katie760 why cam
ana berry good to hear.
katie760 good to hear that im broken
katie760 narrows eyes
ana berry no Katie
I AM CAM6873 i dont have a clue but i went along with you saying i am broken
ana berry good to hear nacho had a good weekend
Heaven girl Pain is inevitable , suffering is optional
TurnerEight Arent we all broken?
katie760 u sure heaven?
ana berry in a way ?
ana berry i suppose
Heaven girl Yeah I'm sure ...You choose to suffer
katie760 how do u know that heaven
ana berry to different degrees
Heaven girl It all depends how you handle it
katie760 what kind of pain and suffering have u endured heaven?
Heaven girl Because I've been heart broken countless times hahaha
Heaven girl Men should be in bold lol
katie760 hmm....
ana berry men are bold enough ... js
Heaven girl And you Katie
I AM CAM6873 heaven dont give people to much credit...make em work for it
TurnerEight I have never broken a bone
JamesTheKissinBandit is putting another pin in his voodoo doll...if you didn't feel anything you are safe
ana berry i think i broke a toe maybe
katie760 i havent had a broken bone
ana berry that is all
TurnerEight Hi karen
ana berry hey karen
Heaven girl Cam I'm to straight forward to put a fight lol
TurnerEight Did she mention toe??
ana berry oh . lol
ana berry i forgot
katie760 i have had a lot of different types of suffering but i have endured really
katie760 but one thing for sure
I AM CAM6873 well haven i wish ya luck on happy and 4ever
TurnerEight Im doomed...niw im thinkin of anas toes
Heaven girl I'm here for you friend
katie760 u can not know until u experience
mike_oxford03 Hey Volley
ana berry it was not by choice
katie760 for sure
ana berry lol no turner
katie760 i thought i could but i coudlnt
katie760 thanks heaven
TurnerEight I am i am
Heaven girl Np katie
katie760 i always thought one chose suffering lmao
katie760 i never experienced heartbreak until recently
katie760 i thought silly really
Heaven girl Like I said it's all got to do with you and how you choose to take the punch
katie760 still do to a certain extent
Heaven girl May I asked what happened
katie760 my husband was killed
katie760 for one
Heaven girl Oh god I am so so sorry
katie760 prior he suffered for four months
katie760 and trust me it wasnt about how he chose to suffer i dont think....sighs

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