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Smack Down Spell: here it is anyways, For tho i entry into this universe is arbitrary, the universe that greeted us all is not
Smack Down how about that
echidnatas Indian cuisine is my absolute favourite
Zidgy yes, smack, it's an example of two sorts of dummies looking to find answers that have been answere billions of years ago
Spellcaster Awesome.
ShadowHelix <<< rebel
Spellcaster I'd kill for Indian food.
ShadowHelix Ill crush you
Spellcaster *kicks Helix*
Smack Down ZID: humans can comprehend what they can and anything beyond their comprehension, they usually prefer to avoid it all together or create mysteries around it
echidnatas I am sad for so many of the worlds population that has not experienced the limitless flavours of the sub continent
ShadowHelix I need some sleep
ShadowHelix But its too cold tonsleep
Spellcaster Then don't sleep.
Smack Down Spell: i am eating STEEL CUT Oatmeal with tea
echidnatas U are in sydney helix
Zidgy the problem is that our so-called experts are simply dummies
echidnatas Its not cold there?
ShadowHelix Smack down: Hush dear
Spellcaster Last night, I put on headphones and started reading a book. When I gained my consciousness, it was 4am
ShadowHelix Ech wanna know how cold it is
echidnatas Please shadow?
Smack Down wow spell
Zidgy we have dummies spending billions of dollars for equipment that is totally unnecessary
ShadowHelix Thanks for the flowers...
echidnatas Not good spell
Smack Down you welcome shadow
Spellcaster Reading book is always good
Smack Down zid: you are a wise one, indeed
ShadowHelix Its around 5 degrees Celsius
Zidgy this is how they think, that with only instruments can you make discoveries
Spellcaster It's 30'C here.
echidnatas Hardly cold though it is currently warmer here
Spellcaster I can lend you some sun though.
Smack Down true zid, when it comes to us humans, we have long way to go. Remember ZID, we are still CIVILIZATION TYPE ZERO
ShadowHelix Where is here?
ShadowHelix Its cold for me
echidnatas Unless u read in your sleep spell I dont think its working
Zidgy if an alien speaks to you in a dream while you're sleeping will these experts believe you? of course not, you have to have a qualified instrument that can prove such an event to be real
Spellcaster Here as in my place.
msbaething hi room
ShadowHelix Gimme that sun spell
Smack Down here in DC it is 85f/29c
Spellcaster I would pluck the sun and mail you that.
ShadowHelix I was talking to ech.. i want to know where here is mol
msbaething cum on my face
Spellcaster Right. :#
Zidgy you know why? because they're interested only in the Money, Money is their only reality
Spellcaster used the Fruity Text power on msbaething
ShadowHelix So dirty
echidnatas I am on a small island south of continental australia
Smack Down msbeat is straight forward with her chat
Zidgy with money they are going to solve the mysteries of the universe and of life itself, gimme a break please
Smack Down true, ZID. unfortunately we live in a monetary system. Monetary calls the shots on planet earth and it shouldn't be so
Smack Down what a shame on us all
Zidgy they are doing it for the money and the feeling of power it gives them
echidnatas The LHC has done more to answer the mystery of creation than any astrophysicist

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