seasmisty David are you canadian? eh
thebeach64 a little to warm in the summer for me down there...
seasmisty honestly it was warmer in sea isle when I was there this summer then it was where I live..misconception
thebeach64 really... I spend most of my florida time way southwest... fort myers area...
seasmisty Im in Naples
thebeach64 ah ok, little bit north
thebeach64 very nice area
seasmisty yes i like it
thebeach64 nice... I plan on retiring to the carolinas
seasmisty my friends in sea isle built a house in Charleston and they hve one in bonita..its not warm enough in the winter
thebeach64 I like a little chill in the winter... just not the bone chilling cold up here
thebeach64 though lately it gets just as cold down there
seasmisty in the carolinas?
seasmisty yes they normally come to FL in Dec and go back to charleston in april or may
thebeach64 winter just doesnt last as long down there and spring and fall last a bit longer... to me anyway
thebeach64 ah ok... id love to be able to do that
seasmisty thats true
seasmisty David got quiet
seasmisty Hi brekel
thebeach64 guess he is a little busy
seasmisty where from Brek
seasmisty he's looking for a photo I think Beach
brekelmanskevin Lo seasmisty
brekelmanskevin I from south Africa and you
thebeach64 a picture for you?
seasmisty Florida
seasmisty my friends just went to south africa loved it and all the wineries
seasmisty lol all he is is a waterfall pic on his profile I was kidding him
thebeach64 I came in on the tail end of that conversation...
brekelmanskevin Yip good wine this side
seasmisty I never realized you had wineries Brekel
brekelmanskevin Well we got lots more than people think
seasmisty and the homes were gorgeous
seasmisty it is very different then I ever imagined
brekelmanskevin Well what city did you see
seasmisty I didnt my friends went and showed me the photos I dont remember where they were
seasmisty their dad just went to Kenya
brekelmanskevin Well here we have the richest of the rich and poorest of the poor
seasmisty yes I know that there doesnt seem to be a lot of in between does tehre
tnp1813 Hi sea
tnp1813 How's it going
seasmisty just great thanks how about you
tnp1813 Very good thanks
brekelmanskevin But if you live here life is easy
seasmisty well that was quidk
seasmisty brb phone
redheadhoney hi all checking the room out
seasmisty welcome to the room red
redheadhoney what age is considered senior
seasmisty whatever age you want it to be
ksyster hi Barcode!!
ksyster i guess he's not here oops
mandrrey hi seamisty

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