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lisa_lite how is that?
Gentleheart Ive had spiritual help. This is a keyholder pregnancy
Gentleheart I hold the keys of creation in this lifetime
lisa_lite do you have a husband or bf ?
Gentleheart A husband...
Gentleheart Hes not very nice to me lately...
Gentleheart Cuz my doctors told us we couldnt have anymore together
Gentleheart And he got mad...
lisa_lite why cant you have anymore together?
Gentleheart Hes not healthy and im high risk and hes talking to other women.
lisa_lite Oh I'm sorry
Gentleheart Ive miscarried a few of his
lisa_lite because of his health??
Gentleheart I have to be taken care of properly and the fact that he has a very unhealthy lifestyle... Well ive been very vulnerable to infections and stuff since my second child died
Gentleheart I had an anencephalic baby
lisa_lite so sorry t hear that
Gentleheart I have only one living child and hopefully this one stays with me too
beenhere i will say a prayer for you Gentle
lisa_lite so will I Gentle
Gentleheart My fate is helping me keep this one. He is protecting baby from any harm including miscarriage
lisa_lite how old is your other child?
beenhere that's great Gentle
lisa_lite 2 is a good number of children to have
Gentleheart Im glad im one week away now from the second trimester. I will be mainly out of miscarriage phase and have nothing but healthy reports
lisa_lite that's great news!
beenhere yes good to hear that Gentle
Gentleheart Still im shocked that it is strong enough to poke out 😮 and i can feel it with my hand this early
beenhere must be a very special child coming Gentle
Gentleheart Usually at this point women are just now starting to feel the squirming. Not the pushing hands and feet
beenhere must be a very healthy baby
Gentleheart I think its part my fault for drinking 8-10 glasses of milk and eating broccoli and brussel sprouts the whole first 2 months
Gentleheart Hehe strong health food
beenhere that's healthy food Gentle
lisa_lite that's a lot of milk!
Gentleheart Like giving popeye spinach lol
Gentleheart I was craving
lisa_lite do you still drink that much?
Gentleheart No. I ended up with a nasty skin infection and the medicine kinda messed up my taste for milk
beenhere you sill should drink milk for calcium
Gentleheart Yes i know
beenhere or maybe there is a pill that would give you that
Gentleheart Mmmm but i want a milkshake and pumpkin pie
beenhere do you take vitamins at all?
Gentleheart Yes. I take vitamins
Gentleheart And i eat cheese too
Sentimentalady1 I don't drink milk
Sentimentalady1 but I eat cottage cheese, yogurt, and some cream
Sentimentalady1 I also drink cashew and almond milk
Gentleheart For a while i couldnt drink juice so well. So all i had was milk
lisa_lite there is aotof calcium in broccoli if your still eating that
Gentleheart My cravings had moved on
lisa_lite and I think Brussel sprouts too
Gentleheart My phase right now is like danishes, pumpkin pie, milkshakes, chicken wingz, and squash casserole
lisa_lite pumpkin is very healthy
beenhere I love butternut squash
beenhere with butter and pepper
lisa_lite god stuff
Gentleheart Hehe i can eat a whole pie lately
Gentleheart But thats not good to be doing 🙄
Gentleheart But its mine
Gentleheart No touch
Gentleheart I will bake you a seperate one. Leave mine alone 😂
lisa_lite I have to go, nice to meet you Gentle
Gentleheart I cant have pepper
Gentleheart Awww bye byes
beenhere just u me and senti here now Gentle
Gentleheart Yup. And im getting sleepy
beenhere glad u dropped by Gentle
Gentleheart Everytime baby gets active, i kinda just pass out
beenhere it does take some energy i guess
Gentleheart 😊 i get soothed to sleep
beenhere Awww nice
beenhere sweet dreams Gentle
Gentleheart In bed i cant handle sleeping alone... But when i feel like a soft touch it makes me sleepy... But for a while nothing. until this little one came along
beenhere good night Gentle
Nowhereman2 How are ye guys
Nowhereman2 It's kinda late I know
beenhere yes were going to bed
beenhere see u again Nowhere

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