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CoreyOO7 art...i am usually good with movies...i have no idea which one you are talking about...
adamcrawford666 Broke boy{ }
BeeRyAn123 I make $1 per week
DovelyLonna its drama free day thursday
BeeRyAn123 And I spend it all on Donna
adamcrawford666 I don't care cAuse I got enough money 2 mAke my own website
BeeRyAn123 Spoil you
articfox286 hold on im gonna try to google it
CoreyOO7 sure you do
dhally21 hello ggi?
DovelyLonna itsmy bday so i expext more today
kingofsaints7 I'm a model you know what I mean and I shake my little Tush on the cat walk on the cat walk .🐈🐈🐈🐅🐆
BeeRyAn123 What's a website?
ggibiliscodetailing whats going on
adamcrawford666 Im quite sure you don't though{ }
CoreyOO7 you say you have are still an idiot....
adamcrawford666 And I'm more handsome and talented than you{ }
CoreyOO7 i live a very comfortable a neighborhood i am quite sure is nicer....
adamcrawford666 ¥out 4got I'm more handsome than you{ }
BeeRyAn123 Guys. On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is money to you?
DovelyLonna Adam ignore him
articfox286 malibu's most wanted
CoreyOO7 in fact...everything you have done in life...i have done a better version....
dave_41 Adan you're the reason coat hangers were encouraged
BeeRyAn123 What a great survey
adamcrawford666 He started it boy I know the real To the king I'm from ATLANTA man
BeeRyAn123 On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is peen size to you?
DovelyLonna too much drama
temm @DovelyLonna no one care ingore if you like thats you prob
dave_41 temm stfu
ggibiliscodetailing anyone from the midwest in here?
BeeRyAn123 Donna is <3
dave_41 You don't matter
CoreyOO7 gg...yep....
kingofsaints7 Hey heyes hey fat Albert is on the way
ggibiliscodetailing oh where u from
adamcrawford666 Man a moth wouldn't chew your clothes boy be quiet
ggibiliscodetailing kc missourri?
CoreyOO7 weather has been freakin awesome for the past week....
kingofsaints7 Anyone from Texas
CoreyOO7 i live 2 blocks from the state line....
adamcrawford666 Your a peasant
ggibiliscodetailing which state line
i3laze640 Christ this is hard to watch.
ggibiliscodetailing youre close to me

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