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xsauceyx hold on
Barachiel he mama told me
Barachiel and a saint
Barachiel sumthin like dat
Apocalyptic Love won 662 chips with Pair of Aces       Show Hand
Cinders Ashes won 230 chips with Two Pair Eights and Sevens       Show Hand
techAlexdown these hands sux
Barachiel nice hand cinders how u doin?
Cinders Ashes saint $@@^@ man ya mean
xsauceyx nice haul
eggonurface wd cinder
James O_O won 166 chips with Clubs Flush       Show Hand
Cinders Ashes and i could have had that hand to
Barachiel if you haul yo azz ova here sauce I will makez u happy
techAlexdown sure rub her chicken leg on me
xsauceyx that scares me..but thank u
Barachiel anytime honzeybeezy
Barachiel u 2 cinders bring it rightcher
Barachiel I means it
Barachiel if pan and RJ don't want my lovin I take it own down the line
James O_O won 510 chips with Pair of Eights       Show Hand
xsauceyx nothin hotter than being 4th choice
Cinders Ashes someone is frisky tonight
Barachiel I met them first itz no thang

Play poker! Blinds are 2/4 and Buy-in is 40/400

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