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blisa5043 Mine grinds when I move it
JOANN12 its to the point I cant raise my arm straight up . and my arms going tired from it
justomarnow my lower back and hips now
blisa5043 I am like that
justomarnow base of spine, right glute, and wraps around upper right thigh, and right thigh muscle quivers all the time now
justomarnow and lower back
JOANN12 he asked me if I did anything different to cause this to happen. I said no it just started bothering me for aweek now and its getting worse
blisa5043 I had surgery to loosen mine but its gone back to the same thing
blisa5043 Surgery might help it jo
irishacrobat I damaged a nerve in my back and it stopped the muscle working that holds in your shoulder blade, so when I'd lift my are the blade stuck out. And the arm felt much hevier as it lost this assistiing action
irishacrobat Hey just, sorry to hear that. It an impinged near
blisa5043 Did they give u pain killers jo
LyricalDreams Evening all
blisa5043 Hi lyrical
LyricalDreams Hey blisa how are you?
JOANN12 lisa ya but I wont have no help at all here at home . I wont have help like doing laundry and having someone take care of my dog
blisa5043 That's hard jo
blisa5043 Am ok lyrical
voided i think i might be gettingn bad
blisa5043 My parents came and fed my bird when I was in hospital
JOANN12 my sister wont do that at all
voided im pretty sure my classmates r trying to get me to like get help or something n i want to just ditch them but im sure if i do then they'll really pull something n i aint about any of it
blisa5043 Would Pam feed the dog if you had to go to hospital jo
JOANN12 lisa I am not sure. she just got out of the hospital yesterday and she is looking for a job. because she thinks shelost her job. she called them today and let them now she is out of the hospitol
JOANN12 and they said they will call her back on Monday to let her now if she has her job or not and she is upset
blisa5043 But she was sick
JOANN12 yes but companys can let you go if they want to. there is no laws saying they cant let you go
JOANN12 she was hoping she still had a job because she was making 14.50 an hr
blisa5043 That sucks
voided i might havve to get rid of them somehow
JOANN12 yap and she wont find ajob that pays that either
blisa5043 Nothing is easy
justomarnow anyone awake
JOANN12 goodnight everyone i am off to bed. need laydown and rest this arm
LyricalDreams HEy fellow hoosier
LyricalDreams Well that person is gone
koolkiehl whats up
koolkiehl Lyrica I see you live in Kenosha my hometown is Racine
LyricalDreams Oh really? Yeah I moved here about 4 years ago
koolkiehl Its not a bad little city
LyricalDreams It's not, I love it up here.
koolkiehl Yeah I miss the midwest the people are super friendly
koolkiehl Colorado Springs is a nice place but the people are different
LyricalDreams I'd like to visit all over. I remember going to DC and loved it there.
koolkiehl Yeah a lot of history there I went there when I was in 8th grade
LyricalDreams I hope to travel some more because I want to see NY, but also want to see like Arizona or something.

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