donaldjames xup erika
ich_bin56_ never have lunch with justin bieber
ich_bin56_ sht might blow up
ich_bin56_ on that note im off to pretend that i work
erikanavarette735 ok ima say this u planing to masage me dont talk about sexual stuff ..i get freaking bored hearing this shit!!!!
Weedov Erika arent you married?
erikanavarette735 BUT COME HERE TO CHAT CAUUSE I am boring
erikanavarette735 my husband nkows
erikanavarette735 i come to chatt
Weedov if you mention that in your profile, fewer sexual pms you ll be getting
Weedov na i wasnt gonna talk about that
erikanavarette735 hahhah im starting to think guys dont care
Weedov some do
erikanavarette735 they steel wana be freks
erikanavarette735 ahah but is all good
Weedov alright
erikanavarette735 cause ima block them
Weedov Yeah i have a long block list too
erikanavarette735 freaking bastards
Weedov all those hamidreza and moha and their gang
Weedov Are on my block list

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