bella_johnson15 am I interrupting?
ThrobinHood might have to find the screen shot, that would be hilarious
oICEo pms inbound @angel whispers
Hate2chat He means go blow lol
TheBeastisWithin Bye Angel u act cool maybe one of these kids will lick that crusty old snatch!
Alpha Mail I got to go plow snow... Losers
AngelWhispers Love you too, Dawg :heart>
MonsterificDaniel the women here are robots:/
ThrobinHood someone tell beasty that he ended a wordy game cos he wasnt getting any attention
MonsterificDaniel meant to keep men on the website
Cookie I ain't no fcken robot, Daniel.
AngelWhispers I hope he gets snowed in
Alpha Mail I'm gonna shovel snow bye Losers
Wanderlustxoxo I wonder which alias beast is hiding under to talk shit
TheBeastisWithin Yes Alpha u sit on your fat lazy ass HaHa stupid fat guy
MonsterificDaniel yup, with phrase recognition software
AngelWhispers ThrobinHood someone tell beasty that he ended a wordy game cos he wasnt getting any attention
Wanderlustxoxo Seems to be normal on here
Alpha Mail I'm so cool Losers
Cookie What is up with all the annoying shit heads tonight?
JohnnyMelancholy Well u attacked me?
TheBeastisWithin Nah u arent only to these stupid people fat boy
oICEo someone tell of of the chatters that the ice is heeeere!!!
Alpha Mail Fat Lazy Loser Ass
oICEo cookie
ThrobinHood cute when the fat bully forgets that he was busted crying behind the wordy bleachers
Alpha Mail awww you gonna insult my weight and leave
Cookie Beast, go shovel snow already.
Alpha Mail brb losing weight
Alpha Mail okay I'm back
JohnnyMelancholy And have a heart attack
MonsterificDaniel cookie, youre cute, but you have a bf, wtf?
Cookie Johnny, not cool dude.
JohnnyMelancholy Lol just playing
Cookie Yes, and?
ThrobinHood the only snow beastalityboy shovels is his lonely dik
D Geauxinue you say that like cute people don't have relatioships lol
oICEo cookie youre cute, want a bf?
Cookie Can I not have a bf or?
D Geauxinue It baffles him that cute women have boyfriends
D Geauxinue it's an enigma to him
Cookie Oh my lawwwwd I have a bf
MonsterificDaniel nope, you have to break up with them
Cookie And why is that, Daniel?
JohnnyMelancholy Who wants a beer?
D Geauxinue NOw it's more than one
Alpha Mail break the chains of being appreciated
Cookie Waiting..
AngelWhispers Daniel doesn't even lift.
MonsterificDaniel because i said so, a random stranger
D Geauxinue you don't lift?!
Weed_girllll *inhales* I'm back
Cookie Daniel, I'm sorry to break it to you but... No.
MonsterificDaniel you want to me lift you on my shoulders angel?
D Geauxinue If you don't lift, you gotta listen to Taylor Swift. Ladies love that
AngelWhispers Fk no. I'd knock your head off your shoulders if you touched me.

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