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JOPACITA linus you teach?
jolaypaz2 tammy!!!
Linusespause I retired from that, too, Jopa.. I taught psych and medical interns
JOPACITA linus have you ever had to tell a student, you don't have the goods?
sharwarspitz Oh hi jolay
tempeau2 i was talking to an aa tonight and asked him where he was from because i thought i heard some french."north minneapolis"
jolaypaz2 hi shar!!!
Linusespause you mean they don't have the horsepower to learn the stuff?
JOPACITA yes they have the will
JOPACITA but not the capacity
jolaypaz2 ruphis!!!
tempeau2 jolay!!!
jolaypaz2 temp!!!
cjwskiram Hi Jolay
ruphisleaking wtf is an aa
jolaypaz2 cjw!!!!
sharwarspitz dont have the goods, eh? Lol
tempeau2 better?
ruphisleaking black dude?
tempeau2 7 on black scale
Linusespause I tell those people (in private) they might want to reconsider their path and if the effort it will take to learn the massive infomration and concepts is worth it
jonnyd7606 or a recovering drunk
JOPACITA i was going to be a poli sci major until i learned that statistics was required
ruphisleaking ive never even heard of a drunk called an aa
MobiusTruth jopa...i am unconvinced that very many students don't "have the stuff." i tend to believe there are other factors at work.
onvintagetime Linus very diplomatic and graceful
Linusespause Jopa.. my son did that evaluation, too.. he ended up goinog to law school
ruphisleaking its pronounced "aaah" in jopas neighborhood
JOPACITA lol me too linus
Linusespause ty vintage.. after some 40 years of on & off teaching, youlearn that stuff
cjwskiram I did the polis sci/govt thing
cjwskiram a few times
Linusespause Jopa.. my condolences
JOPACITA hey it paid off the house
JOPACITA so it's ok
sharwarspitz JOPA seems like a fancy pance. Which is fine.
jonnyd7606 "It was my understanding that there would be no math on this test.."
onvintagetime define' fancy pance'
jolaypaz2 does pance count as a word in wordy?(snickers)
JOPACITA i have no problem with math concepts,i get logic, it's when they put numbers into the mix
Linusespause my son is an inveterate public service person... if he had his way he'd just be the invisible person with some politician he likes
onvintagetime get out of my head
tempeau2 shar,too fancy for our blood
JOPACITA i glaze over
tempeau2 ha jopa
VASALL numbers mean profits
sharwarspitz I am basic, but
VASALL its fun to stay up late counting profits
sharwarspitz i know the fancy pance drill.
Linusespause Jopa... it's like statistics... the computers do all the fancy analyses.. but you have to understand how they got the results
jonnyd7606 A train is going from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia at 80 MPH,,,
JOPACITA lol yes linus like learning a slide rule
VASALL I Left My love (US cavalry song from Ford's "Horse Soldiers"
JOPACITA do they still teach kids that stuff?
JOPACITA slide rules?
Linusespause and like how the pollsters all screwed up.. relied on data analysts to tell them "hey you're winning" then find out the data analysts were asking the wrong questions
JOPACITA in case we lose power?
VASALL lol temp
jonnyd7606 <<had a slide rule
sharwarspitz not even multiplication tables
Linusespause I found the slide rule I had in high school (went to Brooklyn Tech)
tempeau2 a slide rule is a usefultool and wont stop being one
rndthworldnadaze still have my K&E slide rule. they now sell for $300 and up
sharwarspitz totally to the max
Linusespause I paid serious money for it... like ten bucks
jonnyd7606 minus times minus equals plus. the reason for this we need not discuss.
Linusespause right temp.. it teaches logs just by looking at it
MobiusTruth it is nearly always a self-imposed myth that we "can't" learn this or that. it's just nonsense.
ruphisleaking wheres my sliderule comic...
rndthworldnadaze much the same, linus
sharwarspitz minus times minus jonny

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