susan_stone05299 heyyyyyyyyyyyy
Princess1312 What's up!
susan_stone05299 nun much wbu
Princess1312 Tired af lol
susan_stone05299 lol its only 8:41 here
Princess1312 WELL Its 9:42 here but I just am always tired lol
susan_stone05299 welcome aaaa
susan_stone05299 oh he was leaving lol ops
Kitten267 I got issues
cuteerin Omg Brody's girlfriend is man
james47efc how do you know
cuteerin She just pm me and threatened me
james47efc threatened you why
cuteerin Just bow
cuteerin I don't know
Rag3 PleoNaZm Aww shit not u again
james47efc so a fella pretending to be a gtrl
cuteerin She said she was going to fight me
Rag3 PleoNaZm @cuteerin. Hi %%@go
james47efc she lives in another continent lol
cuteerin Excuse me?
Rag3 PleoNaZm Hello !@&got
cuteerin Rag stop it
cuteerin I'm not in the mood
james47efc how did she find out
Rag3 PleoNaZm Shutup Blubbermouth
cuteerin I'm about ready to block you rag
Rag3 PleoNaZm Do it #@!gBlow
james47efc @Kitten267 whats up kitten?
Kitten267 Not much James you?
cuteerin Ok that's it
cuteerin Ive had it.
james47efc nim ok ty..just having a ose about
cuteerin I'm a girl
james47efc we all have issues eh
cuteerin Not a bro
Rag3 PleoNaZm Ur a transgendrr cow
james47efc I blow my nose on them
Rag3 PleoNaZm *Transgender
james47efc this your room kitten
cuteerin / people
Rag3 PleoNaZm #*^got shut,up
Rag3 PleoNaZm @cuteerin. Wassup !&^^@?
Rag3 PleoNaZm ~&$&# wassup?
Rag3 PleoNaZm Whaddup #&$$@ez
gator farmer hey susan
susan_stone05299 long time no see
gator farmer yes been off working how is things
susan_stone05299 been ok wbu
gator farmer ok thanks
susan_stone05299 so do you have 2 accounts?
susan_stone05299 ok someone said u did
susan_stone05299 i forgot who lol
gator farmer lol probably some one wanting you lol
susan_stone05299 goodnight im going to bed

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