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IdcAtAll Hi everyone
adriano_brother Hello buddy!
cadence3 um hello?
cadence3 hello anyone here
goodnbad_2 I see you are from Baltimore too
anthonywheeler785 How you doing
goodnbad_2 what part?
goodnbad_2 I am good ty
anthonywheeler785 Near security square mall
goodnbad_2 oh, isee I am from whitemarsh
goodnbad_2 nice to see someone from my state
goodnbad_2 that don't happen to often
anthonywheeler785 So this the movie text station. This state not so bad. Almost next door
anthonywheeler785 You like watching movies
goodnbad_2 not really
goodnbad_2 but anyway, you take care

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