J e n n i good thanks and you?
StudentOfTheOccult I shared something about the Love of Christ in my life. Something that meant something to me. That's all.
prairwarur I'm great, Jenni, thanks
J e n n i hi Student
J e n n i just my personal opinion: I think our experience of the occult should be limited to Indiana Jones films
Lishman There's 3 main gates spirits can enter us. 1 The eye gate 2 The Ear gate 3 The mouth gate
prairwarur interesting, Lish!
prairwarur do tell
Lishman Yes and satan uses people as pawns to do his dirty work
prairwarur that I know
prairwarur they appear as angels of light
Lishman We see it all the time on message boards for example
prairwarur but they are not
Lishman Exactly
Lishman deceiving spirits at work sis
prairwarur maybe student has not studied long enough to know this?
Lishman And those that are affected have no idea
prairwarur then again, maybe he knows it well?
Lishman Correct
Lishman New age is powerful
prairwarur they have no idea of the consequences
prairwarur it's like quicksand
Lishman ONLY the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth
prairwarur He cannot lie
prairwarur He leads us into all Truth
prairwarur other spirits deceive.
prairwarur I'm sorry, student. You must feel comfortable to speak with me here?
prairwarur not feel comfortable
prairwarur want me to leave so you can carry on?
StudentOfTheOccult Whatever you choose.
prairwarur I'm not really an intimidating person, so sorry if you do feel intimidated.
prairwarur that's good
prairwarur hello flower
The Red Flower Missed me?
The Red Flower Hello gmacca
The Red Flower I heard you love telling jokes and stories? Is this true?
prairwarur hello gmacca
prairwarur not sure who you are talking to, Flower.
The Red Flower Was talking to gmacca
prairwarur Lish, please explain those 3 gates, ok?
prairwarur I think I know what you mean, but just wanted to check.
gmacca970 Hay flower before pointing the finger on whatever you are talking about be aware of the room you are in ok.
prairwarur you've got some kewl photos, gm.
prairwarur very nice!
The Red Flower gmacca that is not a very nice thing to say to me. Considering you don't even know me
prairwarur calm down, flower
gmacca970 Don't make comments to someone you have never spoken to before
The Red Flower Before you start accusing me for doing something I haven't done yet, you should at least get to know me.
prairwarur doesn't that work both ways, flower?
The Red Flower You're profile says "Sense of Humor I love telling jokes and stories"
prairwarur Hey shell!
The Red Flower I was just trying to make conversation
StudentOfTheOccult Don't like conflict.
gmacca970 Ask away
J e n n i hi Shell
J e n n i and whoever else entered while I was not paying attention
prairwarur I think I saw a little mouse run by, Jenni. While you were not paying attention.
prairwarur eeeeeek!
The Red Flower I'm not happy now
prairwarur what flower?
J e n n i why not, Red?
The Red Flower Way to go to ruin a girl's mood
prairwarur what happened?
shellbell2 brb need something hot
prairwarur you're in charge of that flower, no one else.
prairwarur we choose to be happy, sad, mad, or glad.
prairwarur others don't choose that for us.
gmacca970 The flower needs to grow up a bit.
prairwarur but even some old folks don't realize they are the ones in charge of the emotions.
prairwarur we get to choose how to react.
prairwarur are you new here, gmacca?

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