International Lighthouse

southmissla hellloooo out there on this lovely friday
southmissla ok cooked sausage jambalaya so goood, going back for second bowl hehe
southmissla back,,,yumm yumm
southmissla hi jay welcome
southmissla how are you today
jayjanty Good thanks
southmissla good to hear
southmissla cool, your from Ireland
jayjanty Yes and you
southmissla im from USA
southmissla i know Ireland is beautiful
southmissla how is your weather been there?
jayjanty Yes that it is
jayjanty It's been pretty bad
southmissla really? like cold? hot?
jayjanty Wet windy stormy
southmissla ahhhh sorry
southmissla is this your winter time?
jayjanty Yes but it's getting cold
southmissla when does it last? from what month to what
jayjanty October to march
southmissla oh so you have about the same time as us for winter
southmissla ours starts at end of Oct. and goes to about Feb. or Mar, depending
jayjanty Yes same but we don't get much snow mainly rain
southmissla i dont get any snow either, just wet cold weather
jayjanty Same here
southmissla i still hate the winter and cold haha
jayjanty So do i
southmissla i wish it could stay spring the whole year haha
jayjanty So do i lol I hate getting out of bed in winter
southmissla me too, i hate the cold on my face
southmissla i think this year will be a messed up winter for us, weather has been so off here
jayjanty Same here
southmissla well yea, i guess i could say for whole world uhh? haha
jayjanty We had a hurricane last week
southmissla oh wow,,,do yall even get those?
jayjanty No never
southmissla we get them here alot,,,so use to them
southmissla yea its been one heck of a wierd 2017
jayjanty I no it's mad
southmissla here in USA we have had riots, protest, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and other stuff haha crazy year
Nohassles hello everyone
southmissla hi noha welcome
southmissla nice chatting jay haha
southmissla how are you today noha?
Nohassles I'm fine. Chilling out after a hectic week
southmissla yea it has been, good to hear you chilling
southmissla end of year, everyone getting ready for winter i think
southmissla well nice chatting noha, i think im going to watch a movie k?
southmissla have a great nite, stay as long as you like, others will be here, God bless
southmissla hind? hi, and bye haha
Hindustani Good morning South
southmissla same to you, but im leaving k,,,going watch a movie
southmissla yea i just ate and now belly full time for movie hahaa
Hindustani You okay?
southmissla yess, just tired, im good
southmissla i will bb tom. nite k
Hindustani Okay as long like God bless
southmissla yes i am good tks, God bless
southmissla nite noha
Nohassles Si it is just the 2 of us latin2017
Hindustani Betsy hi

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