lorengray422 So do you cut down tree the whole day?
jasben135 So what r u up to
lorengray422 Laying in bed!
jasben135 Usually it's more than one but I'll work from 6am till 6pm.
jasben135 Nice can't beat that
lorengray422 Damn, you work hella hours then haha
lorengray422 True, bed is the best!
jasben135 Yeah I work 6 days a week 12hr days. That it is I don't feel like getting out of mine
jasben135 I am debating on not going in tho
lorengray422 Honestly, if you're debating probably should just stay and chat with me 😂
jasben135 Well that sounds good to me 😊
lorengray422 Right? I have good ideas
lorengray422 I'm good! Hbu
IAMCOMPOUNDFICTION what are you thinking loren?
rui_torres1 Good afternoon
rui_torres1 Are you having a good day?
RoseDragonfly Sort of, I guess. How are you?
RoseDragonfly At least we have sunshine today.
rui_torres1 I'm Rui from Portugal
RoseDragonfly Hello. I'm in the UK.
rui_torres1 it's my first day here
RoseDragonfly Oh OK, welcome to the site.
rui_torres1 thank you
RoseDragonfly So have you seen any good movies lately?
rui_torres1 Lately not, I came to live in a new place, I have not had much time
RoseDragonfly OK, cool.
RoseDragonfly I saw the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the other day. It was OK.
rui_torres1 Do you recommend any interesting films?
rui_torres1 But you usually go to the cinema or see on the internet?
RoseDragonfly I recommend Guardians of the galaxy.
RoseDragonfly Sorry, I had a phone call. It's done now.
RoseDragonfly I usually watch films on the internet. I don't go to the cinema often.
rui_torres1 no problem
rui_torres1 I like to go to te cinema ... I saw a lot of movies on te internet to
RoseDragonfly Guardians of the galaxy 2 comes out in May. I'm really looking forward to it. OK, cool.
RoseDragonfly The cinema in my town isn't very good. It is a small cinema, and they get the new films very late, or not at all.
rui_torres1 Do you like fiction movies so
RoseDragonfly I like most kinds of films. but not horror films.
RoseDragonfly What films do you like?
rui_torres1 I'm from the Azores, there the movies arrive too late, and some do not even
RoseDragonfly Wow, cool. That must be an awesome place to live.
RoseDragonfly It is a tourist destination.
rui_torres1 But here in Lisbon the cinema is very good and cheap
RoseDragonfly Ah, OK. Yes, that's a big city.
RoseDragonfly Good you have good access to cinemas now then.
rui_torres1 it's a paradise
RoseDragonfly The Azores? Yes, I bet it is.
RoseDragonfly It looks really nice in pictures.
RoseDragonfly The closest I have been is Gran Canaria.
rui_torres1 You'll like it even more live.
jasben135 Hi rose how are you
RoseDragonfly I'm OK thanks.
jasben135 Well that's good
RoseDragonfly Lol, yup.
rui_torres1 Returning to the talk of the movies, I also see in general almost everything depends on the content of the story itself
RoseDragonfly OK, cool.
cheyenne_imes i need help hacking my bf account on facebook
globug1130 I can help there
cheyenne_imes messge me
cheyenne_imes it wont let me text u

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