Just Don't Say I'm Crazy Just Don't Say I'm Crazy

Clint_in_Va Howdy tan
Clint_in_Va Shes watchn me go potty again
Dea_eva That's not that weird?
Dea_eva Our bathroom door never gets shut
gaylem LOL clint..
Clint_in_Va Its not?
gaylem mike needed to go potty
lisalangeland128 Which you like better Dr. G or momma bear
gaylem LOL i don't care, mama bear is more loving but clint picked my brain today and has called me dr. g. and what ever you are comfy with
gaylem clint needed an anatomy lesson with some diagnosis explaination
gaylem lisa anymore pancake breakfasts?
lisalangeland128 Not until may
Dea_eva Pancakes tomorrow!
lisalangeland128 That's my youngest birthday lol
gaylem yay a reprieve
Dea_eva Might see if there's any races locally
gaylem is pancake tuesday pancake day ever week?
redneckgrrl2 Ok im gonna be back in about an hour my kids r gonna be home soon and i want to put the laundry away
gaylem ok red, see you later
redneckgrrl2 Bye bye yall bbl
SenorFantastico pancake tuesday is the day before lent
Dea_eva Day before Ash Wednesday
SenorFantastico its supposed to be where you binge eat before giving up what you are planning to give up for lent
Dea_eva Use up all the eggs and milk and sugar before lent fasting starts
Clint_in_Va Did my part then..used up the milk on these cookies i jus ate
owlthethyme wow. i read that last part as: frosting farts
SenorFantastico frosting farts is a good name for a band
gaylem oooh.... i hate pancakes so i just plan on what i give up and stick to it
owlthethyme hates pancakes?!
gaylem they are heavy
SenorFantastico a little part of me died just hearing you say that
owlthethyme *sweeps up dead aaron bits*
gaylem don't die over me, just hate me for not liking pancakes
SenorFantastico i never hate
Clint_in_Va Im a french toast/waffle kinda guy
lisalangeland128 I can't eat them but my kids love them lol
Clint_in_Va But i do like my flapjacks from time to time
gaylem i like waffles too
lisalangeland128 I can't have none of that I can have bacon so all is good in my world lol
Clint_in_Va Meatloaf gettn ready come outta oven in 3 mins
owlthethyme oh yum!!
owlthethyme bet your house smells amazing
gaylem i eat bacon very occasionally. and try not to think about it
Clint_in_Va Smells kinda good.
Clint_in_Va Stick in fridge for couple hrs and be ready for dinne tonite lol
gaylem if i thought about it i would probably throw up..
lisalangeland128 I love bacon I don't think about it either I just eat it lol
gaylem i make it for my family but i avoid it at all costs. i really love the taste of it too
lisalangeland128 So why do you avoid it
gaylem animal, 4 legs
gaylem piggy tummy
lisalangeland128 So how was everybody's weekend mine was so bad.
gaylem why bad?
lisalangeland128 Family drama I chose not to be apart of.
gaylem well good you stayed out of it
gaylem mine was very busy caring for my husband
gaylem lol don't worry
gaylem we don't boot family
Station to Station aww thank you Gayle
gaylem station
gaylem not very good
lisalangeland128 I'm sorry to here that
gaylem don't want to trigger but he has had to use "big gun" meds for his pain.
lisalangeland128 I'll keep him in my prayers
gaylem ty so much
lisalangeland128 Be there for him but don't forget to be there for yourself too. It's important
gaylem one day i get that concept
gaylem what is that?
lisalangeland128 You can't take care of him if you don't take care of you
gaylem i am wonder woman. that is the bad thing
Station to Station ok going to wash this sink of dishes real quick
gaylem :highfve:
Clint_in_Va Meatloaf
lisalangeland128 When my brother in law was terminally ill my sister was so rapped in his care she ignored her own we lost her two weeks after him
gaylem oh, is that tomato sauce or something on top if it?

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