Lucy Furr Hmmm. Pizza
Lucy Furr And sleep
jjordison666slipknot Nice like that your happyness
uncrustable sure why not
Lucy Furr Not in that order
uncrustable why not?
jjordison666slipknot very disappointing oral today
Lucy Furr Well, I'd be happy with oral, sleep then pizza too
Lucy Furr Hell ohhh
Lucy Furr You did, Jay?
uncrustable hiya micheee
Michee Hey crusty
uncrustable how are you ? ? i like your awkward penguins
Michee Hahah I'm good just being lazy, yourself
jjordison666slipknot yes indeed, totally whack job horrible, that's y i mentioned my happiness ws inappropriate
uncrustable same, fiiiiiiiiiiinaally home
Lucy Furr I'm sorry
Lucy Furr That totally sucks a bit. Pun intended
uncrustable nice legs
Lucy Furr Well, tomorrow is a new day, Jay
uncrustable sooooooooo, my cousin wanted me to drive his fiance he met the other night to a motel for 1 hour to work......
Lucy Furr Maybe tomorrowz bj will make up for today's
Lucy Furr Who he just met?
jjordison666slipknot oh man... total whack job, i just wanted to die
Lucy Furr I don't care how bad oral is... It can't be sooooo bad that you wanted to die
uncrustable yaaah ... well.. i guess he said he knew her from like waaaaaaay bakc in the day... but they met when he was passed out on an old matress behind ross
Lucy Furr That's a reach
Lucy Furr I mean, did you get off?
uncrustable i'd take a bad blowjob right now
uncrustable pouuuuuuuuuuuunk!
punkmanfrid ---------------------------------------------->>
Lucy Furr Even a bad bj is a bj!
punkmanfrid dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..!!!
SassyQuinn Punky!!
uncrustable a mouth is a mouth
uncrustable wait whut
Lucy Furr Speaking of blow job.... Hi punk
uncrustable sassssssssfrassssssss
punkmanfrid SARAAAAAAAAAAAAA....
uncrustable oops, i scared michee
Lucy Furr How are you
punkmanfrid blowjob......:dool:
punkmanfrid im good thx.......u...?
punkmanfrid emotes failed.....
Lucy Furr Jay, who was she?
uncrustable :blowjob:
uncrustable never get their name
Lucy Furr <bj emote
punkmanfrid looool..
Lucy Furr Name isn't important. But title is...
Lucy Furr Was she a hooker?
uncrustable good point braaaah
jjordison666slipknot Patricia, my friend turned vamp
punkmanfrid hooker....yayyy....
Lucy Furr That's why the Bj sucked.
uncrustable shes a vampire ?
punkmanfrid i like hooker stories......
Lucy Furr Those vamp teeth are not fun to get a bj with
punkmanfrid o.o...vampire.....
punkmanfrid gummy vampire.......
uncrustable they suck blood too
Lucy Furr And you need blood in that spot
punkmanfrid bj regulation........tuch the teeth = cashback....
uncrustable dick hickey
uncrustable lol punk

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