Mia___ Really? lol
Krazy_ Ok can you handle this?
Mia___ two first names
Howardtheduck isn't that alled a buakkake
Howardtheduck a circle jerk
c ful zimbabway
MrDiabolical You know damn well jay is freemason
Howardtheduck Zim Bob's way?
Giraffe_ Howard only you would be interested in knowing that
c ful smooth ride ..stainless steel
Krazy_ There mijo
Howardtheduck yes because some rappers sports players entertainers
Krazy_ Yeah like that
Howardtheduck thow up that triangle
Aquilegia Hello Defective
Krazy_ Por que?
Howardtheduck Kobebryant
centric You scared of a little geometry?
Howardtheduck threw up the Sighn
Defective okm a clickin
Giraffe_ I vomit geometry all the time
Mia___ sup Aqui
Defective hella nice nia
Mia___ All these bands I keep forgetting lol
Krazy_ Sorry mia
MoonShire_SSC And this is why I missed her haha, no other chick next to poppy could hang on metal or hc so far. Love it.
MrDiabolical Illuminati want my mind soul and my body
MoonShire_SSC Making food for dog, here but not here.
MrDiabolical Secret society tryna keep that eye on me
Mia___ Well I'm more into 90s alt but I can dig stuff from other genres too when I'm in the mood
Howardtheduck yall think i am nuts
Defective most from era i never heard of...was no punk radio station in michigan
Defective and i was only 1 wholiked it coming up
MoonShire_SSC Yeah we had and still do have a strong scene here, like family so it's hard to get away from
joelovesyoubaby You can be Krazy I made you buck wild
MoonShire_SSC Kodomo damn
Mia___ that 80s hardcore punk is really the only punk I like too. can't stand pop punk and not really into stuff like the ramones
LittleMissMuffet that's what your face looks like! A saggy nut!
Krazy_ But you likes it right?
Mia___ don't like sex pistols etc
MoonShire_SSC Yeah old skool or uk is the best way to go, if they sell it at hot topic...probs pass
Defective never liked ramoneseither
MoonShire_SSC guh brb shes being a pushy huzzah
Defective never liked ramones much either
joelovesyoubaby wow the two bands that created punk rock
nenada Oh heey.
Defective sex pistols wernt bad for me
Krazy_ It's not about making a hit its bout making a classic
joelovesyoubaby Fat Joe is played out
Howardtheduck illumnati confirmed

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