Lady Interrupted people need to realize that
angiegibson0408 Nah.....I just you all had 2 sht candidates
Alpha Mail I don't have the slightest respect for Hillary but I'm not really concerned about it
angiegibson0408 Like you were forced to choose hell or hell
Lady Interrupted Melanoma Trump is fake as ^&!
laurarich34 Anyone 34 to talk to boy or girl living in Scotland
Lady Interrupted ugh her face screams cheap plastic surgeons.
HeyasI644 Sig sauer
Alpha Mail I've reseached the Clinton's years ago... They have a fishy background
angiegibson0408 Any's Friday
FloridianLady guess not
Alpha Mail but to each his/her own I guess
psychodelish trump is going to make a huge mess and disrupt so many things that took time to put in place and fine tune, hes talking about rearranging the whole freakin thing lol
psychodelish hes a moron
Lady Interrupted with all that money , you'd think she'd hire the best plastic surgeons money can buy
Alpha Mail Politricks
Lady Interrupted looks like she got her face done at some back alley
HeyasI644 Floridian lady hey
HeyasI644 do you want to be demos e gf here
Lady Interrupted back to 80's music
Lady Interrupted where were we?
BiggestnBest who is like podgey faced Albino Hey LOL!
psychodelish he was talking bout cross border taxes yet failing to see fewer ppl will travel to shop, its that simple donald the duff
psychodelish then he changed his mind
psychodelish have a duff
BiggestnBest Psycho, relax politics is beyond you, let Trump take care of things while you cry in your Obama shrine and enjoy Justin Trudeu lo
psychodelish i dont have ta
Ashhole_ Gm everyone
psychodelish i live somewhere much better
psychodelish not the usa
Dem0g0rg0n Lmfao lady!!!
psychodelish is calm and cool always , anyway
BiggestnBest Psy you have Justin Trudeau no? LOL
Ashhole_ Hey angel
HeyasI644 Biggwst you are embarrassing my man
psychodelish and legalized pot
Anne Catherine Hey everyone
BiggestnBest Heya get some facial lipo suction you creepy albino
HeyasI644 your insecurity is overwhelming
Ashhole_ Oh ok I see who you are now lol J
Lady Interrupted I wonder who will be on top when Putin and Trump finally ##!?
BiggestnBest LOL Psycho, enjoy the Syrians you will have living next door to you, and the burka clad police force
HeyasI644 you morphadite neophyte
Alpha Mail Once you studied Biblical Prophecy, you kind of get the jest of how it's all gonna end up anyways
Lady Interrupted those two have some real sexual tension
Dem0g0rg0n Lol lady stop!
Alpha Mail I could careless who's President
dreamboat4eva Donald Trump Is Already Tweeting Us Into War with North Korea
HeyasI644 look at me, pure aryan 6'3 purpose built athelete
Lady Interrupted I bet Trump will beg to blow him first
psychodelish the usa still has 10 million more in place
Lady Interrupted he is so desperate for Putin D.
psychodelish maybe 15 million
Ashhole_ I should of known trump would be the topic this morning lol
dreamboat4eva it's on Yahoo front page in huge letters .. Donald Trump Is Already Tweeting Us Into War with North Korea
BiggestnBest If you're 6ft 3 and an athlete... i am 7ft 4 and a sumo wrestler... no athlete has spindle arms unless they are a marathon runner, you do have that build, but you look short af in that pic Heya
HeyasI644 you mad because I owned you then you got deleted

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