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luvzpizza01 Anyone else wonder about the Schroeder sphere experiment?
Sliced Bread I wonder who financed it.
luvzpizza01 I never thought to ask so many questions and I missed the obvious
luvzpizza01 The difficult things in applied science are sometimes you never get the answer. It's all only theory
luvzpizza01 How would we know if light is introduced to a perfectly reflective sphere if it reflects forever
Sliced Bread Then it is theoretical science, not applied science. Applied science is engineering.
Sliced Bread Lasers handle that problem.
Sliced Bread In the case of lasers, it is pointless not to let the light in.
Sliced Bread 'Morning, Number Twenty.
r_steve_morgan56 Gm number one what goes?
Sliced Bread The days until I collect my pension.
r_steve_morgan56 Then its happy days?
Sliced Bread Happier days.
r_steve_morgan56 Will you have your starship built by then?
r_steve_morgan56 Such is life
r_steve_morgan56 We must adjust
Sliced Bread Well, that's not an absolute "no" wrt having the starship built by then.
r_steve_morgan56 If plato were alive today what he think of your starship?
Sliced Bread He'd be onboard.
r_steve_morgan56 And socraties too?
Sliced Bread Even more so.
r_steve_morgan56 You seem to prefer him over plato and arosto. No?
Sliced Bread I share that mentality.
r_steve_morgan56 Who is the most enlightened philisopher today in your opinion?
Sliced Bread The host of Australian's Philosopher's Zone.
Sliced Bread Australia's*
r_steve_morgan56 Hmm im unfamiliar is he an existentialist??
Sliced Bread It's a radio broadcast.
r_steve_morgan56 Oh ok what is the main thrust?
Sliced Bread I dunno. I would guess yes.
Sliced Bread He cover's all topics impressively diplomatically.
r_steve_morgan56 Does he advocate passive resistance in the case of societial oppression or armed conflict as a means of libertation?
Sliced Bread The man is poetry in motion on that front.
r_steve_morgan56 Interesting
r_steve_morgan56 Will history remember him?
Sliced Bread In a digital age, who could be forgotten?
r_steve_morgan56 I would like to go down in history with my name living for a thousand years but i suspect my name will not live on even a thousand seconds
r_steve_morgan56 Such is life
r_steve_morgan56 On another topic has the super collider done anything impressive since its been built?
Sliced Bread The electron microscope is responsible for advances in CMOS, I would imagine.
Sliced Bread Excimer laser as well?
Sliced Bread Heavy investment in Intel lately.
r_steve_morgan56 I am not a trained fiss a cyst but i have an obsession with electromagnetic propuslion theory but ive been told it is a pipe dream no?
Sliced Bread Who wants to be sealed in a pipe?
r_steve_morgan56 The first one will go down in history was hudinie ever?
Sliced Bread Many were in a barrel over Naigra Falks.
r_steve_morgan56 I dont think he was an existentialist
r_steve_morgan56 He denied the supernatural also
Sliced Bread The show biz types seldom are.
r_steve_morgan56 If my wife would id probably move to canada
r_steve_morgan56 Cold weather great health care quiet
Sliced Bread Who needs a wife when there's thermal underwear?

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