donhotchkiss5 Hi Twenty Six
kittycola7 who the heck is duroperte?
kittycola7 i wanna call you duropete
dimples3616 i would like to know who pscgummy is she/he called me a crab and i had not even said anything them she/he ran
dimples3616 it seems i dont have to say a word to set all the sick ppl in here off all i have to do is enter the room
tanger26 Evidently it's someone who knows you.
dimples3616 how can i be a crab if i never speak its beyond the mind
dimples3616 go ride your bike tanger maybe some driver will get lucky
dimples3616 and he/she will make my day
renae0123 dim, wishing a driver hits tanger on his bike now? that's hate speech
renae0123 flagged
tanger26 Thanks for the heads up Renae. Reporting Dim.
renae0123 not an 89 year old woman
renae0123 it's the son who is 60
dimples3616 quick renae theres a man uou have not had yet you are getting slow and old
tanger26 Another one.
dimples3616 but not to worry it happens to all of us
renae0123 keep talking ....
renae0123 you'll take care of yourself
dimples3616 renae i think you cant count my kids were all 4 years apart so the youngest 1 cant be 60 i had a job and mother and dad to tend to remember
dimples3616 i took care of my mom and dad no home for them
renae0123 you were 29 if you want to go with the 89 thing
renae0123 split personality
renae0123 what you really mean is
renae0123 you are in your mom's home right now
renae0123 dane, we're on to you
dimples3616 renae i dont like to argue with a sick person and you are very sick in your mind My son works remember that word renae even if you never did any yourself
renae0123 you can give up the faç're nothing but a scam artist
renae0123 dimples said years ago her kids didn't come around
renae0123 now you dane have her house
renae0123 good one lol
dimples3616 they work remember
renae0123 should feel sorry for you I suppose
renae0123 no wonder you drink to excess

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