Intellectual Think Tank

Sliced Bread Hello Start.
I_am_the_start all you lost Lady
Sliced Bread Perhaps there will be more?
I_am_the_start I started learn language of program Java
Sliced Bread With whom?
MisterClairvoyant1 Hello, any Empaths/psions?
I_am_the_start are you a programmer
MisterClairvoyant1 Hello, start, do you know of the psychokinetic world?
I_am_the_start I wanted say physics
I_am_the_start ok, see youlater
MisterClairvoyant1 What do you mea
OrangePopsicle Sup mighty bread
OrangePopsicle howdy bread man
Sliced Bread Hello Number Forty Two.
OrangePopsicle Hows that dough going
OrangePopsicle still doing the dough ting
OrangePopsicle bread dough
OrangePopsicle how tha tbread com ot
Sliced Bread I bake two loafs every ten days or so.
MisterClairvoyant1 Hello, any there any Empaths/psions?
Sliced Bread Hello, Number Nine.
OrangePopsicle popsicleshere]]
OrangePopsicle im the ice crewam truck
OrangePopsicle sing aklong

Our precarious existence in the ever escalating environment is a race against time

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