M e l l o M o o o d LoL.. it was getting weird
dreammelody lol so i wasn't alone
M e l l o M o o o d No.. I got weirded out and put my phone down
M e l l o M o o o d Mango habanero salsa
dreammelody i had a bad experience with habanero
dreammelody my bro bought one with sausage and it was so hot i almost died
M e l l o M o o o d Haven't had 'em that hot yet
dreammelody it was bad
dreammelody i haven't tried anything habanero since lol
M e l l o M o o o d I'd be scared too
dreammelody having trouble sleeping?
donbranyolo Hi folks
M e l l o M o o o d Yeah.. always!
donbranyolo How goes the weekend
donbranyolo Or week beginning
M e l l o M o o o d It goes.. and goes..
M e l l o M o o o d How was your weekend?
donbranyolo Horrible
donbranyolo I have a trip planned
dreammelody buttttttt
donbranyolo And I just realized my passport is expired
donbranyolo I can't stop crying
donbranyolo N I'm a dude
dreammelody where were you supposed to go and from where?
donbranyolo M Canadian.. visiting carribean
dreammelody you missed out on tropical paradise
dreammelody huge lesson learned im sure
donbranyolo Lol especially in this winter shit hole
donbranyolo Yeah a pricey one
donbranyolo I happened to leave my travel doc at the folks' place
donbranyolo N it didn't strike.e to pick up my passport before booking my trip
donbranyolo I was like yeah m jus gonna pick it up when I get there
donbranyolo Sry to kill the mood
dreammelody sorry i was distracted
dreammelody im probably gonna go now. gn
dreammelody gn mello
boofhead41 Gday everyone
KittehUpCowboy morning dan!
Lucy Furr Once upon a time
Lucy Furr there was a young princess who did not want to go to her castle
Lucy Furr But it was Monday and she had to
Lucy Furr She needed to lead the people
Lucy Furr But instead she would much rather stay out in the woods in play
Lucy Furr Alas the young princess went to the castle
Lucy Furr Her people were ornery and cruel
Lucy Furr But she vowed that if she made it to 4:30 it would be okay and she could go play in the woods again
Lucy Furr Damnit I need some coffee
Lucy Furr The end.
Lucy Furr Daaannnnnnnn, stop sleeping and drooling on your desk. It's Monday and it's lunchtime and I need entertainment
Lucy Furr Hi jennnnay
bostongrl_ I thought wire was frozen
bostongrl_ no one is talking
bostongrl_ anywhere
Lucy Furr Nope... apparently everybody but us has the day off for Martin Luther King Day

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