VASALL good one
crysysunshine seriously i do , its because im covered in tattoos
oxycontin Nickelbacl cancels out like 10 bands tho
MedullaOblongata they're not even on the scale tbf.
Springfield__Jack That tends to do it lol
crysysunshine i have about 75% of my body tattooed
VASALL take some associates with you next time
Death Bear do you know a guy who tattoos you?
Springfield__Jack Its a Bible Belt thing...
crysysunshine they get looked at the same way lol
crysysunshine is that a question to me death?
Death Bear lol yeah
Defective i loaned out my amps when moved to farm country ,, basss would have drawn gufire
VASALL well its common in los angeles
Defective gunfire
crysysunshine if so then yes , my friend tattoos me he has a shop and has been tattooing me for 13 years
Springfield__Jack I have zero tats because Im soft and frightened
VASALL take some larger associates, im sure you will persuade them
crysysunshine about to start my next one soon just got my chest pc covered up
crysysunshine and next is my whole right rib cage
VASALL on her chest
Snizzlebiscuit #girlpower
oxycontin Kittie not bad
MedullaOblongata kittie is sick af.
VASALL yes thats what she said
Snizzlebiscuit So's your face.
VASALL don't spill your coffee
MedullaOblongata god, you're so mean to me.
Snizzlebiscuit I mean it how you did, kid.
Death Bear @crysysunshine is it going to lead into your neck? that'd be dope
MedullaOblongata don't tomato @ me
crysysunshine no i cant get my neck tattooed with my job
aceleopard99 hey db, snizz
Death Bear understandable lol
crysysunshine face and neck are a no go for work lol but my hands and arms are fine
Defective you a cop : oO
crysysunshine no im not a cop lol
Death Bear anything coverable
crysysunshine i work with kids
Defective ok ...... oO
VASALL actually the cops are getting them
Death Bear that's cool
Springfield__Jack Med you may be as pasty white as me
crysysunshine my friends husband is a cop and he has them
MedullaOblongata i am not that white.
MedullaOblongata just in that pic.
MedullaOblongata i'm actually fairly dark for feb.
Springfield__Jack you were just pale that night?
Springfield__Jack did you see a ghost?
VASALL hey duck
MedullaOblongata florescent lighting
Defective just cops keep trying to infiltrate the music room
Defective gotta keep on ya toes
Springfield__Jack so im still the alone in my whiteness
crysysunshine im native american , irish , and italian
dirtnasty they're mall cops w small cocs
Springfield__Jack I can handle it
Death Bear im pretty uh.. lit
VASALL jesus
crysysunshine so i keep a light olive skin tone year round
VASALL thats a lot of drama
Springfield__Jack I keep a pasty white thing 365
crysysunshine but during the summer i get hella dark
dirtnasty i'm pretty uh... lit"
VASALL i don't
Springfield__Jack During summer i say the hella inside
VASALL i burn
dirtnasty ~ u writ
feeltrip shit its friday tomrw
VASALL and at night i glow
crysysunshine i have very weird skin lol
feeltrip whoah...i didnt even feel the week
crysysunshine if i wear sun block i will burn
crysysunshine thats the only time

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