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xsauceyx won 54 chips with Two Pair Aces and Fours       Show Hand
wade2014 won 8 chips Show Hand
wade2014 won 23 chips Show Hand
xsauceyx are u playing both tables?
wade2014 i quit there
wade2014 won 8 chips Show Hand
wade2014 no more people come here
xsauceyx that is just wrong to me
wade2014 let's back to duck
xsauceyx won 8 chips with Two Pair Jacks and Eights       Show Hand
xsauceyx no i wont
xsauceyx people with lower skills and few chips.. that is duck
xsauceyx won 8 chips Show Hand
xsauceyx like bullies in there with those bets
wade2014 i go there now

Play poker! Blinds are 2/4 and Buy-in is 40/400

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