Mental Health Support Group

jdkeane48 Sometimes even when I shouldnt
Twilightkate im here tine just lurking
Twilightkate ordered food
bilusional jd that sound like me lol
markcrowe12 what did u order kate
jdkeane48 Glad I'm not an anomoly
bilusional what kind of food?
h53deb chinese I bet
jdkeane48 Better be irish
Twilightkate singapore vermicelli
bilusional nothing wrong with marching o your own drummer
markcrowe12 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
jdkeane48 Chitalian?
Twilightkate and prawn toast
bilusional mmmmmmmmm
markcrowe12 i love that dish kate
h53deb tine, I agree
jdkeane48 Sorry....bad joke
bilusional debbbbbbbbbbbbb
h53deb jk it was funny
h53deb seeeeeeeeeeee
markcrowe12 sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ga hunny
h53deb omg I cant type
h53deb sueeeeeee
suegparrots4 Hiya Mark
bilusional hey sue
jdkeane48 I hate where I live
JOANN12 i even posted stuff on line for sale on several different sites. hoping to make some extra money for winter. but that don't look like its going to happen. nothing sold yet
markcrowe12 ugh joan
janet1993 i'm going to have to learn how to block people all these dang men msging me
bilusional it i on the message just block as they atempt
jdkeane48 I know it wasn't me!
bilusional i block lots of them
Twilightkate click then and it says block to the left
bilusional yw janet
suegparrots4 janet- I put on ignore
bilusional i get a lot but they are not people that come in the room
suegparrots4 Same, Bil
VampiricConureHerder I got a bunch of commissions
bilusional hello vampiric
VampiricConureHerder Pet portraits and stuff
markcrowe12 cool vamp and hi im mark
janet1993 why did sue put me on ignore?
markcrowe12 lisaaaaaaaaaaaa ga hunny
jdkeane48 Guess i better take my pill and get ready for bed
MadHatter__ I'm tired
bilusional janet she is saying she puts them on ignore
suegparrots4 janet- I would never do that
janet1993 oh I see ty
bilusional the ones that messsage
janet1993 misunderstood
Twilightkate janet are you new from aol too?
janet1993 from aol?
VampiricConureHerder jd - sounds like a plan
janet1993 oh you mean internet
zbittersweetz Is it like 11 there?
zbittersweetz Saskatchewan
suegparrots4 Others, not you, janet
Twilightkate just new here?
markcrowe12 hey zb wb
zbittersweetz Hi hermit
VampiricConureHerder 11 am here in southern manitoba
jdkeane48 10:18 am here
zbittersweetz Lol thanks
zbittersweetz Oh okay. Why bed?
janet1993 ty so much

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