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DubyaD40 I drink maybe 2 liter diet coke a day
Linusespause Money.. that's one
hadleighsjd trendy, isn't that ridiculous?
DubyaD40 I try to balance it with alot of veg tho
MortSahlFan i drink 3 cans of dr. pepper a day
magkt it's my turn to cook, tonite ... Pesto Pasta, Ham Steak and fresh melon (Honey dew and cantaloupe)
trendybutler10 yes but its amusing too
MoneyMakesUCuter I drink one if not two 16 oz diet dews every morning
DubyaD40 Dr Pepper is the shit
trendybutler10 aspartame causes senility
hadleighsjd My vice is coffee, 3-4 cups a day
Janx2018 oh mountain dew is the worst
trendybutler10 diet coke is rotting Trumps pea brain
marcus589 I guess you don't have to concede. If you lost....................they just seat your opponent on the day
MoneyMakesUCuter I don't drink coffee at all
MortSahlFan i dont drink alcohol, though
WWdubyaINFINITUM I go in streaks....I will drink lots of soda... then feel guilty and drink solely water
Lady Chosn < tea addict
Janx2018 it rots your teeth
DubyaD40 Aspertame causes me to bang your wife. Stop repeating bullshit.
Arfvedsonite1 why not drink some black coffee or tea in the morning?
MoneyMakesUCuter janx- no sugar
MortSahlFan i dont drink coffee either, though i like the taste
Arfvedsonite1 why so much soda?
marcus589 Never mind that it's the normal, accepted thing to do
moldielox coffee prevents liver disease
trendybutler10 if you brush your teeth right after coffee it saves them
nikray Roy thinks Robert E Lee was a traitor for surrendering at Appomattox
hadleighsjd There may still be but used to be a soda with high caffeine content called "Jolt", my daughter and a friend's family went up to their mountain cabin and when the parents weren't looking the teens drank a case of it...
WWdubyaINFINITUM The last study stated that coffee is good for you
hadleighsjd that can be dangerous
Linusespause Had, still on the market
trendybutler10 Roy Moore expressed his support for the Apostate Trump and painted an apocalyptic picture of American society
Linusespause and yeah... that'll cause some peopel to stroke out
MoneyMakesUCuter had- well I asked my dentist about diet dew- and she said it won't hurt my teeth
hadleighsjd Linus, I've never seen it so I didn't know
marcus589 matt! Ltns
Arfvedsonite1 i dont believe coffee is harmful
MoneyMakesUCuter my brain? another matter perhaps
DubyaD40 Hey if we're criticizing people's food choices, it's not like Hillary looks too healthy collapsing into the minivan.
Janx2018 get a new dentist
Janx2018 i think fake sugars are doing bad stuff too
Janx2018 for sure
TiptopBiscuit85 i want to bang a shriners chick
DubyaD40 And bill with his daily Egg McMuffin breakfast
moldielox hillary is a drunk
Janx2018 its not natural to your body
WWdubyaINFINITUM Laura how did you feel about the ladies turning on you last night?
Arfvedsonite1 no, i dont think fake sugars are harmful
Janx2018 and your body dont know how to process it
trendybutler10 Roy Moore: ÔÇťAbortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Janx2018 i used it too for a long time
hadleighsjd Arf, some suggest it can reduce some peoples' chances of becoming Type II diabetics, and has other positive qualities, the problem is when someone drinks too much of it (or anything)
nikray he's rather a walking apocalyptic picture of American society.
MoneyMakesUCuter ww- it was a chicken pecking
Janx2018 diet soda
MortSahlFan it would be nice if paul ryan retired, too
Janx2018 no more try to get off it
Arfvedsonite1 Had..right
DubyaD40 /sips on his diet coke as he reads
moldielox mort ryan IS retiring
MortSahlFan right, like moore isnt a materialist
Janx2018 how old is paul ryan
moldielox look at drudge
Janx2018 lol dubya
moldielox he wont run in 2018
DubyaD40 yeeehaw
MortSahlFan i read something about him "considering" -- didnt know
nikray Roy just needs to find himself a good Christian 12 year old and settle down
MoneyMakesUCuter Trump is 73 yrs old and seems to have more energy than most chatters
trendybutler10 and like Moore isnt a sodomite chasing young girls out of malls en masse
Janx2018 oh hes too young to retire
DubyaD40 lol nikray
Arfvedsonite1 2 most important numbers are .....what are your triglycerides and what is your HDL-C
MoneyMakesUCuter so I guess he's doing ok
Janx2018 thanks for looking thatup i was lazy
moldielox money 71
Janx2018 that up*

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