X1CAuron silent is a cutie.
mostillogical She is, but I'm super lame.
X1CAuron oh ok.
X1CAuron im goin bed lata
X1CAuron my girlfriend fell asleep on me
mostillogical Bummer lol.
X1CAuron "Shes going to be expecting sex after"
X1CAuron so i better get oging...
mostillogical I'm getting sleepy.
Silent Screams ....i am not a cutie
mostillogical Yes you are.
mostillogical *bows down to the Cutie Queen*
mostillogical I don't even deserve to talk to a girl with cuteness levels as off the charts as yours.
Silent Screams she is a queen kitty not a human boy
Silent Screams lol sry that was my sista
mostillogical It OK gorgeous.
Silent Screams that i am diffenitally not lol can't spell
mostillogical You are my lovely.
Silent Screams its not ok back off shes mine forever
mostillogical I'm sorry.
mostillogical Can't she be both of ours?
Silent Screams my sis says only if she sees you and gets to know u
mostillogical Oh, OK. Sees me how?
mostillogical I'm nothing special to look at.
mostillogical I can give her my Instagram.
mostillogical rowdy_ralphie_piper
mostillogical Tons of selfies.
Silent Screams instant like. you have a cat
mostillogical Hehe thanks.
Silent Screams you look like someone i hate so ya from her sis
Silent Screams i followed you
mostillogical Hehe thank you. You don't hate me? Do you sis?
Silent Screams she says idk and sh ewould have to tell you
mostillogical Oh, well that's good. I think.
Silent Screams lol yeah it is
mostillogical Don't you have school tomorrow?
Silent Screams no it's sunday tomorrow
mostillogical Long ride.
mostillogical I'm not even home yet.
mostillogical My jam just came on.
mostillogical I'm tired.
snowdonnie7683 Hello everyone

Plz don't be rude :)

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