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sevenoneartists how was you r weekend station
Station to Station i did get my wifi back though.. so thats good
sevenoneartists better than the weekdays i guess
JOANN12 ya I did but I am not to be using my right shoulder like this . my front yard needs mowed. but its not growing as fast as the back yard
sevenoneartists ya thats good
Station to Station o prefer weekdays usually
Binxxy brb gotta clean up a mess
Station to Station people go to work and i can go outside with less anxiety
sevenoneartists was really depressed this week
Station to Station from nine to five
Station to Station sorry deven me too
JOANN12 my chest and ribs hurt from being so upset this last few days
sevenoneartists i prefer being out at night if i do go, most ppl at home
Station to Station yeah.. dangerous around here at night
sevenoneartists i am usually just calmer at night
Station to Station i often feel better at night
sevenoneartists ill bbl again, was just smokin.. hanging with my brother
sevenoneartists i see station
AaronWas_Is yea I also like it at night
Station to Station like the depression lifts a bit after ive been awake for a good while
LyricalDreams He finally got the spider
Station to Station who? your bf?
Hypergurl65 Thanks station
LyricalDreams I wish we had better instillation
Station to Station how are you today hyper?
Station to Station i wish i had a better apt period lyrical
Station to Station hello agin boo
Mina 67 Hello
Mina 67 I am in bed
Mina 67 Hi station to station
Hypergurl65 I'm ok..u station?
Mina 67 How are you doing station to station
Binxxy back I hate my cat
Station to Station i was doing pretty well earlier, but bored now@ Hyper and Mina
Station to Station doesnt feel like its 11pm to me
Station to Station i slept until 4pm
Mina 67 I am bored to station
Station to Station what happened Binx?
Station to Station you have to rise early tomorrow Mina?
JOANN12 ok goodnight everyone I am off to bed enough for me need to try and com down
Hypergurl65 I'm dreading tomorrow, the start of the work week..ugh
Hypergurl65 Night joann
Binxxy cat knocked over a lot of stuff made a huge mess
Binxxy and then acted cute and cuddly afterwardsd
Station to Station mine is yelling at me... he is spoiled
Mina 67 Night Joann12
Binxxy I hope I get to start my job tomorrow
Mina 67 Sounds good Binxxy
Station to Station i just have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow
Mina 67 Ok station
Hypergurl65 Cool, what is it binx?
Binxxy I hope
Binxxy a warehouse job but if my ride flakes on me I can't go
Binxxy I am worried about that

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