Opssssy Comon guitara mare la chante mi canatare
Opssssy I dont try anything new i hate them
french_arab anna you crazy
Opssssy Especially oysters
stormtroop I remember one time when I lived at the apartment before last.
lostart187 Even rattle snake
Random5 do u love me ? do you want to be my friend ? if you do ...
stormtroop There was a toad on my doorstep.
Opssssy Do u want to be dady of my future bastard
stormtroop So I called management to remove it
stormtroop No thanks
lostart187 Frog giggin ftw
stormtroop I don't do frogs
Opssssy I better sleep
Opssssy Start talking shit lol
lostart187 Gator tail
french_arab eat snails anna
Random5 i have done chicks who look like frogs and mis piggy # muppet coitus
Opssssy I better have pasta carbonara
Opssssy Pizza icecream
Opssssy Wine beer corona
french_arab tipsy anna
lostart187 She might be
Opssssy I m fun when im drunk
Random5 i seek attention
french_arab you drink more often then
french_arab you should*
Opssssy Im fun even when im not
Jokero__ And one badge
Opssssy As long as im with my favorite people
Random5 i do not frink
Jokero__ Hi brad
lostart187 These new gens are afraid of everything
lostart187 My son for example
lostart187 He's a damn wuss
Jokero__ What is he afraid of?
lostart187 Everything kera
Opssssy Vor tvoxn ekav lol
lostart187 Hell he won't even bait his own fishing hook
Jokero__ Es urisha
Jokero__ Lol brad
lostart187 Can't take him camping either
Random5 maybe your son does not want to kill bugs because he is kind hearted
Opssssy Ops lol
Jokero__ He likes video gaming?
lostart187 Coyote howls he freaks out
Jokero__ 10 f prison
lostart187 He's 8 tho
Baron__ 68/m/mumbai
Michael Easy now.
lostart187 My 2 year old she ain't scared of shit fe
lostart187 He's about the PS life style
french_arab lol at prison angie
atg2015 Angie I'm about to sing very superstitious by Stevens wonder wearing my flip flops and acoustic guitar
Random5 camping sucks i wont go either
lostart187 I'm serious he's scared of his own Shadow yall

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