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miilk upyours
parabola_ Grey why are there so many fugly cocks on Wire
better tomorrow lol @ fried antelope??
miilk i know
Andre_23 Brb putting coconut oil on grey and making a BBQ
parabola_ Looking is hot tho
MrEcho im a robot, you humans make everything dirty
MrEcho yes, fried antelope!
hades lover Yes we do it makes life fun
JacksHeart i might have thought gee a few extra potatoes would of been nice but i wouldnt complain
kuttlover101 Last angel
miilk fried antelope and ragu
parabola_ I wanna get my pussy pounded so hard
miilk it's a staple
parabola_ I'm begging for it
Lonewolf266 Angel, Tania is with me right now
MrEcho that sounds good, miilk
Andre_23 Milk sounds yum
miilk in zimbabwe
MrEcho we'll have that in zim--
AngelWhispers Lone hahahaha hahahaha
MrEcho fine, just read my mind
MrEcho steal my words
Andre_23 That ragu sauce makes the whole difference
MrEcho *shuts up*
AngelWhispers Tania didn't want you on Wire
parabola_ Who the hell is Tania
parabola_ Is that your mom
Lonewolf266 And we are spending time together in the weekend going out soon
MrEcho *listens to weird al's amish paradise*
miilk we were designed for me
AngelWhispers Mrs Ed aka horse face
kuttlover101 Anyone wanna talk to mw
miilk you*
MrEcho "even ezekial thinks my mind is gone"
Andre_23 Kutt wtf lol
hades lover No echo its ok come back
parabola_ Andre I told Kutt about your cock
MrEcho lmao @ this song
MrEcho im back
MrEcho its fine
MrEcho miilk cant run me off
MrEcho im not scared
AngelWhispers So you're with your "gf" and you're on wire arguing about your appearance and focusing on Ech, whom isn't even here? Got it.
MrEcho dont tell her i said that
miilk i like the name ezekiel... zeke is awful, though
Andre_23 Oh so that's y
parabola_ Zeke geek
Andre_23 Kutt goobye
jen726 hi all
JacksHeart kuttlover talk someone anyone...
Andre_23 Hi Jen
miilk tomorrow, i will maybe draw more
MrEcho "a local boy kicked me in the butt last week, i just smiled at him and i just turned the other cheek... i really dont care about him, in fact i wish him well..cause ill be laughing my head off when hes burning in hell"
MrEcho hahahaha
miilk haha
parabola_ I love miilk
miilk aw<3
nickadams7134 not very nice to laugh at someone who is in hell
MrEcho what you going to draw
miilk idk yet
hades lover I miss hell such a nice place
nickadams7134 pity is a more rational emotion
MrEcho nick, im in hell
miilk i have to feel it
MrEcho i laugh at myself all day

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