DreamzofYou What about later when grows back does your butt inche
kellybuirge Well looks like I might be hanging out here tonight lucky me
StarKill oh oh so we can get rid my tiny bit of chest hair, but we cant shore up my cheeks a lil bit?
dragonwolf1976 o kelly you know you like it
Amber Mari3 yeah exactly
StarKill my butt itches all the time already it'd be no different lol
kellybuirge I didn't say I didn't like it but my wife should be here in a little bit I don't know you could call her rude or sarcastic
Amber Mari3 tmi star
Skyebella71 Thats not in our job description
dragonwolf1976 na never i ant like that
kellybuirge so she's kind of mad at me right now and didn't come home last night
StarKill there's just no pleasin you ladies lol
DreamzofYou (__@__). A smotth butt could lead to a itchy ass
dragonwolf1976 wow dog house
Amber Mari3 lol star nope
Skyebella71 Really kelly?
yourmusic happy Friday all
kellybuirge Yeah I was just texting with her and she's being nasty
dragonwolf1976 ok boy good luck lol
kellybuirge I asked her if she was coming home and she says why I'm not getting lucky tonight
DreamzofYou Well got get my colts up
Skyebella71 Youre screwed
Amber Mari3 have fun with that
Amber Mari3 bye dream
theTexanish sounds like the wife has discipline issues
kellybuirge Seriously she said you only date I'm going to have is with a Dirt Devil with the power of an upright in my hand
dragonwolf1976 later dreamz
kellybuirge I'm confused seriously
DreamzofYou Hands star a razor
StarKill well kelly, ya know im im pretty good at dealing with rudeness and sarcasm
DreamzofYou And cool whip
kellybuirge I usually am too star but I'm getting slammed with two of them
Amber Mari3 umm she told u to @^! your self with a vac kelly
DreamzofYou Tc all... Hugd
dragonwolf1976 i be in my corner lol
kellybuirge Yeah pretty much amber
StarKill lol l8r dreamz
Amber Mari3 im sorry kinda funnny
kellybuirge I think I told you her girlfriend told me I was slightly smarter than a cabbage last night just slightly
StarKill tell her you're fine with that, not like you havent had something upright in your hand before
dragonwolf1976 mad woman i be in my corner lol
Amber Mari3 yes u did
kellybuirge I never heard that one before
Skyebella71 Go david >>>>>>>
StarKill dont let them amazons take ya down!
Amber Mari3 i just dont talk when im mad
kellybuirge Asha come home when she's ready
Amber Mari3 not worth my effort
kellybuirge Yeah well neither does my wife she's very submissive when it comes to arguing but when she's with her girlfriend she's got a potty mouth
Amber Mari3 yeah who you are around can effect behavior
kellybuirge Well I've just learned when they both ganging up on me I just keep my mouth shut because I just dig myself deeper lol
dragonwolf1976 in my corner becouse sky told me to
StarKill yea they wouldnt like me much lol
Skyebella71 I'm usually an angel until amber and sun corrupt me
kellybuirge It's all good I leave Monday anyway to go work
Amber Mari3 i dont corrupt
dragonwolf1976 yea ok sky
kellybuirge Are you're always sweet sky I don't think I've ever seen you mean on here
StarKill faaaaatality
Amber Mari3 im an i tell u

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