Adult Women And Attractive Men

Tommy_Joe Bonz, that's generally how it works
SAGEMTN Its not biased, its proven
BONZZZ Crazy world man
lace_love_baby_xo I'll lace you up Darlene
Darlene_legal43 @lace_love_baby_xo
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @lace_love_baby_xo love your hair doll
SAGEMTN I deal with facts
xkiera_ Laced up
Darlene_legal43 Do it up right
Blue_Aries get high and dont worry about it then
navlew2 I agree marijuana should not be a schedule 1 substance
BONZZZ And beautiful Syria is destroyed
Warrriors71 That is a sex reference
BONZZZ ready for a walk mart
lace_love_baby_xo I do too sweet and thank you
Tommy_Joe While they make a scene, we get up in arms over petty shit while the real subject is silently passed
Darlene_legal43 Are they against the rules?
BONZZZ Wal mart
Blue_Aries why worry about other people
Sweet_Dreams_Arg nice nice color
navlew2 there are legitimate medical uses for it
navlew2 legitimate
Darlene_legal43 Are sexual references against the rules?
navlew2 @Sweet_Dreams_Arg
BONZZZ I been watching a 5 hr movie about slow motion film when WTC went down , you can see the explosives going off
MFM Returns Not against my rules
lace_love_baby_xo What are the rules??
BONZZZ building 7 was supposed to go down also
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @Darlene_legal43 you are the lawyer hun
BONZZZ they Effed up
Darlene_legal43 Then let me sexually receive you both
Tommy_Joe @Blue_Aries it's not worrying about their health, it's worrying about their ignorance and actions while on substances. You wanna bang heroin, fine, but you wanna bang heroin and wipe out my car with my wife and son? You'll code before you get in the ambula
Sweet_Dreams_Arg <~~~ againts the sexual rules
SAGEMTN Its been demonized for so long that people still believe all of the bullshit theyve been fed
MFM Returns oh i will give you something to receive lol
SAGEMTN Misinformation
Tommy_Joe @Darlene_legal43 uh hello, us 3. Pssh
Darlene_legal43 That was supposed to me reference damn it
Darlene_legal43 I give up damn phone
navlew2 @SAGEMTN I believe there are medical uses for marijuana
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @MFM Returns are you the giver??
MFM Returns Oh I am most def a giver!
Warrriors71 I like to be receive
navlew2 who here has smoked pot within the last 90 days...
BONZZZ World war three is not a war
Warrriors71 So that works too.
lace_love_baby_xo Giver like santa ? Ho ho ho ho
BONZZZ it's man will I isolate himself
navlew2 <<not
Darlene_legal43 I know lots of ho ho hos
Tommy_Joe Ooooh my gawd, nav.
lace_love_baby_xo I've smoked every day fir the last 90 days
Sweet_Dreams_Arg @navlew2 Ive never smoked hun .. only receive what the woman next door smokes
Warrriors71 I love ho ho’s
Warrriors71 So chocolate
ozborne i give and receive
navlew2 Sweet
Warrriors71 I give must
BONZZZ annihilate
Sweet_Dreams_Arg Like Santa mori

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