Jawjaman Shes a teacher
summerbabe13 Wanting to visit Georgia huh?
Jawjaman Asking about georgia lol
Jawjaman She was
summerbabe13 Aussies are cool
Jawjaman I did chat with a teacher from down under lol
summerbabe13 cough cough
Jawjaman Ur only one i respect lol
summerbabe13 ohhh going more International are ya? lol
Jawjaman Lol nope
summerbabe13 all in the US right?
summerbabe13 cause the rest you won't need one for lol
Jawjaman Ur only one ill get a passport for
summerbabe13 Mhmmmm sure lol
summerbabe13 thx for making me feel so special
Jawjaman Had to use my nose lol
Jawjaman Wait takin shoes off
Jawjaman Counting
Jawjaman Yhey sell them at dollar store?
summerbabe13 how many other women have you said that to today? hmmmm? lol
summerbabe13 no actual diamonds lol
Jawjaman Ur hot lol
Jawjaman Diamonds as in playing cards
summerbabe13 I sound like a total geek there lol
Jawjaman Graying hair
summerbabe13 bring me a bucket of diamonds, and we'll talk lol
Jawjaman Big glasses
Jawjaman Ir beautiful beady eyes
summerbabe13 Hiya Jaw....trying to suck up again? lol
Jawjaman Hello good lookin
Jawjaman Dang it
summerbabe13 you wish lol
Jawjaman Im in charge lol
brettingle25 Anyone here?
summerbabe13 okay turbo just checking
summerbabe13 Lol SteveO
turbo7707 I'm here
Steveorino I have a guess - and I call BS on it
summerbabe13 8 metres of what now I wonder?
Steveorino he's dealing with 8 metres or something
summerbabe13 Busy turbo?
turbo7707 8m here
Steveorino Earth to Turbo, Earth to Turbo. Come in Turbo
summerbabe13 Are you okay turbo?
turbo7707 D0vsn d
summerbabe13 Being a smartass now huh?
Steveorino Bot-ese
summerbabe13 What language are you typing turbo?
turbo7707 I don't like you lmao
summerbabe13 turbo left us hangin!
Steveorino summer?
turbo7707 S8mmer?
summerbabe13 Wb SteveO
Steveorino Howdy kiddos

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