catherine559 let me think about it
punkmanfrid yeah..hahaha...just an
catherine559 god I never thought it could cost such expensive prices
punkmanfrid but probably with that price u could go somewhere else w/ different views...
catherine559 hum..let me check it out
guesswhoooo hows it going
punkmanfrid good here....GUESS.....u...?
guesswhoooo Chillin people
catherine559 you know it's a long hours in a train
punkmanfrid ahh..ok..
guesswhoooo Hi catherine
punkmanfrid yes....that was just an idea..about new travelling experience........
punkmanfrid or u can try MAGLEV.......that would be a good experience too..
catherine559 yes indeed
catherine559 I think I prefer to maglev
catherine559 I just want to travel by train to reach my destinations
catherine559 guess where are you from
punkmanfrid MAGLEV is from Shanghai to Pudong........
punkmanfrid u can have an experience sitting in a train with the speed of 500 km / hour
catherine559 in fact taking train is rather boring
punkmanfrid in france or other places in europe have u ever tried TGV.....?
punkmanfrid TGV is the high speed train too.........
catherine559 I usually take airplane between countries as not much time
punkmanfrid and Japan also has a Shinkansen........
punkmanfrid what about a cruise ship...?....u don't like it...?
catherine559 just dream about that first, I have tried of taking mini bus here, however it also make me feeling nervous, really sick
punkmanfrid hahaha...but u r ok inside a MTR.....right..?
catherine559 I can try to have a short trip by ship
catherine559 Yes it's because steady
punkmanfrid uhmmm......HK - Macau....hahaha...1 hour only....using a high speed SCARAB
punkmanfrid a rapid jetfoil....
catherine559 Yes, but now for me, I am a bit afraid of
catherine559 before indeed completely no problem
guesswhoooo hi im back
punkmanfrid it's ok..CATHERINE....hehehe.....
guesswhoooo im from New York
catherine559 how to reduce nervous about my heart muscle
punkmanfrid wb GUESS
catherine559 nice guess
guesswhoooo less caffeine helps catherine
catherine559 I don't like to drink coffee
catherine559 never drink it
catherine559 I have cramp when feeling nervous, but I can't control why it happens like that, not come from mood punk
punkmanfrid i know.......
punkmanfrid the only way is only reducing it......more exercise will help u.......
catherine559 so next week I try to use the faciliteis in hotel where they give us to have steam bath
catherine559 I will try to use lavender oil to have bath, smell it hope it can help me to reduce nervous muscle
punkmanfrid ahh yeah......that would be cool
catherine559 use smell
catherine559 I can't come up with any method to heal my sick
punkmanfrid well..aromatherapy is good too..........
catherine559 Yes I also will use this method
catherine559 something like that
punkmanfrid yup...ever possible way to make u feel better...
catherine559 yes no way try my best
punkmanfrid wb MUSHIN
catherine559 I think people live in your place will never have this kind of sick pun
punkmanfrid ahahaha...not sure..CATHERINE..depends on their lifestyle
catherine559 haha really I think people can see more natural views will not have this kind of sick
catherine559 I gotta leave do some regular stuff
catherine559 thanks for chatting punk
punkmanfrid ok CATHERINE.....have a nice day
catherine559 you too maybe return later if I have time
punkmanfrid ok......thanks
shells8 Evening all
mushin_stability Go to sleep
mushin_stability Dulces sueños

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