Autumnless_ A 20 year old. Wow. How dumb was she
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ actually she was very smart, she was jut too crazy lol
Autumnless_ That old man must be rich.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ that's why I had to let her go
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ oh yeah, and because of the cheating
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ it was the opposite, she was the rich one
Autumnless_ So you never had a girlfriend since then?
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ just tellling you about that experience of mine
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ and because you said older men are disgusting
Pedrich200 sorry this room is of spanish not english or will be both withdrawn
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ removed Pedrich200 as a room host
Pedrich200 uta.!!!!!!!!
Autumnless_ Im not saying old men are disgusting.
Pedrich200 im not gay )) atum
Autumnless_ Its the idea of a young girl being with an old men that is.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ anyway, now that I'm almost that age, I'm glad I went through that experience
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ that means I can get young hottie
Autumnless_ Although old pervert like jim is disgusting. Indeed.
Autumnless_ You can try with 27/28 year olds.
Pedrich200 i like the women old blonde women. of 35 to 45
Autumnless_ 20s Im not sure. If she is stupid enough u can get lucky.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ 27 are too old! I want an 18 year old
Autumnless_ 27 is not old! How dare you
Autumnless_ Leo go learn english. Lol
Pedrich200 china pndj
Pedrich200 chupamela la poronga zet. marikon
Autumnless_ Im not opposited to homosexuality, but leo and jim. Disturbing.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ only difference one is young and the other is old
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ anyway, autumnless, damn you!
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ I'm just supposed to be a lurker.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ don't worry, I'm a bit drunk. tomorrow I won't remember any of this
Autumnless_ Not my fault. You started that.
Autumnless_ Oh, good for me then.
Pedrich200 zet pidele q te meta el deo a la china
Autumnless_ Ed is a hreat guy Zet. You hold on to him.
Pedrich200 todo x la visa. americana
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ tell him to do something with his life and stop being a parasite
Autumnless_ We have the similar life goals.
Autumnless_ Life is too short to do something successful
Autumnless_ I dont live with my parents.
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ I laughed so hard when I first saw that
Autumnless_ What is?
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ it's a clip from this comedy sitcom
Autumnless_ Oh, cant watch youtube right now. Im still in class
Autumnless_ Ok, I should get going now. You two have fun.
Autumnless_ Nice talking to you zet
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ yeah, dont bug me anymore and make me talk
Autumnless_ Maybe next time.
Autumnless_ Will see


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