GenericallySuicidal OMG REaLLY KEZ
Kezzie74 Totally lo
CosmoTheGod I never wanted it
CosmoTheGod But god made me do it
CosmoTheGod He wanted me to get some *~^~$
CosmoTheGod So I'm those days
Kezzie74 god!!!!!
CosmoTheGod I might've slipped and got sausages in my mouth like 20 times
CosmoTheGod It was all complete accidents
KezziesKitty724 if you're talking to me i'm kitty not Kezz, just so you know
kitty757 hello kitty
CosmoTheGod Lol but yeah that was my story
KezziesKitty724 hello other kitty
kitty757 i hope everyone had a nice weekend
kitty757 quiet. i guess because it is so late
Kezzie74 Early for me
kitty757 0215 where i am
Kezzie74 9.15am
kitty757 wb cosmo
kitty757 howdy vietgirl
CosmoTheGod Thank you
kitty757 i think i will put the dog out for one last time and then go to bed
kitty757 good night everyone
Kezzie74 Night kitty
KezziesKitty724 i aint goin anywhere just yet, lol
KezziesKitty724 omg i'z being tutted?
Kezzie74 Coz u be stooopid
KezziesKitty724 i was tryin to be funny, oops
Kezzie74 Ohhhhhhh
KezziesKitty724 awwwwww, i made lovely Kezzie laugh, lol
Kezzie74 U did slightly lol
KezziesKitty724 my off beat sense of humor is a big part of my charm, lol
CosmoTheGod I have no sense of humor
Kezzie74 You have charm??
CosmoTheGod I don't believe so idk
Kezzie74 You have humour lol
CosmoTheGod I has no charm or humor
Kezzie74 I have sarcasm lol
KezziesKitty724 lmao, i love it when You tease me lol
KezziesKitty724 and when You make me laugh too, lol
KezziesKitty724 poking is nice too, lol
GenericallySuicidal who's good with advice
Kezzie74 Depends on the topic
KezziesKitty724 Mistress Kezzie is a goddess of love
Kezzie74 Let me try
CosmoTheGod What if it's about cosmo
Kezzie74 Erm dont get your cock to close???
CosmoTheGod Wow thanks
KezziesKitty724 sounds like really good advice to me, lol
GenericallySuicidal virgin advice dimwitts
Kezzie74 I can try
GenericallySuicidal Anytime now Kez
Kezzie74 Go for it
KezziesKitty724 i'm lost, what does "virgin advice" mean?
GenericallySuicidal Non sexual advice
Obsidaisi Let's go for it.
Kezzie74 Am waiting on the problem
CosmoTheGod lol obsi

Everyone's welcome. Even the non gay ones! ;)

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