martha7harriage we have do have nice people. We have that going for us
butttler martha...that is really what is most important
martha7harriage we have lots of churches - one on every street corner
martha7harriage some good, some bad
martha7harriage We have lots of Christians here
martha7harriage (thus the nice people)
dindo122 My state is very nice,we have a lot of churches here too
ImJustDan We grow them in the fields next to corn lol
scutterbotch Martha, that's debatable
martha7harriage how so scutter?\
scutterbotch I shouldn't have to explain
martha7harriage i don't need to understand
butttler it all the red necks?
reddog_1 wn tony
reddog_1 wb even
butttler scutter..i am a red neck and live in red neck california but we have good churches
scutterbotch I just saw a life hack
scutterbotch if you have a stripped screw, put a rubber band under the drill bit to remove it
reddog_1 hi debbie
butttler scutter so the rubber acts as traction to get screw out?
reddog_1 hmmmm tim..never tried that
scutterbotch according to the video
dindo122 The Brazil have good churches,the majority of Brazilian is Christian
scutterbotch I thought Brazil was catholic
dindo122 Not,the majority is Cristian
reddog_1 hi former artist
reddog_1 i hope you are doing well today
The Artist Formerly for the most part yes
dindo122 The population of Brazil is half Cristian and half catholic,scutter
reddog_1 funny how people name cities and places after things that do not exist there...i live on Palm Street, but, my yard is the only one with palms...they have a city here called pearland....but they have no pear trees
reddog_1 does cedar rapids have rapids or cedars?
scutterbotch I live on Thunderbird road and have yet to see a thunderbird
butttler reddog i could not find one Alexander in Alexandria
dindo122 Bye guys,all here have a good day and stay with god
martha7harriage I live on Indianapolis and not a single person from Indianapolis lives on this street
reddog_1 bye dindo nice to see you again
dindo122 Red,was great to see you again too
ImJustDan I live on the corner of squirrel and bird and they both crap on my car lol jk
reddog_1 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa find
Findmysoul bought a Wired Cola for reddog_1
reddog_1 i just thought about you about one minute ago
reddog_1 thanks
Findmysoul oh and what were you thinking
reddog_1 it was a nice thought
reddog_1 just where were you and how much of a help you are
Findmysoul ah well i was on earlier here praying and what not with people
Findmysoul but hey you think of me and pop i'm here lol Mysterious ways of our Lord
ImJustDan Doesnt always agree with find but always happy to see her
Findmysoul not sure why you had to point that first point out but hey
reddog_1 i don't always agree with myself but am happy to see
ImJustDan Cause i was making conversation. Lol
ImJustDan I give up today...everyone seems to have a short fuze
reddog_1 i have heard that if you have a headache to pinch in between your thumb and pointer finger to get rid of it
reddog_1 it is supposed to be some kind of pressure point
reddog_1 all it got me was a pinched
reddog_1 still got the headache and a hrut hand now
butttler Lord i pray for healing of reddogs headache O Lord ..Lord You are Jehova Rapha the Lord Who heals thank You Lord
reddog_1 i stand in agreement with butttler on this Father God in Jesus name amen
reddog_1 it is melting away right now as i type
reddog_1 it is my glasses that is doing it
reddog_1 i was wondering why ,,,but i have insurance and will go get a new prescription the next time i go to the big city
reddog_1 thanks butttler
butttler we stand with you reddog
reddog_1 going to lay down for a while
reddog_1 love yall in Jesus

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