krabbychatty Morning all!
eric_melendez36 Valdis 🍺🤙
Weedova Ericius
eric_melendez36 What’s up
Weedova i vomited when i woke up
eric_melendez36 Valdis that’s cuz your Viking ass drank to much
Weedova i know
Weedova i m hungover on my own
eric_melendez36 Vida it happens sometimes after life punches you in the face
Weedova i know Eric
eric_melendez36 You still holding up good homie
Weedova i'm so f strong
Weedova The movie "Tehran Taboo" is out
Weedova yesterday
Weedova im gonna download it today
eric_melendez36 Vida your a gangsta homie lol
Weedova don't tell others
eric_melendez36 Vida you can’t hold me hostage homie
Weedova who i'm gonna?
Weedova who said *
eric_melendez36 You pulled your gun out bro. That’s hostage shet right there
Weedova i only wanted to show it off...
eric_melendez36 Valdis it was cool chatting but I got to get some sleep. I got a long crap day to go through tomorrow
eric_melendez36 Chat with you later homegirl
Weedova i only wanted to show it off...
Weedova Night night Ericius
eric_melendez36 Valdis I know. But you pistol whipped me
eric_melendez36 Night valdis. Stay cool like the other side of the pillow
MisterDD @alireza33 hiya
Weedova Salam Alireza
MisterDD Im mooted
MisterDD Unless weedova says hi..

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