R a i n C l o u d i hate this weather
R a i n C l o u d least it's not snowing yet
R a i n C l o u d once it snows it's horrible
Opywang Oh hey there
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Flat lined.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę I didn't do it .
Bregnir_Toxicus So there is a lot of metaphysics involved in what we do?
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę With what who does? Empaths?
Bregnir_Toxicus With what empaths do.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Yeah, I'd say so.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Many Empaths go beyond being just empaths in some way.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Other unique skills.
Bregnir_Toxicus Some empaths have the ability to reach a "Nirvana" with the universe one might say.
Bregnir_Toxicus I hope I didn't kill the room with that statement...
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Room was dead anyway xD
Bregnir_Toxicus True, but for some odd reason I keep smelling brimstone and sulfur.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Maybe is a sign, as I said many empaths have other skills besides just being good at reading emotions, energies, and personalities, and easily feeling someone else.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę watch out for matches.
Bregnir_Toxicus I'm smelling it from someone's soul.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Well, not all souls are good and decent energy you know.
Bregnir_Toxicus True, but it also varies on the person in general.
Bregnir_Toxicus It's like the habit of reading too far into a person.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę I can't normally touch people over that very reason.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Well until I immune myself to them.
Bregnir_Toxicus Even with astrally poking a person you'd still get some form of a vibe or sense of a moral compass direction of the person right?
Bregnir_Toxicus It's why you hesitated with the metaphorical "poke" towards me.
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę Lol I typically don't 'poke' most people, I get a general gist after just brushing against their energy, which gives me the basic vibe of the kind of person they are
eyezzcreamm Interesting topic
eyezzcreamm Hi thomas
shenkitten Sorry I disappeared
shenkitten And yeah, the quote wanted impossible love lol
shenkitten .maybe not impossible but very difficult to ever find
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę No love is impossible just rare to find.
shenkitten Hmm.. I'd like to find a better
shenkitten Someday..
shenkitten I hope it comes across my path
Opywang bregnir toxic here?
Opywang yea me too
Opywang bregnir did you just smell
Opywang sulfer awhile ago?
eyezzcreamm Love is everywhere
Opywang or before?
shenkitten Yes.. but I want to find a really deep one
Bregnir_Toxicus I've been smelling it this whole time, but it's not uncommon for me to smell it.
shenkitten That is deeply in love with me and it is mutual
shenkitten Not when push comes to shove they choose something else over me or themselves
Opywang you're 23 year old
eyezzcreamm Romantic partnership may take.some.time to create
shenkitten I understand, someday I'll try creating something again
risenintoashes did anoyne here grasped meaning of number 55
eyezzcreamm It's co-creation
risenintoashes just wonderin ,didnt mean to interrupt
eyezzcreamm 55 in numerology?
shenkitten I hope someone creates something with me one day again
artandthomas 55 in thai is the sound of laugh
artandthomas the way to pronounce 5 is ha
eyezzcreamm First thing is to start with self love and have an idea and feeling of what you wish to co-create
risenintoashes ok art,hehe,i think its it
Opywang when i was 23 i wanted a girlfriend I know many guys are fake just to use girls, and girls aren't suppose to encourage it cause they want a real man I guess it doesn't hurt to ask if somebody is looking for a long term relationship, and don't have sex
Opywang too soon hold it for like 3 days top, or longer... or wait a few weeks to see if it worth it lol
shenkitten That's very soon for me
Opywang true if they are serious they'd wait
shenkitten As a virgin, I certainly need someone with patience sexually with me
Opywang I had girls that leave me because I waited longer than the girls.
shenkitten Well for some, well a lot, sex is a much more vital thing for them in having a relationship

How ya feelin?

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