ISLAM The Religion of Peace

Rizsa hello?
yawaar hey there
yawaar how are u doing?
Rizsa ok,u
yawaar i'm good
yawaar long time no talk
Rizsa I kno right?
yawaar i hope u are having fun
yawaar why this chat room?
Rizsa curious
yawaar are u a preacher now? lol
Rizsa should I leave/
yawaar no no
yawaar i'm curious as well
yawaar dont take me wrong
Rizsa Is this better?
yawaar i joined this room to see if there are any racist or islamophobic in this room
Rizsa respect
Rizsa ok then...
yawaar i agree respect for all
yawaar i'm sick of racist
yawaar country is going in the wrong direction
yawaar i dont agree with every islamist as well
Rizsa of course not
yawaar in which muslim country you can live freely as a gay?
Rizsa not sure
Rizsa perhaps lebanon
yawaar lebanon has lot of christians as well

"And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds." {Qur'an 21:107}

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