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elvis3334 im going shopping friday im looking forward to going
robyn7 elvis
robyn7 Jirpas
elvis3334 hi robyn
jirapas2015 hi robyn
jirapas2015 I will love shopping if I have a lot of money
elvis3334 i love looking around the stores
jirapas2015 it's strange. you are a guy Elvis but you like shopping
jirapas2015 If you come to Bangkok, I will take you to the local mall
elvis3334 my mom used to take me shopping alot as a kid and i got addicted lol
jirapas2015 not so many guys like to shop though
elvis3334 id love to go shopping in bangkok
elvis3334 hi dean
jirapas2015 I will take you to the famous shopping places
jirapas2015 just to do the window shopping
jirapas2015 and I will treat to the ice-cream at Swensens
elvis3334 thats good ice cream
DeanLV1979 Hi elvis
jirapas2015 I have swensens membership card
robyn7 I like pizza
DeanLV1979 Hi robyn
robyn7 I like Chinese food
jirapas2015 it's my bed time now
elvis3334 i found a shop that sells 2 dollar dvds so im going to buy some when i go shopping
jirapas2015 good night Elvis
elvis3334 gn jira
robyn7 ok night
jirapas2015 oh...that is a nice deal
jirapas2015 bye elvis
jirapas2015 bye robyn
elvis3334 bye jira
jirapas2015 enjoy your day
elvis3334 sweet dreams
elvis3334 i found my dads old razor i put a new blade in and have been shaving with it it sure brings back alot of good memories
robyn7 Sounds cool
elvis3334 when i was a teenager id shave with it before i would go out on dates id nik myself and have to put on little peices of toilet papper lol
robyn7 I remember those days
elvis3334 yeah i was always trimming up my mustach with it to lol
robyn7 I see
robyn7 Is it an old safety razor
robyn7 Double sided
robyn7 or how many blades
elvis3334 i bought a ear hair trimmer for my birthday and mom keeps borrowning it to cut her hair on her lips she says its a mustach but i couldnt see any hairs on her lips lol
robyn7 I know
robyn7 right
elvis3334 its a double sided razor to they are the best
elvis3334 i dont know where to get the blades for my double sided razor though do you know where i could get them robyn?
robyn7 I would look on the internet for them
robyn7 Other than that I do not know
elvis3334 in the 80s you could get them at krogers
robyn7 walgreens online or amazon has them
elvis3334 my brother told me dollar general has them but i looked and they dont
elvis3334 walgreens might
elvis3334 i havnt checked there yet
robyn7 That's what my search brought up
elvis3334 we had chicken two nights in a row i think im starting to cluck in my sleep lol
elvis3334 mom said she is making chili beans tonight though
robyn7 I'm having chicken tonight
robyn7 Oh nice
elvis3334 chicken is very popular
robyn7 Yes because it's cheap
robyn7 cheaper
elvis3334 i guess it many ways to prepare it and yeah its cheap to
elvis3334 cheaper
elvis3334 you doing anything fun for the 4th robyn?
robyn7 I get the day off work that day
elvis3334 im going to buy a couple buckets of kfc for the family
robyn7 nice of you
elvis3334 we might go watch the fire works to
robyn7 Do you have the money this late in the month
robyn7 We have fireworks here too
robyn7 Everyone can see them in town
elvis3334 i have a few bucks left this month but i'll be glad when payday comes

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