Cookie I'm actually pretty chill now. People get annoyed I don't bite.
Nixie93 yeahh Iam coo coo alright
Nixie93 better than normal
fourhorsemen no kidding eh
kizzkazz Sadly the old one is no more
rmb431us any ladies from Michigan here tonight
jasonismyname Hey lovely cookie
Nixie93 your just a boy
Cookie Hey lovely Jason.
jasonismyname Feeling better?
Nixie93 you will relize one day
ryan49er Nixie will always be loca!
fourhorsemen i was hoping to get to Joe Lewis this year
rmb431us I guess not
fourhorsemen but i dont think it will happen
Cookie Not really but meh.
xkiera yes jason
kizzkazz The boxer ?
jasonismyname Can I see your pie?
fourhorsemen the arena
Most_names_r_taken nixie is spot on ...most of the time
rmb431us hello everyone how are you tonight
Most_names_r_taken and hulloooo everyone
fourhorsemen Red Wings
kizzkazz hi most
fourhorsemen they built a new barn
fourhorsemen gonna demo the Joe
rmb431us Im in Northern Michigan
kizzkazz Awww. The oldies are going
Nixie93 unless Iam drunk then yes youcan call me sxy crazy cool
Nixie93 like tlc
kizzkazz same with baseball parks.
fourhorsemen i normally go to 3 different rinks a year
Tatertot2u lol nix.. a force to be reacon with
kizzkazz I played street hockey
jasonismyname Oh. Yeah. Apple pie
fourhorsemen was san jose...los angeles and anaheim this year
kizzkazz can online skate not ice skate
kizzkazz f ing phone. Inline.
fourhorsemen its close to same
Tatertot2u online skate
kizzkazz I know
fourhorsemen good exercise
kizzkazz yeah tater. Siri is an idiot
fourhorsemen apple sux
Nixie93 do the hokey pokey and shake it all around
Nixie93 thats what is all about
Tatertot2u lmao im useing her too.. she hates my accent
kizzkazz Mine too
fourhorsemen apple is the evil empire
kizzkazz I have to you the British one
Nixie93 apples make sauce
kizzkazz grumble.
fourhorsemen right next to starbucks
Nixie93 and juice

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