prairwarur and muslims ae better, tristan?
prairwarur muslims do not sin?
X1CAuron im now
X1CAuron beyond confused
tristanlopez9 I'm sorry
prairwarur for now, tristan, we are in these bodies of flesh that are weak.
tristanlopez9 im trying to get my point across
prairwarur but soon we are going to be just like Jesus
X1CAuron Prair 100% believe that
prairwarur we will see Jesus face to face and we will be like Him.
prairwarur very soon, Tristan
boogie nites not too soon
prairwarur so it is important that you give your heart to Jesus
X1CAuron either when we die
tristanlopez9 god said only the brave and strong will rule the heavens
prairwarur and we can help you.
ArtistOfWords The letters of Paul address the point of our desire to do as Jesus but out flesh being weak
X1CAuron or when the rapture comes.
prairwarur oh, boogie, VERY soon!
tristanlopez9 what is streaght to you
prairwarur do you want to meet Jesus, tristan and know that you are saved?
boogie nites There is a lot to live for here on earth. And I believe God works miracles through us
prairwarur do you want to ask Jesus into your heart and know you will not face judgement??
prairwarur Dear Lord Jesus, I need You.
prairwarur repeat this after me, tristan
prairwarur Jesus, I want to know You.
prairwarur Lord, I'm tired and I cannot do this on my own anymore.
tristanlopez9 but I want to also show him that his sacrifice was not in vain and I will be strong enough to follow the rules that ouir father gave us
prairwarur I need You, Jesus.
prairwarur you can show Him that, Tristan
tristanlopez9 with your love jesus i will do as you ask
prairwarur You can give your life to Him and live for Him.
prairwarur Jesus, I am so sorry for my sins and I want You to forgive me.
Loyaltou And god knows you
tristanlopez9 i will not just warm a seat in church
Loyaltou He knows you are trying
prairwarur I believe You have that power, Lord, because You died and God raised You from the dead.
tristanlopez9 i will respect all sabbaths
tristanlopez9 i will not eat pork or any unholy animal you told me not to
prairwarur Jesus, You bled and died for me, so I give You my life, my heart, my all.
prairwarur Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and live in me.
prairwarur Change me, Lord
prairwarur save me, Jesus!
prairwarur I will follow You all the days of my life.
tristanlopez9 in the name of my ancestors abraham isaac and israel i will do anything you ask
prairwarur Thank You, Jesus.
prairwarur we love You, Lord Jesus.
tristanlopez9 ok I think im good now
prairwarur yes, you are good now, Tristan!
prairwarur Glory to God!
tristanlopez9 im from Israel but why do my people say yeshua instead og jesus
prairwarur Thank You for the Blood of Jesus!
prairwarur we praise You Father in Heaven!
prairwarur we speak English, Tristan
tristanlopez9 I know that
ArtistOfWords Jesus is the translated name
tristanlopez9 roman ???
prairwarur Yshua Hamashiach?
prairwarur is that right?
tristanlopez9 yes jesus or savior
prairwarur English, Tristan - Jesus is English for Yeshuah
tristanlopez9 im still learning english
prairwarur I do not know Hebrew, sorry
prairwarur but we have someone who comes here to chat often who is a Messianic Jew
prairwarur she will love to meet you
tristanlopez9 i would love that
tristanlopez9 wow i think that is revolutionary
tristanlopez9 whats a messianic jew...
prairwarur Glory to God!
prairwarur A Jew who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.
prairwarur I have a link for you.
prairwarur Tony talked a bit about the "one new man" and here is an explanation.
tristanlopez9 oh are you amessiac jewish
prairwarur Sid Roth is a Messianic Jew
prairwarur you will like him
tristanlopez9 ill check it out
prairwarur I am not, Tristan. I am gentile
tristanlopez9 ok are you male???
prairwarur I watch Sid Roth on TV
prairwarur I am female

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