Gray Cat i have a big cat here he 40 pounds and jest called mau
Happygu I have a cat to he's called Freddy
Happygu Wish I had a dog though
Happygu Had a Labrador with ex
UnicornGirlXO I really wanna get a pet dog =)
The Savior_ then get one haha
The Savior_ but get one from the puppy mill
The Savior_ because those dogs are being treated horribly
The Savior_ and they need better homes than what they have there
UnicornGirlXO You shouldn't get puppies from a puppy farm.
UnicornGirlXO You should report them.
UnicornGirlXO To animal welfare
UnicornGirlXO If you go buy a puppy from a puppy farm you are just part of the problem they wouldn't exist if no one bought the puppies
The Savior_ they need homes and they need them now
The Savior_ I'm surprised they haven't been taken down or banned yet
UnicornGirlXO And a lot of the time the poor puppies are very sick from inbreeding etc. It's all super sad x
UnicornGirlXO All because people want designer/pedigree dogs without the price tag x
The Savior_ well they aint gonna get designer puppies from putting them into wire cages
science geek1 hello peole
science geek1 i love puppes
science geek1 hello unicorn
Happygu I love male dogs
alexa_dar bored u
The Savior_ me too I'm so bored I just cant do anything, even youtube just got boring to me right now
The Savior_ I am in a boring phase where everything Is just, well, boring lol
Black Dragon Leader I wonder what room graves has created
Black Dragon Leader He said he's making a room
Black Dragon Leader I'm trying to find it.
alexa_dar so animal lovers? i guess
The Savior_ yeah lol
alexa_dar ok. me 2. more dogs than cats (allergic)
crabfoot_crownest I marsupials

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