whooparse every rule has an exception
r_steve_morgan56 Not the exclusionary?
whooparse it's not a perfect world
r_steve_morgan56 Laws should have no ambugility
whooparse they don't
r_steve_morgan56 A cop has to speed to catch a speeder why is he not just as guilty then????
whooparse loop holes come when statutes conflict
r_steve_morgan56 Three strikes and your out is a terrible law
whooparse cops have hot pursuit leeway
whooparse one strike and you should be out
r_steve_morgan56 Way too dravoinioan
r_steve_morgan56 The system would overload
r_steve_morgan56 No jail for non violent
whooparse the only exception I would agree with is with a minor , neralogcliogly , a brain isn't fully developed till age 22 ish
r_steve_morgan56 Very true but
r_steve_morgan56 Juviniles kill so??
r_steve_morgan56 What to do?
whooparse our system doesn't work
r_steve_morgan56 No jail for drugs and house arrest for no violent way to go
r_steve_morgan56 Jail only for violence
whooparse i like sheriff joe's approach
whooparse pink boxers , roast em in the desert
whooparse in tents
r_steve_morgan56 They dont like it
whooparse they don't come back
r_steve_morgan56 Why didnt trump appoint him atorney general?
whooparse It's not the severity of punishment, It's the serenity of punishment
r_steve_morgan56 Cruel and unusual is morally relative
whooparse no dummy
r_steve_morgan56 The death penality is not worthly of an elightened and civilized society
whooparse an ancient king one time had full prisons , he released them all and announced his prison will hold but one person, the next person convicted gets his room and the older prisoner gets shot
whooparse no more crime
r_steve_morgan56 Code of hammarabbi?
whooparse an answer to the question
whooparse serenity , not severity
r_steve_morgan56 Humans act according to punishment and reward systems
r_steve_morgan56 What works with one may not work with another
whooparse I acted according to my Dad's foot up my ass
r_steve_morgan56 Thats usually effective
r_steve_morgan56 Dads are lije that
whooparse I saw my older brothers take a foot
r_steve_morgan56 Did u laugh?
whooparse i dodged that bullet
r_steve_morgan56 He got caught u didnt orvwhat?
r_steve_morgan56 Funny how that works in life
r_steve_morgan56 Why didntvhe learn from u?
whooparse however , I got bullied in 8th grade , told my Dad , he said "two lefts and a serious right"
r_steve_morgan56 To the bully?
whooparse no more bully
r_steve_morgan56 Cool that works in foriegn policy too
whooparse I gotta get up early nigg , see ya

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