c ful a year later....another friend of mine suddenly got paralysed till now
c ful so i decided to change that name
moonchai what does jumped off his fat mean?
c ful oh typo sorry...he jumped off his window
c ful suicide
moonchai oh I see ty
moonchai im sorry cful
dirtnasty did he type fat instead of window
c ful best part .....b4 he did that....he posted a tony tiger cornflakes jumping off a cliff that said live fast die young....everyone thought....hahha joker..next day he was dead
c ful so yeah no more satmando
moonchai yeah like he was letting ya'll know huh
c ful cos another friend of mine just got paralysed...even doctors cant explain and cure
c ful hes on a wheelchair now
moonchai how is he dealing with that
c ful so yea....my point was..i got into that trigger finger phase and just sat through it
c ful chinese dude
moonchai trigger finger phase meaning you wanted to kill yourself?
c ful got bullied in the army
c ful nothing we could do
c ful just priceless advice of good trips and flights
c ful we just sat through it
c ful well u see intention was ...to tell everyone like..ya u know me the drummer?
c ful so i dont know how it all lead to that
moonchai morning still
moonchai heyla spork
jollygoodspork hello moon. how are you?
StillNotReal Hey Moonie.
StillNotReal Trying to decide if I want to be awake
moonchai im good how are you
jollygoodspork i'm alright, thanks.
moonchai good to hear did you have a long weekend?
jollygoodspork yeah... not the best weather, but i still overate grilled food.
Raisinghast my mom is hot though
moonchai yeah I was in and out of the weather in Albany
jollygoodspork so you're a central ave. streetwalker?
moonchai i don't have enough ambition to walk those streets
moonchai especially o n a Saturday after driving there
jollygoodspork i remember seeing eye yamatsuka in albany at a club. there was a massive crowd of 18 people.
c ful boredoms right?
jollygoodspork yeah, and other stuff.
moonchai this was a play thing i went to
c ful yea think ill play some boredomes later....almost forgot that guy hahahaha
jollygoodspork he performed on crutches, and threw himself from the stage at me.
jollygoodspork was the play good?
moonchai did you catch him
jollygoodspork yeah. i think he had a broken leg. he was in a heavy splint and not very agile.
moonchai the 2nd sunday of each month they have ballroom dancing i think id like to try and attend a few of those too
jollygoodspork hoop skirts and powdered wigs?
jollygoodspork good day sir.
moonchai yes it was a mini play thing
moonchai hooped skirts
moonchai hooped skirts
moonchai heyla Jamie
moonchai i wonder if i am here
jollygoodspork drunk on sartre again?

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