b4marrs so smart
b4marrs Hi Bad
dahlwg sex what did you come to tell us?
b4marrs So good see you
badbones88 Barb hello
b4marrs she is im me
dahlwg badbones Hi there. Room stayed empty most of the day
b4marrs How are you Bad
b4marrs Iam all healed up
b4marrs it left
dahlwg Lots of folks tapped in and then right back out
b4marrs like i need friend named sex
dahlwg sex is gone
badbones88 Dahl this is a morning room basically...I can't find someone to moderate it during the day...would you like the job?
dahlwg in more ways that one!!!
dahlwg badbones I told everyone I would be here at 3;00 pdt but no one came
badbones88 dahl I am so busy during the day
dahlwg I have tried it now for three days....but no one comes
b4marrs sign on at late in evening
badbones88 here in the morning til about 8 or9
dahlwg 8 or 9 in what time zone?
b4marrs out about during the day
badbones88 eastern
dahlwg wow thats 6 am for me
badbones88 but we do have people from C
badbones88 A coming in at that time
b4marrs dont get up untill 8 am
dahlwg I am still in sleepy by
badbones88 I am up at 6
b4marrs son calling brb
badbones88 but i go to bed early
dahlwg Frannie came in today....but went right back out
badbones88 she is getting ready for her tri[p
dahlwg Yes She will be with her kids for Christmas wonderful!
badbones88 sure is cold her...12 deg
dahlwg I hope the planes fly
badbones88 why wouldn't the planes fly
dahlwg Thinking about my grandkids wanting to come home.
dahlwg Snow and Ice sometimes stops the planes
badbones88 ohhh gonna warm up this weekend
dahlwg NYC got 5" of snow... thats were he comes from .
badbones88 not a bid deal
dahlwg I see Sissy on the list but she is nebver here/
badbones88 I know...wonder why
badbones88 I play scrabble with her every day but never talk
dahlwg Yeah....I dont know. Her name is often here
dahlwg I got my tree up today....and lighted
dahlwg No decorations yet tho
badbones88 I bought a little live one from Walmart..cute
dahlwg I am having my local kids in for dinner tonight
dahlwg son and dil
badbones88 what time
dahlwg 6:30 p.m. our time
badbones88 couple of hours yet
dahlwg She works till 6:00 on Thursday....they're long day
badbones88 what are you making
dahlwg Chicken biscuit casserole...pear half salad w cheddar.....pumpkin pie
badbones88 sounds good to me
badbones88 that salad sounds really good
dahlwg I love that casserole...made it before. Its good From YouTube
badbones88 I don't cook for me...
dahlwg Really? Gee I cook often
badbones88 made a pork tenderloin today and over cooked it...damn
dahlwg yeah...that can sure ruin pork
badbones88 very lean cut
dahlwg Next time, put that tenderloin in the pan with apple pie filling!
badbones88 oh well...
badbones88 that sounds good
dahlwg It is wonderful....the apple juice keeps the pork moist
badbones88 okay maybe see you tomorrow..nite nite
gbyall hi ann
annfavplace hi going to the other room

Golden years

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