denahaden Bbut mankind started the Global warming
tempestcd maybe so...okay, we did and continue...
tempestcd many countries are at fault
denahaden It is awful but true temp
Jessie 61 Al Gore started global warming
Jessie 61 Al Gore started global warming
tempestcd yay jessie!
Jessie 61 And still making millions
tempestcd i made a million...spent it already
Jessie 61 So haven't I and still kicking myself in the ass, he made 50 selling a TV station
tempestcd i am what i can, when i can, whee i can
Jessie 61 Just hate a hypocrite
tempestcd many hypocrites in this world jessie...
tempestcd the view is their way or you are wrong
Timtochat I'm back
tempestcd hello Tim
Timtochat What is are topics
Timtochat tonight
Jessie 61 Tell me something I didn't know lol
tempestcd open mic night tim
Timtochat Gico can save you 15%or more on your car insurance
tempestcd uhmmm...nahhh
Timtochat I don't know I'm just a board guy like to make new friends
tempestcd no is my therapy
tempestcd cheaper than a shrink
Timtochat I'm in Maryland now from Virginia
tempestcd right up the road from me
tempestcd a few hours between us
Timtochat I used to live just outside of ptown
tempestcd navy or local?
Timtochat Grew up in VB
tempestcd been there a few
Timtochat Right fun place
Timtochat I had some good times there!!
tempestcd have to admit, was never much of a social butterfly, but went to a few places in my earlier years
tempestcd got tossed out of Rogues my only time there, before we even got in the second door...improper collared shirt
Timtochat Your showing your age
tempestcd the cave, country bar called " Micheals"...had the mechanical bull
tempestcd ya think
Timtochat I I rode the bull
lavondalin717 Hello everyone
tempestcd couple other places along the boardwalk...names skip me noow
Timtochat I used to go to a club called the abyss
lavondalin717 Hi how u doing
tempestcd know of it, never went
tempestcd on 17th street?
Timtochat had some fun times there
Timtochat Opened my eyes at that club
Timtochat Good and you 717
lavondalin717 I’m gud just looking around I’m new here so I’m a lil shy lol
Timtochat I'm tim im fairly new also
Timtochat No reason to be shy
Timtochat just be yourself
Timtochat Unless you are a ass then be someone nicer
tempestcd kinda to the
Timtochat I did not want to be rude was I
tempestcd i think fair
Timtochat I'm sorry it that came off as rude was honest with a little sarcasm in there
tempestcd hi zuch
zruchat56 Hi tempest
Timtochat I im sorry if I offended you 717 not intended to
tempestcd was on the other site earlier...missed you i think
zruchat56 How have you been tempest
Skull_Kid_MM hi everyone
tempestcd doing well...miss my chats
tempestcd hi skull
zruchat56 Yes always good time
tempestcd family in to visit...wife home...diffficult to be me...

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