cindylo praise the lord
moonwhisper amen cindy
honda911 hello tim
pastortim Happy Sunday
honda911 you too
pastortim What u. Doing today
pastortim BR getting some changes coffee
NaClH2O Tim I went to church today!!!
pastortim Praise the Lord
pastortim How was it
pastortim The Lord is good
pastortim Hi paul
pastortim hows your sunday
gaawn hello tim, I'm good. Just watching the game.
NaClH2O I met a few people at the church
gaawn cool
NaClH2O I don't know, I was really skeptical about the church initially but I ended up having a really enjoyable time and I experienced feeling the Holy Spirit
NaClH2O I met a guy named Joshua who's around my age and he said he's been going to the church for 5 or so years now, him and this nice lady helped me get acquainted with everyone there and I stayed a bit after service to ask about other things and they have a
NaClH2O Bible study program
gaawn that's awesome, Nathan
prairwarur God bless you!
EJ1982 hey room
ArtistOfWords Hello ppl
BrainSick10 Why u block me
BrainSick10 I hate u
BrainSick10 Please die

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