reddog_1 i might be back
ifishmael says 12 in here...they sure do add/plus/quantify as much as they can
ifishmael it says 13 in the room
ifishmael and there's only 6
ovflo ok that's nice.
ovflo prayer overcomes
LeDude ofvlo answere?
ovflo everyday men & women are coming to the Lord in droves.
ovflo what does dud want?
ovflo let God be exalted among the nations.
ovflo .hi goldy
ovflo hi roamer
roamer1961 hi ovflo
roamer1961 hiya Bev
ovflo Father, keep us watchful & ready for the day of the Lord.
greensiah Ok so I have a deep question to ask u up for it?
ovflo up for it
ovflo hihi coyne
greensiah How do u explain something like this: if y destroyed all the facts in the world then they would come back in time exactly the same,if u destroyed all the evidence of religion it would never be the same.and I mean like deleted all memories and stuff
ovflo We ask God for the knowledge of his will.
ovflo amen
ovflo that's a question?
greensiah lol the question is how do u respond to something like that
ovflo I would get into the bible and find the answer.
greensiah So u don't know?
ovflo the question makes no sense.
greensiah Ok so let me explain
LeDude we dont care bout the drankin, we barely listen to the band
LeDude she got a bedookeydonk!
greensiah Someone destroyed everything that is retaliated to god and religion. Someone else destroyed all facts.the facts will come back exactly the same,but the religion came back different. Therefore religion is not constant and is false. HOW DO U PROVE THIS STATM
greensiah ent false
ovflo we pray leDude would not neglect his salvation, amen.
LeDude ocvflo
LeDude can you please get off my back?
greensiah But we don't know how to pray
greensiah Lol rip LeDude
LeDude he is nice enough to understand this
LeDude ovflo you is around?
greensiah I'm saying if the Bible was destroyed and all the teachings lost how could we recover, we can't pray because we don't know How because the Bible shows us how to pray, and be faithfull
ovflo well, God's word is written in our hearts.
LeDude bev i aint even notice you
LeDude bev that aint a pic of you is it?
ovflo Phyllis....
bev_2010_01 Praise the lord n Jesus name
greensiah Dude ur avoiding the question
roamer1961 here here Bev
LeDude green what question?
bev_2010_01 Glory two god
bev_2010_01 the lord
ovflo gloryglorygloryglory
greensiah Ugggg nvm
bev_2010_01 Halkeujah in Jesus name
phyllis_forsyth amen shalom
bev_2010_01 let your light shine for god
LeDude ovflo
LeDude bev is that a Picture of you for real?
bev_2010_01 The blood of Jesus Christ
bev_2010_01 joy is god
bev_2010_01 Yes amen
bev_2010_01 the Holy Ghost never get old
LeDude you kiddin me?

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