acafreakindemic How are you
jacks2wild who are youy?
elsa01abreu should we have?
jaaradstarwars Anybody rember jarrad
elsa01abreu good thanks aca
jacks2wild can't say i do
jacks2wild <has had the same nik for years
MuddQT I sure don't.
elsa01abreu can't say I do, but then i havent been here long
MuddQT So, I have a question: how did everyone find Wireclub?
jacks2wild does the bible give age when a child quits being a child?
elsa01abreu accidently on the net
elsa01abreu im not sure jack
elsa01abreu mary was 15 when had Jesus I think
jacks2wild i missed yahoo. and msn chat, and went looking for another chat
elsa01abreu oh i had never chatted online
MuddQT I found it after being kicked out of a kinkster chat, and was looking for another place similar. I found this place, then I found this room.
jacks2wild i once ran into michael jackson in the christain chatroom on msn
jacks2wild he was in there sing, they had mic chat
jacks2wild mic chat is nice actually
MuddQT Now, I'm glad that I was kicked out of that website, for had I not been, I would still be dinning, and would never have found this room.
elsa01abreu I don't know it
elsa01abreu hi nessa
MuddQT *sinning
MuddQT Hey, nessa
jacks2wild well God Blessed you Qt
elsa01abreu sorry wrong one
jacks2wild the name of Jesus
elsa01abreu ok its stuck on the same one!!
jacks2wild hey art
jacks2wild you must not copy pasteing right elsa
jacks2wild wow time flies
ArtistOfWords Baby woke me now i cant sleep
jacks2wild I'm going to have to think about getting to bed, several things to do before the close of business
jacks2wild getting dirty
jacks2wild climbing a tree
jacks2wild climbing the tree i'm a little hesitant about got some higher limbs to cut out
MuddQT Make sure you are able to get down...wouldn't want you up a tree while in this rioom.
jacks2wild climbing in a tree doesn't bother me until i start heading out on limbs
jacks2wild bounce, sway
MuddQT Hello ian
ian_weiss30 How are you
MuddQT Better than I should be. You?
ian_weiss30 Im great thanx mudd
jacks2wild well God Bless, sorry if I was overly concerned earlier
elsa01abreu lagging so bad here
jacks2wild sorry to hear that
jacks2wild , have a great day elsa
MuddQT God bless jack.
elsa01abreu thanks jacks you too. God bless
jacks2wild Please, Lord bless all of the world, for we all need your guidance and understanding, as I know some of us try to do right by you, and please Lord try not to be harsh on those whom aren't giving of their love for you! Amen

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