GypsyBiker Afternoon all
plent129 Hi ladies
plent129 How's everyone doing
jimdoe2014x any guys want to chat wtih a guy?
plent129 Guess no one wants to talk to me.
Che212 Hi room
Mrpuffy I just broke up woth sna
Mrpuffy So. Did you know. That if you forced open your eyes. During s snees your eyes could pop out.
Mrpuffy Did you know. That 23% of photo copter get broken due to people trying to photocopy there azz
Mrpuffy Did you know that hippos milk is pink.
Mrpuffy Hi jay
jay_in_cgohio whats going on in here
Mrpuffy Nothing
Mrpuffy Everyone is shy
Mrpuffy Or in pm
Mrpuffy Hi katt
Katt_D Hey puffy
Mrpuffy How's ya.
Katt_D God and you
Mrpuffy Chilling.
Mrpuffy So great.
Katt_D I'm working
Mrpuffy Aww. Me2. But I am not doing any more
Katt_D Get back to work
Mrpuffy What do you do for work.
Katt_D I am a RN
Mrpuffy Cool.
Katt_D yeah it's aight... lol
Mrpuffy Nice to help people

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