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jesscotty_2813 Some girl
markas666 ocen prijatno staboi paznakomitsa
Jokero___ likewise markas
midnightstar19 Accept bro
Jokero___ done bro
markas666 skolka vremeni v Jerevane ?
forgetm2 gesho was being paranoid
markas666 nikagda nebil v Jerevane, nada bi odvedit
forgetm2 6.44 lol
Jokero___ annaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jokero___ 6:44 here markas wbu?
midnightstar19 Mark where are u from?
Jokero___ bro did you send a badge with the friend request
forgetm2 tak skuchno na rabote
forgetm2 what that badge means?
Jokero___ ya tolko chto prishla omoy tbh
GirlCode How's everyone doing?
broderick1017 cute dress mid
shaynemonsoon hiya code
forgetm2 otkuda?
Jokero___ hayatum ei
ArcaneArts fine, yourselg
ArcaneArts yourself*** lol
forgetm2 ponyatno ni xolodno tam uvas?
GirlCode How's everyone
cannonfodderakaANYAV how's the weather up there
Jokero___ zdes ne tak holodno net poka
ArcaneArts what is the weather up there
ArcaneArts how is it nice
GirlCode How's everyones Tuesday going?

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