Sasail thats interesting
Sasail What about you Coe?
Cam42 I could go into more detail but it's a pretty wild story for anyone to believe.
Sasail like to hear more another time, some friends are online so gonna run for now... be well
coe_dig hey all
coe_dig hey capt's it going?
Captain Nemo 10 well it's been better than the last two days LOL but everything is coming back together
conklingdavid6 Hi captain
coe_dig well that's good news
Captain Nemo 10 conch what's up buddy
Captain Nemo 10 Coe lol I've been needing good news what I know what you're saying
conklingdavid6 A.O.K captain
Captain Nemo 10 conk good deal glad to hear that this room was just in some dead lately I just quit coming but there's going to be times that happens
conklingdavid6 Yes off day's
Captain Nemo 10 I'm back and forth between here and a project at the house so please forgive me if there's a few minute interval between posts
coe_dig haven't had any opportunity to watch the night sky lately's been rainy and cloudy
conklingdavid6 good to hear your feeling a little better
Captain Nemo 10 Coe that's a shame buddy sometimes I love the rain for some reasonti t puts me in a better frame of mind
coe_dig I hear ya tends to put me in a studious mood to do research and what not
Captain Nemo 10 well that was my rationale behind it also plus it puts me in a good mood for some reason people call me or like I'm Winnie the Pooh because sometimes I prefer days like that Eeyore on Winnie the Pooh
coe_dig haha I hear ya
Captain Nemo 10 right now I'm sitting outside on the front porch enjoying this good autumn day waiting on the man from the phone company to get here
coe_dig I am on my second cup of coffee on this rainy, gloomy day good day to read a good book
Captain Nemo 10 you sound like my kind of man LOL or at least in the terms of liking what I like LOL
coe_dig sometimes I am lazy and i'll listen to an audio book
coe_dig less effort ..just open my mind and listen
Captain Nemo 10 I've been doing that a lot lately myself believe it or not I'm kind of on a Nathaniel Hawthorne kick listening to all of his books
coe_dig cool lol..I am a fantasy nerd ...I like Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, and Simon R. Green type of reads
Captain Nemo 10 well I can't get it some kind of fantasy if I have to admit I've never heard of those authors I just recently discovered that series of the Game of Thrones and all of those kind of books I guess some of his fantasy in away some of its not
coe_dig yeah those are like epic novel fantasy books the authors I mentioned are more contemporary fantasy
Captain Nemo 10 I'll have to give him a them I try the next time at the library
Captain Nemo 10 well the guy from the phone company just got here so I got a scoot for 15 or 20 minutes I'll check you in a little bit good to have seen you again
coe_dig ok nemo
coe_dig hey blonde
Non Blonde hiyas coe
coe_dig how's your day going?
Non Blonde hi Capt,,, , conk
Non Blonde good so far lol , urs ?
Captain Nemo 10 well false alarms far as the phone company man
coe_dig same here ..cloudy and rainy here so just listening to tunes, cleaning house, and chatting lol
Non Blonde uh ohhh... phone co, man
Non Blonde nemo getting bugged lol
Captain Nemo 10 yeah when I was talking to you about getting home computer I was thinking about bumping up till faster package
Captain Nemo 10 I'm sure they're quite a lot of people that would bug me LOL
coe_dig be back soon..going to take care of some things
Non Blonde u get a home pc ?
Captain Nemo 10 Coe writer do good to see you again
Captain Nemo 10 Non not yet I'm just looking into some options
Non Blonde that's good
Captain Nemo 10 that YouTube room is right up your alley I ain't it
Captain Nemo 10 but YouTube chat room you were just saying LOL
Captain Nemo 10 I meant the YouTube chat room on here you were chatting in
Non Blonde glad u keeping track of my movements if i get lost LOL u can help find me haha
Captain Nemo 10 it's not a question of me keeping up with your movements LOL you can even tell where anybody is on your friends list
Non Blonde hey i nave many interests LOL
Captain Nemo 10 LOL I'm sure you did fine I was not insinuating otherwise
Captain Nemo 10 well that's good that you have a lot of interest how about naming off a few of them
Non Blonde time to go eat for 1

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