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Ice Queen Vampire We were rollerblading to abandon house and me and my friend seen an old rusted mustang in a half horn barn it's still there to rusted
Ice Queen Vampire We fine some really cool stuff
bobbybeesknees sounds like a good plan
Ice Queen Vampire Good thanks with a friend going rollerblading to abandon places in ottawa after
bobbybeesknees it's certainly a day, how's yours
Ice Queen Vampire Hi everyone hows your day
T r i p i dunno maybe i should look into it
bobbybeesknees whatever you feel will help
bobbybeesknees might be an idea
T r i p i try to give my son everything he needs
T r i p he thinks i should get a therapist
T r i p who knows
T r i p my husband wonders if i still have some post partum.
bobbybeesknees maybe there's something stopping ya from being able to feel it properly
bobbybeesknees i'm sure ya love him
T r i p or connection to our son, never have..
T r i p but i don't feel any kind of attachment
T r i p it's hard to explain
bobbybeesknees why's that
bobbybeesknees you say that a lot
T r i p something is wrong with me.
T r i p bobs i think i'm a messed up parent
bobbybeesknees nah, i get it man
T r i p which is wild b ecause i been with him for 15 years
T r i p i swear i love him more 'n more everyday
T r i p awh, he is a good guy ^^
bobbybeesknees and that you're worth it
bobbybeesknees he understands you're human
T r i p my husband does tell me i'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. which is wild because i also put him through hell >.>
T r i p i know, i just know low self esteem can be annoying
bobbybeesknees don't apologise to me, you've got nothing to be sorry for
T r i p i wish i had more time with him
T r i p sorry :[
bobbybeesknees i know it ain't easy
bobbybeesknees you gotta think better of yourself fella
T r i p and i'm grateful
T r i p but he does
T r i p i am not sure why he does
T r i p he does ^^
bobbybeesknees not a lot of blokes would stay
bobbybeesknees he loves ya
T r i p he did say though that if i ever did get a sex change, that he'd stay with me but things would change.
T r i p my husband is very straight
bobbybeesknees i was always attracted to shorter and effeminate men
bobbybeesknees not his thing eh
T r i p catch 22
T r i p but then my husband wouldn't find me attractive soo...
T r i p all i wanna be is a big guy :[
T r i p i bet it does
bobbybeesknees being a big guy has its advantages
T r i p of course you're wone of them ¬_¬
bobbybeesknees can't say i have that problem
T r i p that's not cool
T r i p because people put shit up too high
T r i p i had to ask some guy for help to reach one of the drinks
T r i p i'm so tired
T r i p Thanks
bobbybeesknees would explain a lot
bobbybeesknees maybe i just ain't human
bobbybeesknees lol i doubt it
T r i p maybe you got adhd
T r i p brb gonna run to the store
bobbybeesknees yeah, i don't know why
T r i p really?
bobbybeesknees energy drinks don't do shit for me either
T r i p i usually go get a zero rockstar
bobbybeesknees stg it doesn't do shit for me
T r i p what do you do?
bobbybeesknees i gave up drinking coffee for the caffeine
bobbybeesknees to wake ya up a bit?
T r i p i feel like i need caffeine
T r i p you don't wear stress well
T r i p poor bobs
bobbybeesknees said i don't look well
bobbybeesknees i mean he didn't put it like that
T r i p lol really?
bobbybeesknees boss just told me i look like microwaved shit
T r i p yeah definitely don't want that

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