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A_Better_Way_2_Do_It i been here off n on since kick votes
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It im old school like lisa909
MercuryDragon Creep votes
Donnnaaa I miss the kick and creep votes
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It ohh then u guys r old school too
kay_rose097 Heelllooo
jjhlaypar1997 Hey there baby!
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It land of exile right
ToryB ahhhh
MercuryDragon Lol Donna, do you really miss the creep ones? They kept you out of so many rooms
Synndi And the popular bar
kay_rose097 Anyone wanna talk hmu
Derek0225 You open the door Wearing nothing but a smile, fell to the floor And you whisper in my ear, "Baby, I'm yours." Ooh, just the thought of you gets me so high, so high
Synndi The black ^!~** stayed up for 2 days lol
Donnnaaa I know lol i was always creep and dirty mouth level lol
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It haha they got rid of popular bar cuz people kept using cawks as pics XD
FacebookSucks derek please
Donnnaaa maybe thats why i didnt know what the dating room was back then
T Dawg Killa Guys can u be my friends?
Derek0225 Girl, you're the one I want to want me And if you want me, girl, you got me There's nothin' I, no, I wouldn't do, I wouldn't do Just to get up next to you!
T Dawg Killa My mom gives me zero hugs
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It idk, with a name like t dawg killa idk
Derek0225 ok I'm done lol
T Dawg Killa Feeling hopeless
ToryB thanks for the song
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It maybe u killed ur moms dawg?
Derek0225 FBS I sound just like Jason right??
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It i meqan u ARE dawg killa so................
MrEcho merc stole my emote
FacebookSucks you sound like a broken :violin:
MrEcho im copyrighting that thing
Derek0225 Tory gets what Tory wants
babybear22 How is everybody?
Donnnaaa Andi have so many haters so if they still have kick votes ill always be kicked out lol
gymtime37 Looking for an emo chick
MercuryDragon I made them put many of these emotes on here but that was not one of them xD
Derek0225 well coffee makes my voice off pitch a little
ToryB really? cause I have a list DerekB
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It u know who had haters
MrEcho then i can still copyright it
Donnnaaa I actually loved snazz
nurse_life Hey everyone
jjhlaypar1997 Fine baby!
Derek0225 lists mean your serious. I like serious women.
MercuryDragon I haven't seen Snazz since her last vanish
Donnnaaa Shelbs
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It u know who vanished
T Dawg Killa Shelbae got a fatty
ToryB very breakers
A_Better_Way_2_Do_It aka blood sugar sex magic
T Dawg Killa I can tell
Donnnaaa Same Jare
Donnnaaa I dunno joel maybe
Shelbae94 wish tonight was over already.
Derek0225 I've been keeping a secret tally mark point system. Your up to........5 note pads give or take

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