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Rumble_Fish won 855 chips Show Hand
Mystik_ won 1425 chips Show Hand
YNWA Elliott good evening CAT. i will never ask Cat for an NFL football tip again
Catastic its not over til the fat lady sings
YNWA Elliott shes singing already
Rumble_Fish 31 - 7 its over
Mystik_ won 760 chips Show Hand
Catastic packers did score
Catastic i know it was unexpected for me to see the game like this
Catastic im afraid to predict the next game
YNWA Elliott next game will be mega close
Catastic i dont think so, but what do i know lol
Catastic i thought this one would be
Rumble_Fish as long as brady draws nreath always take the pats
YNWA Elliott i will bet on the opposite team to cat lol
Catastic i pick the pats cause i hate the steelers i will never pick them ever
YNWA Elliott im on steelers for sure
Catastic won 475 chips Show Hand

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