kgpeay I'm trying to watch star wars, which one do I start with again?
Kezzie74 The beginning is always good lol
kgpeay like number 1 because some people think i should start elsewhere
kgpeay I guess I should make my own path
puddles197805 Love to chat to others bi
kgpeay starting with 1 seems good
puddles197805 Anyone lonely
Kezzie74 If there's a story line then start at 1 if not then watch the 1 most recommended
phylliskay2 No picture puddles ?
Cainsword I am puddles
puddles197805 Hey cainsword
phylliskay2 I am Yoda !
puddles197805 Anyone lonely and wanna chat privately
phylliskay2 Gotta go cooketh some dinner have a good evening
Cainsword I do puddles
JVXpilot hi Kare
Scotty3426 Hi lilstephy
kare4n_ks Hi obsi
Scotty3426 Hey Cindy
kare4n_ks Hiey diva
ccdavis121215 Hello looking for sexy lady
Scotty3426 Hi Obsidaisi
Scotty3426 Hello sexy people
Scotty3426 Hi Cassandra

Everyone's welcome. Even the non gay ones! ;)

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