauma1 good too know james
Adorbs I'm talking to mermaid I don't want a repeat of earlier
Jander_Sunstar That's why the cat msged you early needing litter
James6767 i'm all about sharing with my sausages
Kneezus not really
James6767 lol jand
Kneezus lol james
testtubetrauma1 u let your cat eat your sausage james?
testtubetrauma1 or have i been miscronstrude/
Kneezus lets hear some tunes
Relatively Sober too far, test
testtubetrauma1 not as far as his cat lol
Relatively Sober ok i may have lol'd at that
Relatively Sober what's wrong, aqui?
James6767 funny tho....reminds me..oh i cant share that...too dirty
testtubetrauma1 james knows me im all about the shitsn giggles
Relatively Sober test it's like you forget who i am every time i change my name
Kneezus did you say too dirty?
testtubetrauma1 who are you/
Relatively Sober it's jamie. 27percent. QuitYourJob. whatever
James6767 ya, test is funny (looking)
testtubetrauma1 hi jamie stop changing your name
James6767 ya moon..too
Relatively Sober you should know that's not going to happeb
Kneezus i listened to this cd on the way in
testtubetrauma1 dont we hate eachother/
Relatively Sober i pissed you off for a while a year or so back
Relatively Sober by saying MSP sucks
Relatively Sober you got REALLY mad
Relatively Sober it was kind of funny
testtubetrauma1 yeah shite happens
Relatively Sober i don't actually think that, btw
Relatively Sober i was just trolling
Kneezus in the morning i like it fast and loud
Relatively Sober i mean, they're meh
testtubetrauma1 i know i was joking back
Kneezus ets me pumped
Rumble_Fish awwwww thats sweeet
testtubetrauma1 they are the best band on the planet ask james
Relatively Sober i'm well aware that's what you think
Jander_Sunstar What's an MSP? Sounds like an stc
Candy VonCandyburg i like to be left alone in the mornings, it doesn't happen
Kneezus hiow was dinner last night?
James6767 best? well..i really really like them
testtubetrauma1 ask james he knows great music
Quark the bartender Manic street preachers?
Relatively Sober i don't know why
Relatively Sober it took me a decade to realize why the white hole hypothesis is ridiculous
Candy VonCandyburg i got the hunky platter, it had polish haluski, a stuffed cabbage and 3 pierogies
James6767 i have eclectic tastes...i can listen to turkish tasquams one day....the clash another....
Kneezus oh man i love stuffed cabbage
Candy VonCandyburg i ate the whole thing
c ful d'arcy is back with smashing...
Lurking account Oh right.. hold on. Pm
James6767 have a marin maris fest the other....
Kneezus we call that pigs in the blanket
Candy VonCandyburg yeah or hunky hand grenades
Kneezus is that what they call them
Kneezus that's awesome
James6767 we called pancakes rolled around sausage pigs in a blanket
Rumble_Fish mu mom used to make stuffed green peppers
Candy VonCandyburg anyways it was out of sight so ill be going back

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