deadtofall31 Had too and now sipping on coffee
Vampire Night Rider why do u give blood?
Rig000 I was kidding mia
Vampire Night Rider yeah i dont give out blood
Vampire Night Rider u get paid or u donate?
deadtofall31 I know. After taking off my arm band I thought of you.
Vampire Night Rider there's a place here to pays u to donate plasma
deadtofall31 Haha too but love too at the same time
maiamaiestas hi monica
maiamaiestas welcome to the sausage fest...
Rig000 Vampire u still eat corn flakes and pretend u r tough guy
deadtofall31 I have sperm I can donate all day
raduu lol maia how bigs ur sausage
deadtofall31 No problem
Vampire Night Rider i do like corn flakes
Rig000 I teast blood . Here we eat the raw meat
PhilUp74 radu gettin' ready munch some male sausage
Vampire Night Rider i donate sperm to the river eveytime im in the shower
PhilUp74 must be a weekday
raduu shaddup gaylor phil
deadtofall31 True.but I feel bad. I figure fish are eating my babies
raduu always quotin some homosexual sentence
PhilUp74 hey, not judging, radu
Monica 2 5 how are you
raduu ur as gay as they come
PhilUp74 if I'm as gay as they come no one is gay
Vampire Night Rider we gettin another round of ice storm
Vampire Night Rider stuck in the hosue again
PhilUp74 and that's false
raduu ur gay as hell
PhilUp74 then hell isn't gay
rossonny like abortion is murder a bj cannibalism
Monica 2 5 I ask you one thing
PhilUp74 cannibalism
maiamaiestas what's your question
PhilUp74 ross, you do know that sperm alone don't turn into babies....right?
rossonny iguess only if she/he swallows
deadtofall31 Think you lost her on that last one
Vampire Night Rider horrrnay hour now
rossonny oh really?
PhilUp74 ross skipped 10th grade health class
PhilUp74 stoner then?
rossonny <<GED third try
Vampire Night Rider i guess thats the good thing about having a gf
Vampire Night Rider u can just hit her up for sex
PhilUp74 If sperm turned into babies then babies would be crawling out of your unwashed sheets
Vampire Night Rider being single..u got porn
deadtofall31 No pork here
deadtofall31 Single ready to mingle. No porn
rossonny philup << gto find your sense of humor
rossonny go find
PhilUp74 ross<<go find your sense of humor
PhilUp74 and wash your sheets
deadtofall31 Am I in their pm?
rossonny being single is the best
deadtofall31 Being mingle is the best
PhilUp74 what else you got?

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