Mental Health Support Group

DeanLV1979 Why do you have to?
Twilightkate Just gota try get on with life
the deleted one i just fell asleep again
the deleted one for about 4 seconds
Baelfire then go to sleep
the deleted one then i wont wake up
DeanLV1979 That's good deleted
the deleted one and if i wake up too late i will be kicked out of the house
the deleted one there are strict rules here
DeanLV1979 I thought you live with parents , deleted
DeanLV1979 They will kick you out of house?!
Baelfire excuses
the deleted one ive been kicked out many times
DeanLV1979 For doing what?!
the deleted one for sleeping late
DeanLV1979 You can't sleep late?!
the deleted one if i sleep past 9am i will be kicked out
the deleted one no 2nd chance
the deleted one then i get ticks
the deleted one in the woods
the deleted one its not worth it
Baelfire heres a radical thought wake up 8am?
DeanLV1979 I have class tomorrow
the deleted one its only 7pm now
DeanLV1979 I have to wake up at 8
Twilightkate What class dean
DeanLV1979 Psychology
Twilightkate Hope you enjoy
Twilightkate I'm gona try sleep goodnight
DeanLV1979 Oh ok kate
DeanLV1979 Goodnight
Twilightkate bye people have a good one
DeanLV1979 Ok kate
Baelfire night kate
Twilightkate 😊😊😊
DeanLV1979 Bael , how are you doing?
the deleted one if i end up in the mental hospital i will get 3 meals a day
the deleted one but i kind of want to enjoy september
DeanLV1979 Yes , 3 meals
the deleted one and i have to go to court in october
Baelfire I'm alive.. just messed up my ramen dish
Baelfire Its all clumpy
DeanLV1979 Have you been to mental hospital deleted?
DeanLV1979 I too have been to mental hospital
the deleted one i dont recommend it
the deleted one but it might be better than homeless
the deleted one life is not easy
DeanLV1979 It sounds like you have had some problems recently, deleted
the deleted one recently sure
DeanLV1979 How long was your stay at hospital?
the deleted one over a month
the deleted one they wanted to keep me much longer too
the deleted one but i got a lawyer
the deleted one and escaped
DeanLV1979 I once stayed 3 months
LyricalDreams How is everyone?
DeanLV1979 That was longest time
the deleted one feel like crap right now i guess
DeanLV1979 I'm doin ok , mei
LyricalDreams sorry to hear deleted and that's good Dean.
DeanLV1979 How are you , mei?
the deleted one but i did make my goal
LyricalDreams I'm doing okay, Happy to be off tomorrow
DeanLV1979 I have college class tomorrow
LyricalDreams GL Dean I don't start until September.
the deleted one if i had more energy id be a comedian
the deleted one i have a spot i can perform on friday
DeanLV1979 Oh ok mei

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