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jachson012318 So who won the bout Lindsey
pandaglassstudios i cant tell is the guest are in on it or are like *^@% you dude
CoreyOO7 ...and to me....there is not many a thing i like more....than a creepy bad guy....
jen726 yes kimbo was old
jen726 just like ken shamrocks old ass
Neanderthal Gangsta im not that old
CoreyOO7 just another thing...a woman will never understand....
LastWish Catfish 50 is the new 40
pandaglassstudios i am getting old it trips me out
jen726 and i could not stand tito ortiz
pandaglassstudios i am not sure if i like it
pandaglassstudios i feel like 18
jen726 but i will always love george st pierre
pandaglassstudios but i am going to be 30
jen726 i am 30
jen726 so stfu
CoreyOO7 jen...dude....
LastWish Catfish i thought u were 35 jen?
pandaglassstudios yeah but you look beautiful
jen726 hahaha u got jokes catfish
pandaglassstudios i have looked 30 sense i was 18
LastWish Catfish i'm sure you used to be jen lol
jen726 and ty panda
LastWish Catfish counting backwards now
pandaglassstudios so when i am 30 i will look 50
jen726 hahaha no catfish
CoreyOO7 there really is no reason to try and tell a person online to shut those that waste the time to say that...well...
CoreyOO7 you know....
jen726 last ween some guy thought i was 20
jen726 so stfu
pandaglassstudios everyone must watch the eric andre show
Existential Nihilist I'm 27 and still get carded.
jen726 week****
CoreyOO7 exactly...not very bright...
pandaglassstudios you have a young face dont trip
CoreyOO7 but that's cool...
livgdedgirl I still get carded
LastWish Catfish lol stevie wonder was on wire?
jachson012318 You pay internet Cory
Existential Nihilist Not tripping. : P
jen726 wow corey...
Existential Nihilist Just a slight inconvenience.
jen726 such a peace maker
pandaglassstudios i get carded because i am guessing they dont think i have ID
CoreyOO7 i mean...if i weren't bright...i would embrace it as well...
jen726 anyways
LastWish Catfish just kidding
livgdedgirl i laugh when i do
pandaglassstudios i am always laughing but i dont think i am happy
jen726 yes stevie wonder was on wire
jen726 my god, so asinine
LastWish Catfish jen if ur still 30 you might still be an octo mum
CoreyOO7 i here to make peace?....or to try and elevate others through brutal logic?....
jachson012318 Wat means happiness panda
LastWish Catfish plenty life left in you yet
jen726 well catfish
pandaglassstudios yeah but i am not happy
jen726 octomom has 12 kids
Existential Nihilist Brutal logic has been the name of the game today.
jen726 i only have 6
livgdedgirl well they supposed to card anyone who looks 30 or younger
Existential Nihilist Damn pro-lifers.
pandaglassstudios i dont think i have ever been happy
LastWish Catfish oh is octomom a person
jen726 cute profile pic, that cat waiting for pancakes?
LindsaySmartask the channel is called "Felony Fights" and this one is hard to watch but the others are pretty cool YouTube
pandaglassstudios now i am getting all depressing
CoreyOO7 well...just accept life...DEAR LORD...quit being a pussy!
pandaglassstudios its all southsiders
CoreyOO7 i am far from perfect....i embrace it!
pandaglassstudios and like neo nazi dudes
jen726 google octomom catfish

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