cutiepie4you68 which lips?
gingerreee1 hiya bright
AntoniaSandemand jojo*** its justllaura
jojomcx09 justlaura *****************************************8
jojomcx09 kewl ^5
moonchildmistres Hi Sassy**********
kewlhuh good eve jojo
Rebinfla whatever jojo chooses...I'll take the other
jojomcx09 lol rebin
cutiepie4you68 how is jojo
AntoniaSandemand no he doesnt
Rebinfla he doesn't?
jojomcx09 talking
AntoniaSandemand im new to this😜
coolstud629 i went to bed at 1:00 last night
missysturnnow yikes, larry! why?
kewlhuh why so late cool??
Rebinfla Pat...I'd like to buy a vowell please....
Rebinfla gimme a C?
sassyitalianchic who are you bowing down to kewl?
kewlhuh you sassy?
sassyitalianchic im short enough you dont have to bow ( to kiss my ring)
jojomcx09 hello missy
kewlhuh better than your buttocks
mswiggles45 lol sassy
missysturnnow hi JoJO!!!
AntoniaSandemand Why do I need to know that?
coolstud629 <~~~~~ i'm a night owl
cutiepie4you68 cool, i did not see where you from ?
mswiggles45 trap *********************** hi
coolstud629 i'm in LA Calif
thunder51ca Sass.....what you call short??
kewlhuh that city is over populated
EyzzBrown Sassy**************************
sassyitalianchic 5.1 ( with shoes on)
cutiepie4you68 seattle here
EyzzBrown jojo*****************************
kewlhuh seattle is a beautiful city
EyzzBrown are you on the phone, jojo?
Rebinfla <=---------lives in clearwater: a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem
sassyitalianchic Never been to Seattle
EyzzBrown me neither, sassy
thunder51ca Me neither
sassyitalianchic i tend to vacation in beachy towns
kewlhuh if ever in Seattle go to the space needle
pasoguy Hello
cutiepie4you68 come on down or up ill show ya around
kewlhuh think swt timr is in seat,,e
Rebinfla is the restaurant there any good?
kewlhuh oops seattle
swttimr yesI am kewl
Rebinfla but is it good?
thunder51ca You can get a rain tan in Seattle....
kewlhuh god my typing sucks

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