Obsidaisi Cashville
Southernality help me finish this report
RubyDee See she knows
Southernality nashvegas
WORM88 Def cheering for sens and pens
Obsidaisi I can't.. I'm eating.
RubyDee Food!!
Southernality it took you 2 hours to eat
RubyDee Share, im starving
WORM88 Ahh I want food
Obsidaisi The bed was so comfy.
Boston_honey Sorry southern I'm doing home work your on your own
Southernality poor dogs
RubyDee Ohhh👀👀👀👀
Obsidaisi And it's just pineapple anyways.
WORM88 I ate at 10am. But nothing since then
RubyDee I need dinner,
Pilgrim52 Just had s bowl of porridge
Southernality i think i ate yesterday
RubyDee Porridge. What am i goldilocks
Boston_honey I'm making hot wings and pizza for dinner
WORM88 I just need a snack. I bought a new BBQ yesterday that I'm gonna try out tonight. ( my old BBQ caught the tank on fire )
RubyDee Ill be right there honey B
Obsidaisi Mm hot wings and pizza.
Pilgrim52 Good for ya puts lead in the pencil
Southernality i love wings
RubyDee Right!!!!
Obsidaisi I may order some for supper.
Boston_honey Ruby bring beer I'm fresh out
RubyDee Ill bring the beer
Obsidaisi Which will be breakfastish
Pilgrim52 Not left
RubyDee Yummmmm
Southernality i may sneak a beer tonight
Southernality that sounds good
RubyDee I dont feel like cooking ,
Obsidaisi Come on over, Southern.
RubyDee Beer does sound great tonight
Obsidaisi I'll get'cha a six pack.
Pilgrim52 You live alone ruby ?
Cazutu very diverse chat site, this cool
Southernality i got twelve already hidden n bein chilled wanna join
RubyDee I live with six girls with guns and black belts , why
Obsidaisi Sure. I'll grab pizza.
RubyDee No stalking please
Southernality you have a fan s white
Pilgrim52 No reason just sux having to cook for just one
RubyDee Occasionally
RubyDee Pilgrim you like scary movies???
Pilgrim52 Brb going to see if my room is still going
RubyDee Where does it go?
barben morning
RubyDee Anything good recently
phylliskay2 Storming here in North carolina
RubyDee Rain, yukkers
cloudhigh2000 How is everyone?
phylliskay2 Tornado watches
Pilgrim52 Yay it's still going , Nah not seen one in ages

Everyone's welcome. Even the non gay ones! ;)

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