Mental Health Support Group

Finnick damnit i lost
CoolLoveJack baby do i got an awsome bicycle
steven_35 Hey bri
Pattonangel Yes u do
Pattonangel Hey steven hru hun
kty303 ]steven i hope you feel better soon
steven_35 Still recovering in more pain today then before
CoolLoveJack chuck idk how old you but i would sujest reading flow by the modern man
kty303 uderstand steven
kty303 hi robyn
Pattonangel I feel sick I think I'm getting my girlfriend
CoolLoveJack hi lonestar
Lonestar Tx hi steven
kty303 hi tx
kty303 my hair is all over tonight and i washed it
asvab9999 brb gotta feed the dog before he chews my leg off
Pattonangel Cramps suck
kty303 yes they do bri
Pattonangel Next month year im.not getting them
Pattonangel Next month I mean
Pattonangel I'm getting a new birth control Shelli
kty303 cool bri
kty303 i used to get depo
Finnick I'm back playing gta v.. i took like 8 months off due to people killing me
kty303 it stopped me from bleeding for a while
Pattonangel Someone's pujching my stomach that's how I feel
Pattonangel Punching
kty303 sorry bri
Finnick it's not just a game it's a way of life lol
Pattonangel It's ok hun
CoolLoveJack whats a mccubus
McCubus it is who i am
McCubus and hello Jack
CoolLoveJack o i was thinking of something eles
steven_35 Hey silver
silvereagle92599 hello steven
CoolLoveJack sucubus and incubus
kty303 hi slash
kty303 hi eagle
CoolLoveJack sorry mccubus
ElectricBlue35 Hello everyone
CoolLoveJack hi silver
Pattonangel Hey blue
McCubus its not to far off from what you think Jack
silvereagle92599 hey Mc Cubus
McCubus hello Eagle
Pattonangel Bbl guys
ElectricBlue35 Hey patton and Jack
McCubus hello Blue
ElectricBlue35 How are u u both?
ElectricBlue35 Hey McCubus. How are u?
Finnick Hi electric
ElectricBlue35 Hey eagle. How are u?
kty303 hi blue
McCubus good here Blue thanks , how you be today ?
kty303 i like your name
kty303 is that after the song?
ElectricBlue35 Hey kty. How are u?
ElectricBlue35 Pretty good thanx
kty303 i am ok ty
kty303 blue is your name after the song electric blue?
CoolLoveJack Well my wife is getting ready for bed i want to sneak out on my bycicle
CoolLoveJack good night
ElectricBlue35 Yes by Icehouse
kty303 night jack
kty303 i like that song
ElectricBlue35 Me to. I have there cd

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