joesmith14365 cops took more money than u prob rver seen
OJGinSD72 Hey Joe
Metsgirl hi aarc
AArcAngel How was NJ today?
AArcAngel here was good weather
AArcAngel till later
AArcAngel it rained
Metsgirl chilly.
AArcAngel yeah was a little wind
AArcAngel but was still nice right?
OJGinSD72 Stop plz chill
Metsgirl gorgeous.
AArcAngel thats whats up
Strychnine Hello wonder
Strychnine I'm just relaxing tonight, what are you doing?
AArcAngel lol @ stryc
ohhenry0001 @WonderWoman2017 Hello
AArcAngel cool nic
AArcAngel poison af
AArcAngel but cool
WonderWoman2017 Not alot . Just chilling
AArcAngel welcome
ohhenry0001 @WonderWoman2017 how are you
Strychnine that song gonna be stuck in my head now
joesmith14365 anyone kno wat ricin is?
WonderWoman2017 Has anyone seen guardians of the galaxy 2 ?
AArcAngel its a jam
WonderWoman2017 Well thx , Henry , how are you ?
Strychnine Been years since I listened. Good indeed
ohhenry0001 @WonderWoman2017 goods
WonderWoman2017 Cute pooch , Henry.
AArcAngel stry i just play what im jammin
AArcAngel no other reason
ohhenry0001 @WonderWoman2017 thanks.. do u by chance wear flip flops
WonderWoman2017 I wear chucks
WonderWoman2017 I occasionally wear flip-flops
leahmathis15 Lol @ flip flops
ohhenry0001 @WonderWoman2017 I collect used sandals and flip
Strychnine I wear chucks sometimes. always have socks on so dont wear sandals lol
AArcAngel thats a west coast thing
ohhenry0001 @leahmathis15 hiu
AArcAngel valleys are east
AArcAngel but all good
leahmathis15 Hello henry
ohhenry0001 @leahmathis15 How R u
WonderWoman2017 Im a skater chick , Henry.

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