♥Dee♥ reading is kinda essential on here
mykelll607 but u know why i came back
♥Dee♥ you forgot your keys?
CatRises you told Cat before
♥Dee♥ oh did i?
CatRises do you consent as a parent?
mykelll607 u know i only read what u say lol
♥Dee♥ i knew i mentioned it
♥Dee♥ i wasnt sure who was in the room when i did
mykelll607 i have no parental consent
♥Dee♥ les mis is my fave musical
♥Dee♥ she has watched it all before
♥Dee♥ i told her they probs wouldn't let her sing all the lines
jessicacooke419 helooooooooo
♥Dee♥ some of them are a bit not pg
mykelll607 whos singing
♥Dee♥ hi jess
mykelll607 she better sing really well
♥Dee♥ you should hear her try to do the accent
mykelll607 oh i'll love your kids singing
mykelll607 what accent
♥Dee♥ well technically it should probs be a french accent
♥Dee♥ but we watched an english production
mykelll607 i wanna see or hear it
♥Dee♥ so she does it in almost a scouse accent
mykelll607 i'll give her an A+
♥Dee♥ she isn't graded on it tbh
CatRises yes because french were known for scouser accent
♥Dee♥ auditions are after school tomorrow
CatRises good luck for your kid Dee
mykelll607 in aussie or usa
CatRises Cat should goto bed
CatRises buuuuuuut
CatRises civilization 4
♥Dee♥ is that a game?
Shoney43 Am back
CatRises you choose a civilisation
CatRises each with different perks
♥Dee♥ i used to play civilisation in the 90s
CatRises start from dawn of civilization to modern day and beyong
CatRises 4 is hailed as best of series
mykelll607 what do u play in the 2017s
CatRises grammy winning sound track
CatRises and narration by leonard nimoy
♥Dee♥ i play ukulele in 2017
CatRises only 3.80 AUD
CatRises good value for hours of addiction
♥Dee♥ i used to play big fish games
♥Dee♥ use 1hr freeplay and try to get through as much as i could
♥Dee♥ hey char
♥Dee♥ long time no see
♥Dee♥ how have you been
BigBoyCharlie Been good, lots at work though
♥Dee♥ thats a good thing right?
♥Dee♥ means lost of money
xxpimp4lifexx Good morning all
♥Dee♥ hi pimp
BigBoyCharlie Naah i get a fixed ammount every month
♥Dee♥ well that blows
xxpimp4lifexx @♥Dee♥ Hi dee
♥Dee♥ at least time moves quick then
BigBoyCharlie Sometimes
xxpimp4lifexx What u guys up to

Everyone's welcome. Even the non gay ones! ;)

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