Innocent Bystanda But there numbers are small
Innocent Bystanda What they may like to ask themselves is"How do women see the caveman approach"?
Wet80 @Innocent Bystanda lol
bluestangel07 hey rooms hows it going?
slashing18 &&#&^s loo ooeokeicjkd
Wet80 It's going good
thePervy1 hi bluestangel
bluestangel07 thats good
Wet80 How are you
bluestangel07 ppl asked to add me ty
bluestangel07 pretty good
bluestangel07 jus bored thats bout it
bluestangel07 am i the only one talkin n here right now???
james_c_wilkinson We are all listening
bluestangel07 wow this room is dead as can be
bluestangel07 anyways so hows everyones night?
thePervy1 hi meaganday
bluestangel07 i said ask 2 add me geez
james_c_wilkinson Not the best if im honest!
bluestangel07 how come james?
james_c_wilkinson pm if you are interested
bluestangel07 i'll add u ina sec james give me a sec
bluestangel07 give me a sec
Wet80 @Shelbae lol
Shelbae Someone come read me a bedtime story lolol
bluestangel07 felipe get to know me b4 u ADD ME OKAY
Wet80 @Shelbae can I plz
Shelbae you can!
RobSmith26 im on my way, where am i goin exactly?
Wet80 ­čśť
Shelbae Blue you should see the messages he sent me lolol
Shelbae I'll share them. Hang on
Amethyst Lotus why do people ask what time it is where you are?
Shelbae Oops.
Amethyst Lotus really nothing else could come to mind for conversation?
bluestangel07 so hows it going everyone?
Shelbae Okay here
bluestangel07 ask too add me
bluestangel07 im not adding ppl that don't ask 1st
Shelbae Wet you're taking too long

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