greenleogrim And stupid
Arabesque14 Have you seen Vicky
greenleogrim So far it seems so
greenleogrim Anything else
greenleogrim Sorry ill leave
greenleogrim Bye vicky should be on soon
Vickylol Sis is angel okay?
Vickylol Her poset she was pissed.
Arabesque14 And I'k your jealous of me
Vickylol Jealous? What?
Arabesque14 I'm not stupid
Vickylol What m i jelouse of u for?
Arabesque14 Angel is leaving cus someone got her ban with fake pictures
Vickylol WHAT??? And wtf m i jelouse of u for.
the profound hello vicky
Vickylol Hello profound
Arabesque14 Idk.I just fell like you are
Vickylol Pm me hazza.
Arabesque14 And I'm in pissed
wolvesever3 Hi hazza
wolvesever3 Y r u pissed?
Vickylol Hi wolves
Vickylol Profound have we talked?
wolvesever3 Hi Vicky
Vickylol Hru? Wolves?
Arabesque14 Yes its Darren
Hindustani Heyyy Vicky
wolvesever3 I'm good and how r u Vicky
the profound yes vicky - i use to be something amazing
Hindustani Read the post of Angel
Hindustani Where is she?
Hindustani Something wrong?
the profound she is off line hindu
Vickylol Hi hii
Vickylol Profound what r u talkin bout
Vickylol Guys this may be my last time on wire.
Vickylol Tell hin when he comes back.
Vickylol Bye guys.
Arabesque14 Ugh worst day ever
the profound i,m still here
the profound hi green hru sir
the profound i assume so,ething to do with i,m gone
greenleogrim Dont really know her think she hates me
the profound why you say that r you green wolf - greenleo
Arabesque14 ๐Ÿ˜ข
the profound so how is school hazza
Arabesque14 Horrible
the profound oh well i exchange you for school for getting paid to be here

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