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wutai7788 I understood your feeling. Rose.
RoseDragonfly Cool. So do you have summer temperatures year round in Hong Kong?
wutai7788 Here is very hot during summer time. It's around 30-35 degrees. Sometimes it's very humid. You won't feel comfortable. Air-conditioner is always turned on. rose
RoseDragonfly OK. Yes that is very warm.
wutai7788 But in UK, even humid, it's comfortable. rose
RoseDragonfly I guess. But here it's often cold and humid, so it's very unpleasant. The damp cold chills you to the bone.
RoseDragonfly But yes, I would struggle in 35 degrees. I'm not used to it.
wutai7788 Yes, it's same here in winter. You describe the feeling very clearly. chills you to the bone. right
RoseDragonfly OK. So can it geven get below freezing in Hong Kong?
wutai7788 You will not used to live under this degrees. rose
RoseDragonfly even* no, I wouldn't, lol.
wutai7788 It's very rare. rose
wutai7788 I think Paris is much better than living in UK.
RoseDragonfly Yes, or anywhere in France.
wutai7788 It seems much more sunshine.
RoseDragonfly I would like to move to France. But I don't speak French very well.
RoseDragonfly I am trying to learn more French. But it takes a long time.
wutai7788 You know a bit. You can learn it until speak fluently. rose
RoseDragonfly Yes. I can say a few simple things in French. Sometimes I try to watch French TV, to practice.
wutai7788 The croissant makes in France is nice and soft. I also believe that the foods there is better than in UK.
wutai7788 That is good. rose
RoseDragonfly Lol yes. I think so too.
wutai7788 I don't like the breakfast in UK, it's too much meat to eat in the morning. Heart attack! lol
RoseDragonfly Yes. I don't eat that stuff.
wutai7788 Good. rose
wutai7788 Rose what time is it in your area now?
RoseDragonfly It's 12.50 pm.
wutai7788 I think Muslim is sleeping.
RoseDragonfly Yes, he probably is.
wutai7788 almost lunch time. You might have a sandwich.
RoseDragonfly I have eaten already.
wutai7788 so early
RoseDragonfly Yes, I was hungry.
wutai7788 Are you at work or have an off day there. Weekend day
RoseDragonfly I'm not working today, no. How about you?
wutai7788 I am having a long holiday for myself. rose
RoseDragonfly Oh, nice.
wutai7788 Have you been to any country?
RoseDragonfly Yes, I have been to various places, mostly in Europe.
RoseDragonfly I haven't traveled east that much though.
wutai7788 It's close to your areas and the budget is much affordable for you. That is good.
wutai7788 For you, eastern countries are so far.
RoseDragonfly Yes. So I'm guessing you have visited France?
wutai7788 Not yet but I have a flight stop there once.
RoseDragonfly I have been to Paris once. Went to the Eiffel tower, etc.
wutai7788 Is it beautiful there
RoseDragonfly Yes, I thought so.
wutai7788 One day I want to visit South America.
RoseDragonfly OK. I have been to Peru.
wutai7788 So good. Do you like it.
RoseDragonfly Yes, it was OK. I got to swim in the Pacific ocean a little bit.
wutai7788 Nice experience.
RoseDragonfly Yes. And hairless dogs.
wutai7788 Hey I gotta leave as I have to cook something to eat.
RoseDragonfly OK, take care.
RoseDragonfly thanks for the chat
wutai7788 Thanks for chatting with me. rose
wutai7788 Have a nice day. rose
RoseDragonfly thanks, you're welcome
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