Jhon Snow that is priceless
MiraiTrunks but prior to that Sojo and I put links to Gold Digger songs
White Mike 2017 i mean i eluded to the fact she was one but she was the one that actually said it
White Mike 2017 that's awesome
Kira Love have a wonderful day sweetheart💖💖
kitty_kat1109 Lol get a new boy toy Kira
Jhon Snow bahahaha
Kira Love yup lol
MiraiTrunks She tried to have like 5 of us banned
Kira Love :big hug: ❤❤❤kitty
White Mike 2017 she gives women a bad name
Kira Love who mike
White Mike 2017 the gold digger
White Mike 2017 When Sasha?
Kira Love who is that
MiraiTrunks let's leave it at that
Jhon Snow there is a new movie
Jhon Snow Thank you for your service
Kira Love im lost
MiraiTrunks Don't worry about it Kira
CrazzyBeautiful_ I wanna go shoot something
MiraiTrunks you had to be there
kolmepls78 Shoot what?
Jhon Snow i don't know how i feel about it
MiraiTrunks I don't know how I feel about that guy as an actor
Kira Love me too crazy
Jhon Snow yeah exactly
CrazzyBeautiful_ Skeet shooting sounds nice
Kira Love yup crazy
Jhon Snow man i wanna go shooting now... thanks for that
kolmepls78 Hell ya
CrazzyBeautiful_ You are welcome

Some chat to remember. Some chat to forget.

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