HauntingTheChapel hahaha, what a coincidence
HauntingTheChapel in a stupidly named band with no proof of existence who just happen to be putting a demo out tomorrow
HeavyMetalManiac I liked the guy who compared his band favorably to mediocre new releases.
HeavyMetalManiac "We are better than the new Morbid Angel album!"
HeavyMetalManiac Not exactly hard.
HauntingTheChapel they never get the aesthetics down right
HauntingTheChapel actually i'm trying to think of the last time where I picked up something that looked awesome and it was a dud
HauntingTheChapel might have to go back to mid '90s DM or so
HauntingTheChapel like something generic with a cool cover
HauntingTheChapel that was like b-grade CC worship
HeavyMetalManiac Too bad it doesn't go the other way all the time.

Die-hards into heavy metal and its relevant subgenres are welcome, posers and casual fans are not. Females are clueless about heavy metal.

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