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Lady Grey @burn what's 2mro remind me (my meds)
Lady Grey @vegas, all well enough?
Lady Grey hello irish long time
vegasman4646 It's going ok
Terminal Burn Haven’t told you yet. I go tomorrow to see if I’m a candidate for a double lung transplant
Lady Grey @vegas great
Snowbunnie82 Half that n half hurting cuz I got dental work done 2day n they messed with another tooth that didn’t hurt b4 but it does now
Lady Grey @burn oh my you should have i shall pray for you and call a friend he's a pastor to get the prayer group on it
Terminal Burn Thank you
Terminal Burn Been a long road
Lady Grey @snowyb prob the nerve it may be ok in a day or so
Terminal Burn And no end in sight at the moment lol
Terminal Burn But I keep on truckin!
Lady Grey @snowyb try a heating pad on face, but put a towel between face and pad
Lady Grey @burn well i shall think of you and XXX fingers
Snowbunnie82 Hope so cuz it’s hurting me worse
Lady Grey @foody how are you doing
Terminal Burn thanks Lady
Lady Grey @snowy call yr dentist in the morning to tell them
Terminal Burn My dentist told me to take Tylenol and Advil together the one time I had a really bad toothache
Terminal Burn It worked pretty good
Lady Grey @burn, no problem my pleasure i am a polythesian and believe in many gods but my pastor is pentecostal so you're covered
Lady Grey @snowy perhaps burn is right but dont take too many
Terminal Burn Just one of each snow
Lady Grey @snowy i was up to taking uncoated 5 tylenol a day and no food, burned out my stomach lining
Snowbunnie82 I can’t take Tylenol or Advil cuz dr said it messes with my liver to much I can only take ibprophin
Terminal Burn Ibuprofen is Advil
Snowbunnie82 Y so many grey
Lady Grey i was anorexic and the pain i thought it would help....young and dumb
Lady Grey hmm must be 24yrs ago
Lady Grey @silver hello welcome
Snowbunnie82 K then it’s aspirin I can’t have I get those 2 confused
silvertabby ibprophin
Snowbunnie82 Hey tabby
Lady Grey @snowy aspirin can be harsh or so i am told always take a gel or coated esier on tummy
Snowbunnie82 Advil and aspirin I get confused with
silvertabby @Snowbunnie82 why sad
Snowbunnie82 Tooth ache cuz i had dental work done 2day
Lady Grey i am not allowed to take over the counter meds; has to be approved by my dr for me coated tylenol 2 only
Lady Grey @snowy i fell and dislocated my jaw/wired for 6 weeks in march
Terminal Burn My doc is the same way super sensitive about what I take besides my prescribed meds
Lady Grey @burn me too .... too many hmm counter reactions (?)
Terminal Burn That and I’m allergic to a lot of things
Lady Grey @burn no allergies excpt shellfish but many drugs have fish based oils or so i am told.....a heart (test) dye did and i fainted and needed antidote asap
Lady Grey oh sulfa and penicilln and eurythramicin tho i can take clarithromicin its covdred
Terminal Burn I have to take Benadryl before I take anything with penicillin
Lady Grey oh i see
Lady Grey @snowy do u want to talk
Terminal Burn Wasn’t really allergic to anything until this year and out of the blue my body stopped playing well with others lol
Lady Grey @ALL i had to remove someone yesterday; he was continually bringing the room down and very argumentative just and FYI
Lady Grey @burn it does happen that way i go for years and then boom lactose intolerant
Terminal Burn Frustrating but just gotta keep truckin
Lady Grey yes you do and good on you
Terminal Burn Well pissing and moaning doesn’t fix anything. I tried that gig and it didn’t go so well
Lady Grey hello sherri
Terminal Burn Hi Sherri
Lady Grey @burn exactly
Lady Grey why did room go quiet nobody want to chat
Lady Grey i hate when people do that in and out
Terminal Burn I’m still here
Lady Grey my regulars have not come in 2nite
Terminal Burn Don’t worry one day I’ll be a regular
Terminal Burn I do have to go do some meds though. I’ll be back in 15 mine. Promise
Lady Grey burn and all time with pete bbl
Breezzy If words are Silver
Breezzy A real thing a place of serenity
Breezzy Silence is golden
vegasman4646 Why is it so quiet in here ?
Terminal Burn Anyone here?
Noyd Hey
Noyd Burn
Noyd Vega

a place to come n chat about any/everything. bias n prejudices not tolerated. do not push/ask if u want to friend. speak freely,listen politely debate. no flirting no bullying.

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