Les Bi Straight Women Chat

elle just like a yawn
elle panic is also catchy
AngelsWithEnemies i wonder if ama just came in to see if i would boot her...
elle who
AngelsWithEnemies china, when she calls me multi its amazon_princess using it
AngelsWithEnemies and she did something that hurt and i am not done, told her goodbye. so yea
AngelsWithEnemies pkr add a pic
elle pkr never stays in a room long
elle and has been on wire for atleast 2 months
AngelsWithEnemies i know, lol, i think i might auto kick it now
AngelsWithEnemies i'm going to bed, see ya all later
elle if u can catch it lol
elle later
space kitty removed Geoal from the room
lovehappy77 you in here?
issaritchie460 How am i the only one here
space kitty removed space kitty as a room host
michellemenin Good afternoon, Issaritchie.
issaritchie460 We are the only women in the room

A girls only room.. no adding/PMing without asking. no smurfs, get two warnings, no pic=boot. These Guys Allowed only: A Backalley Dr Porchops_on_my_Face KentaDrake Scarredcore

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