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kiran1981and any indian
Dr Reggs i have a 3d printer, can print things like clothes etc
Darth LOL Milk
swdshfrmby are you giving yourself a wet willy
AngelWhispers Wow Wild, that's great.
truthseeker_ Miilk rocks
Dr Reggs i can even print food
WildSea yeh ty internet
Michael Peeing and other things.
WildSea just add it to the cart and im done lolol
echidnatas I am not asking
Michael Dr. Pepper.
truthseeker_ Naughty Michael
echidnatas Dr pepper
swdshfrmby so inspiring to white trash everywhere
echidnatas Thats funny and mean
chris2pha lol wild online shopping is evil i agree lol
Michael I am mainlining it.
miilk I'm a humanitarian
AngelWhispers I can't believe you can't buy Dr Pepper there, Ech.
miilk Helping everyone
WildSea so addictive, i lost count of how many dresses i have
swdshfrmby I'm a humanitearian
echidnatas Angel this is another universe
chris2pha lol wild
miilk Know matter how low
echidnatas Mainlining lol
swdshfrmby I'm crying for humanity right now
WildSea they all look so nice
Michael I'd like to buy another pair of shoes but that would be fruitless.
chris2pha im crying for argentina
WildSea but at least i dont waste cash on shoes and bags
woofster fruitless of the looms?
Michael Those too.
echidnatas Michael with a shoe fetish
WildSea lmaoo
Michael Pretty much.
WildSea french shoes
Dr Reggs i bought a pair of shoes which holds in moisture to improve foot fungus
chris2pha i have probably close to 150 dvds now
echidnatas I guess if you cant use them heels are fine
WildSea regs, gross
Johnyd2811 ewww moist
swdshfrmby OH yeah this is DATING
swdshfrmby I followed Leah to Dating
swdshfrmby that's why all the PM boxes are tight like wirgin
Michael Log onto FB and see a 2 year memory of me holding my daughter.
echidnatas Nice michael
Michael Right. In. The. Feels.
swdshfrmby so hard to beat the bush here
Darth Aww Michael
Michael Pardon me while I whine.
echidnatas You are a lucky if limpy man
kiran1981and any dating girls
swdshfrmby why whine when you can wine
miilk Lol swd
swdshfrmby alcoholics in the HOUSE holla
ThreeCatMoon depending on the wine
ThreeCatMoon muscato is too sweet
Michael Adderallholic.
chris2pha hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm donna
Darth Donna
echidnatas <googles adderall
swdshfrmby you know some of y'all are LYING
WildSea i heard that adderall shrinks your dik
Michael Stimulant used for ADHD.

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