an underground garage. an underground garage.

Samurai_R33 whoever the hell it was
Samurai_R33 i got mad once in one of my rooms with ghosting and yelled at them
Kimchifriedrice it’s obsessive.
Samurai_R33 ive noticed that
Kimchifriedrice someone has been ghosting the room quite heavily for the past several days.
Samurai_R33 i mean it could've been a regular 850 with a body kit
Samurai_R33 forgot tomenton that with the rx7
Pointed__Coyote Spicy pickled cabbage.
Samurai_R33 i think i saw what might been a volvo 850r today
Pointed__Coyote Lool. No i havent
Samurai_R33 cmon that 440 six pack aint driving its self
Samurai_R33 wile e. coyote! caught a plymouth roadrunner yet?
Samurai_R33 oop meant to send that in a pm
Samurai_R33 k i will
Chase418 She has directed a few episodes of Mando for sure
Kimchifriedrice she’s pretty.
Kimchifriedrice i didn’t know that.
Chase418 Did you know Bryce Dallas Howard directs some of the star wars shows?
Samurai_R33 Ford AU Falcon
Chase418 I'm just used to people getting annoyed when I do it
Samurai_R33 my internet is being a shit stain rn
Samurai_R33 fkn internet istg
Kimchifriedrice i was also nerding.
Kimchifriedrice nerd as much as you like.
Chase418 But I'll stop nerding out haha
Chase418 And trying to carry lore between shows and movies hurt them
Chase418 They went with quantity over quality
Chase418 Marvel and Star wars have the same problem. There is too much of it
Kimchifriedrice rex would be cool.
Chase418 That actor has also said he would like to do a show about rex
Chase418 The rest of that show was pretty bad though
Chase418 Boba Fett riding a rankor was pretty badass
Chase418 But I didn't know anything about the dark troopers
Chase418 I liked the first 2 seasons of Mando as well
Kimchifriedrice i have heard good things about it.
Chase418 Andor was the best so far imo
Kimchifriedrice i would like to make a star wars television show and do it right.
Chase418 It would have
Kimchifriedrice that would have been cool.
Kimchifriedrice kind of like a little bit of a darth vader vibe, showcasing luke’s lineage and his sheer power as a jedi
Chase418 Not as bad as what they did to boba fett
Kimchifriedrice and eventually luke comes out on top, and when the smoke clears, he’s standing in the midst of their mangled metallic frames.
Kimchifriedrice like oh shit, there’s dark troopers on this ship, we’re fuсked. and then luke comes in, and there’s an epic battle between him and like three or four of them, and shit’s exploding and there’s a bunch of collateral damage
Chase418 Would have had the same effect
Chase418 Yeah they could have just had a couple of them that were much more powerful

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