Skunks nudes
Skunks are u on of Wh0refart's wh0res?
thekillingfrostx I have no idea what you're talking about.
Skunks wh0refart = Whooparse
Skunks are u one of his wh0res?
thekillingfrostx Are you 12?
Skunks im 78
thekillingfrostx Only people of low IQ or 12 year old spells it wh0res
thekillingfrostx There's a difference between 0 and o
Skunks U a h03!
thekillingfrostx So, which are you?
thekillingfrostx 12 or stupid?
thekillingfrostx It's a simple enough question.
thekillingfrostx Even a 12 year old or a stupid person can understand it.
Skunks shat up
thekillingfrostx Well, there dosn't seem to be much happening here.
Skunks u is MILF
thekillingfrostx Yeah, you're not very bright.
thekillingfrostx Now we know the answer.
thekillingfrostx Emily, Skunks is nasty.
Skunks sseeeee u made her leave!
Skunks ur so rude!
thekillingfrostx No, I think it was your smell.
thekillingfrostx You smell like Hillary
thekillingfrostx Do you wear pantsuits?
thekillingfrostx i'll bet you doooo...
Skunks WHoreFART is the one true believer of our LORD EMPRESS HILARY!
Skunks worship her frost!
thekillingfrostx The Frosty one worships no man
thekillingfrostx Okay so, what's your problem with this person you so adroitly call "whorefarts" ?
thekillingfrostx I'll wait while you figure it out. Need some crayons?
Skunks wh0refart = whoorparse
Skunks wh0refart is a Hilary vag scrubber
thekillingfrostx and you're not?
jim78 hi killling
thekillingfrostx Shooby dooby doooo
thekillingfrostx anyone going to speak?
thekillingfrostx Hey Cluster
thekillingfrostx Don't I usually see you in Walking Dead?
thekillingfrostx I went in there a little while ago, no one talking.
Skunks twd is gy
thekillingfrostx ^^^^^ There you have it folks, our public school system.
thekillingfrostx Tax dollars wasted.
ClusterR walking dead is silent room
thekillingfrostx That it is, Cluster.
thekillingfrostx I don't know, I can get Zar talking.
ClusterR Zar is South Africa?
thekillingfrostx I have no idea.
thekillingfrostx Never really paid any attention to where he's from.
Skunks frost, who are u talking too
Skunks u psycho MILF
ClusterR are you UNICEF?
thekillingfrostx I'm talking to Cluster.
thekillingfrostx Skunks, learn the difference between to,too and two.
thekillingfrostx Hey Brigitte
BrigitteB Whatcha doing?
thekillingfrostx Trying to get people to talk.
BrigitteB Oh. I'll talk! 😂

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