Adult Women And Attractive Men

Trailuh wildcats!
ryan49er1 love....even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile
ryan49er1 hey ya alien
Snarls Barkley How goes it
Lovelife2008 @ryan49er1 the only reason your team won was because it was make a wish read my letter I told him I didn't want to see you cry any more to make your Christmas special so they contacted the Texans and they agreed to let the 49ers win
ryan49er1 going great!
Lovelife2008 i told them i had a special friend who needed cheering up
ryan49er1 haha love.....I take back what I said about're not all do have a heart
Lovelife2008 @ryan49er1 if that's what u said so don't take it back
ryan49er1 I parents will think differently of you now
Lovelife2008 chick fil a tortilla soup is not bad
Snarls Barkley Chik fill a everything is fairly bad
ryan49er1 Never been
Lovelife2008 no its not
Snarls Barkley It's overrated ryan
sedm5758 im going to go play with my xmas gift to myself......................ta ta
Snarls Barkley Fleshlight, sed?
Snarls Barkley You animal
ryan49er1 Like Chipotle??
Snarls Barkley Overrated like chipotle
Lovelife2008 that sounds bad
ryan49er1 I thought it was more a south east coast thing
Lovelife2008 chipotle is good
Snarls Barkley Chipotle is wraps though
ryan49er1 chipotle is expensive taco bell
Snarls Barkley And chill fill a is a sandwich place
Lovelife2008 its burritos tacos and bowls
Snarls Barkley Yeah... That
ryan49er1 hey kyli....fav chain food place???
Daddys Lil Monster idk, i like chipotle and chik fil a
ryan49er1 love do they have Juan Pollo there??
Lovelife2008 taco bell is
ryan49er1 I think its more a local thing
ryan49er1 but had to ask
Lovelife2008 no but theres a pollo loco
Snarls Barkley I'm not a fan of any fast food place
Snarls Barkley Pollo loco included
Daddys Lil Monster ya, no fast food is "good"
navlew2 Mine choo choo's latina asian 24 hr massage..does it have to be natinal chain?
ryan49er1 I am not that much of a food snob that I hate everything fast food.....some places are good
Snarls Barkley No way could I eat chicken that I didn't at least cook

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