ovflo Jacob, do you have anything to share?
weareflower21 Sorry I'm back I'm better
heshoots67 Hi Big MAC
paulwislotski I've join the room now what? do I bring up a topic or something
paulwislotski how do you chat with someone? I'm new and not up to date about chatting.
Siimplyybella You click on their name and hit chat.
guitarmancountry1956 just got out of the studio got the first 8 songs done on a special project of 158 songs being transferred from cassette to cd for my ladys family. their mother passed last year and recorded all these Christian songs.
guitarmancountry1956 these songs were done back in the 80s on cassette
guitarmancountry1956 yes its fun to do but this is just the beginning of the process they still have to be mastered and turned in to albums
Glampire My band and I just got 3 songs done with our first album
guitarmancountry1956 good are you enjoying the recording process
paulwislotski hello cindylo are you still there?
Glampire Yeah I just want the album to be good
guitarmancountry1956 give it time theres a lot to do after the basic recording of a song to turn it into a song that's album ready.. its a process that takes time
Glampire Yeah I just want everything to go right
guitarmancountry1956 it will you just do your part and record your part right and the rest will take care of itsself
ovflo Am on phone lol
ovflo Wwppopoooooo
ovflo Woooo
cindylo hi ovflo hru
dmstudent hi cindy
dmstudent hello room
cindylo hi dm hru
dmstudent great n u
dmstudent ops caps sorry
cindylo im fine hru
dmstudent good to hear
cindylo hi iovejesus hru
dmstudent all these people nooooooooo chatting
cindylo hi glampire hru
dmstudent cindylo who
Glampire I'm not ok
cindylo whts wrong
dmstudent we know afraid drug test
Glampire I'm not afraid of it I've been clean for 2 weeks
dmstudent cindy he needs be forced to sty clean
cindylo oh ok
Glampire I'm not he
dmstudent you are whether u pretend to be or not
Glampire No I'm not
Glampire You think I should be locked up which I don't need to be locked up
dmstudent you need soething to open your eyes to how real world works
kharinamolina Hello everyone! <3
Glampire I now how world works
dmstudent hi kh hows life

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