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Paston Then when they get the power back they then won't take it for granted
THEpenguin96 well.. i have this problem with that girl.. she was at first like : i really like you, we could be a couple and this sort of things.. asked for hand written love messages and my jersey and that stuff..
THEpenguin96 then she changed. like.. getting distant and cold.. we hang out and talked, at school she was a different person.. which made me kinda mad so i talked to her asking what her damn problem is
THEpenguin96 so she said she just wants to be friends which i accepted.. things got worse and now she's blaming me
THEpenguin96 at 1 am calling me an motherf**ker , a dick and all that stuff.
THEpenguin96 i mean.. what the hell is the problem? i have a lot of crap going on right now..
Paston Forget about her and move on let her rot
JOANN12 Penguin why would you want to be friends with someone like that calling you rude names
THEpenguin96 you see, i tried to be friends with her, even though i have those feelings for her.. but now? it's just messed up..
Paston That's women for u
RAIDERETTE Take a break,start talking to other girls
Pattonangel101 Babe am I the best gf/wife uve had
THEpenguin96 quite honestly, i opened up myself to her.. i tried to talk with her about my life (which she always wanted to know) even if it was hard for me..
CoolLoveJack other women a just games
THEpenguin96 i don't know how to explain it.
Pattonangel101 What archy
ArchMichael you guys are cute
RAIDERETTE Your doing fine penguin
JOANN12 I will be glad when I ever get over this dam head cold sinis infection. I feel like I been ran over
THEpenguin96 get well soon joann^^
RAIDERETTE It's going around a lot JoAnn
JOANN12 yjsmld
THEpenguin96 well, it will be hard going to school..we're like 40 students there and..idk she's always where i am..
JOANN12 there saying this month has been the worst for flu
RAIDERETTE My friend has tried 3 different antibiotics
THEpenguin96 i might take a few days off to calm down a bit and get my head back on track
JOANN12 dam were going to get hammered with more rain tonight and tommrow.
THEpenguin96 we're getting snow over here x.x
JOANN12 has anyone ever cooked brisket meat in a crockpot
CoolLoveJack bbl im gonna go do sonething
ArchMichael Hell NO !!!!!!!!!!!!
ArchMichael to the no no no !
THEpenguin96 i guess i crashed my xbox.. :x
JOANN12 Arch I am really sick and its not been no fun either
ArchMichael we all on WC
ArchMichael have good time
ArchMichael relax share and stuff
ArchMichael i hope you still enjoy this place
JOANN12 Acl hello there
ArchMichael you remind me ghost i the shell
ArchMichael Ghost In The Shell
JOANN12 the room is sure quiet tonight
AcIDassassin my whole family is psychotic

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