Bored anyone? Bored anyone?

showman123321 you guys see any good movies lately
lindariggs63 No not really n u
showman123321 nothing in the theatre in some time
poopycatfart i downloaded new star trek
showman123321 i wanted to see suicide squad
poopycatfart havent watched it
showman123321 those movies seem to be pretty good
showman123321 lots of action star trek
Gea003 Hewoo
showman123321 they're only a 3 hi minimum
OC_guy why i chose the room lol
Gea003 Lol, same
ghostrider177 too many kids on this place
jasdae21 Is this a military based chat room?
larry5852 no i know it so quite
larry5852 hmmmm i guess she looking for military base chatroom...Gea
budwud10000 Hi linda

Are you bored?? Because I am..

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