Just Don't Say I'm Crazy Just Don't Say I'm Crazy

Jettylife I freaked out on that val girl the other day lol u should have heard me 😂
Soleia Scarlett Just think of those moments, seeing them be born, holding them for the first time, the first smile, when they squeeze your finger for the first time, the first giggle, word, step..all of those tiny firsts
Jettylife I'm more scared that that baby deserves better than I can give it
Soleia Scarlett Moments like this are a reason to keep going honey
Soleia Scarlett That baby is lucky to have a dad that loves it as much as you do
Soleia Scarlett I'll be here to kick your ass every step of the way kid, you're gonna be an awesome day and I'm gonna be here when you feel not great and remind you of these little moments
Jettylife I've been having horrible nightmares about my mother
Soleia Scarlett Replace them with dreams of the little firsts, when I have nightmares I just think about my wedding day
Soleia Scarlett https://www.instagram.com/p/BPYzBbcg2Le/?taken-by=vanessakatclarity
Soleia Scarlett Ughh why won't it let me link --.-
Jettylife I dont know how to make them stop
Soleia Scarlett I was tryna show you guys what I wrote earlier about Jo,, it helped ground me when I was having a spiral
Soleia Scarlett Could go my route and get insomnia meds
Jettylife I might have to
Soleia Scarlett I am on some nice heavy meds that make the world suck less
Soleia Scarlett I can give you a reccomendation
Jettylife I'll find out about it
Soleia Scarlett It's an antipsychotic, used in lower dosages for insomnia
Soleia Scarlett It also mellows me the hell out when I'm having an episode it's a two in one
Soleia Scarlett Plus it knocks you on your ass till you're ready to deal with the world again
Jettylife I needed something to mellow me today
Soleia Scarlett Hot chocolate helps me
Jettylife I called in to work cuz I just couldn't do it
Cleanchatchristian God bless u sol
Cleanchatchristian You are a great friend
Jettylife So are u ccc
Jettylife I never thought I could get attached to anyone on here but I have
Jettylife I mean that
Cleanchatchristian I pray u get therapy sweetheart and meds
Jettylife I'm gonna have to do something
Cleanchatchristian And they will help u out so much
Jettylife Love u too
Cleanchatchristian I'm here for u kiddo I know it will be okay
Cleanchatchristian You should get some rest
Jettylife I'm not there yet but I will
andersonlufc Hi 😢😢
Cleanchatchristian Anderson what's wrong
Soleia Scarlett King made me go get food
andersonlufc I can't sleep 3.50 am
Soleia Scarlett She started yelling at me cause she knows i'm sick and kinda not eating again
Jettylife That sucks
Soleia Scarlett Oh that shit will knock you out cold,, unless your me then you get high and slightly confused
Cleanchatchristian Anderson take benadryl
andersonlufc I had my meds upped today for that reason not helped
andersonlufc Thought police got lol
andersonlufc I will if I go into town tomorrow thanks ccc
Jettylife I.love benadryl lol
Jettylife That's the only reason I sleep
andersonlufc I'm really tired though
Jettylife U must be exhausted
Jettylife Ur overtired
blisa0950 Hi Jetty
andersonlufc I am it and 5 nights I've struggle now
Jettylife Hi Lisa
Soleia Scarlett I'm somewhat trying to stay awake now it's that time of night
Jettylife Between benadryl and crying I'm fighting it too
andersonlufc I've got relaxation app on my phone going to try that soon
blisa0950 I tried to pm u Jetty
andersonlufc Bye guys going to try again tc
Jettylife Night Anderson
Soleia Scarlett Don't pm without permission
Jettylife Did ccc sneak out
Jettylife She's like a ninja lmao
Jettylife So the baby's name is gonna be Steven or Amy
Soleia Scarlett Amy really?
Soleia Scarlett I had a teacher in primary school with the name Amy
Jettylife Lol I picked it ....I liked it
Soleia Scarlett Jo won't let me name our girl if we have one cause my names aren't French enough
Soleia Scarlett god I hate the fact that her parents dictate to us like 'oh you have to have french names;

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