jim_007 hey Marcel
virtualVRF Marcel????
jim_007 you like my curly hair and glasses
jim_007 in land of smiles
jim_007 you see me ?
virtualVRF U are there???
virtualVRF Where??
jim_007 im Marcel
jim_007 watching, learning
jim_007 gotta go, g/f is home
Dirsy How are you?
Dirsy Lol what was wrong with you?
Dirsy Aww how come?
Dirsy Like?
Dirsy In °C how much is that?
Dirsy Find out
Dirsy Hahaha
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ too lazy to look up a degrees to celcius calculator
Dirsy Here maximum temperature we have is 47°C
Dirsy How was your day?
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ I could not sleep last night so I was sleepy all day
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ as soon as I got home a took a nap
Dirsy Nice
Dirsy I need sleep
Dirsy But I have so much to reach
Dirsy Read*
★––(-♦ 乙ӨIҚєŊ ♦-)––★ alright, I'll leave you alone gotta do things anyway
Dirsy Hahaha
Dirsy Fine

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