KittyLaPurrrrr sauce this is my old aol name
KittyLaPurrrrr you giddy not sauce
Giddyupgo Ty for clearing that up lol
KittyLaPurrrrr was thinking Giddy has been nothing but nice to me but for that one time
dimps1103 I like yr name kitty hehe
dimps1103 purr purr purr
KittyLaPurrrrr and cant remember what that one time was
dimps1103 and so french
Giddyupgo I like u lew always have
KittyLaPurrrrr Hi Buff))))
boxers1 hello mred
mredbuffalo mornin sky kitty gitty aa box n yall
dimps1103 hi mred
KittyLaPurrrrr call me Kitty and lets always be friends ok Giddy?
mredbuffalo quistion if aol pulls the plug on the 15 this go to
Giddyupgo U got it kitty
KittyLaPurrrrr thought Dimps might be Cee Cee
KittyLaPurrrrr but she isnt
boxers1 no mred u have to get a new browser to open this site up in
dimps1103 no i'm not Cee Cee...just plain old dimps hehe
dimps1103 hiya kitty
dimps1103 i'm new in this room
mredbuffalo is that what all this b s is im gettin from aol
Giddyupgo Don't know cc
dimps1103 how long has this room been up?
boxers1 no mred
mredbuffalo thinkin a goin over to proagy or some other out fit
boxers1 ok switching pcs hard to see on this one
saucenotgravy1 how come it says melbourne on profile dimps?
mredbuffalo id get off thies things id have a lot a time to du other things
COLEANOR goodness, dimps, did not i=know you were in australia
mredbuffalo work on the accordian go fishin build more flint locks weld ectect
dimps1103 cos I was in Melbourne when I started this account and I have friends I want to visit in the Australian chat room
Giddyupgo Gm carol
mredbuffalo mornin shutter hugs
Giddyupgo Gm miss
dimps1103 i'm not coleanor...i'm now back in Singapore....came back at midnight Monday
boxers1 gm bug
KittyLaPurrrrr Hi Carolina
boxers1 hi carol
COLEANOR wow, so you are in singapore?
dimps1103 yes cole
Giddyupgo Gm beauty
missshutterbug53 good morning everyone :happywave"
dimps1103 hi shutter and Carolina and beauty
COLEANOR golly gee, i loved singapore
KittyLaPurrrrr oops a male guess i'll call you Yankee
dimps1103 i'm glad you did
mredbuffalo that dimp shur is giita round kinda gal
dimps1103 must be the food hehe
beautynqueens51 hello Dimps
missshutterbug53 it is a cold 15 degrees here in rochester,ny and snowing
beautynqueens51 yes same here miss
saucenotgravy1 hate the cold
missshutterbug53 hi sauce,dimps,mred,queen
dimps1103 how many of inches of snow yesterday?
Giddyupgo Well cyall later need to get motivated here bbl
dimps1103 must be a biting wind
boxers1 tc giddy
dimps1103 tc giddy and have a great day there
saucenotgravy1 ciao gid nice meeting u
mredbuffalo shutter its 9 hear winter storm advisory high wind s n snow its comin yer way
beautynqueens51 thurs I heard for nyc
missshutterbug53 ok mred...........i went out yesterday and took some beautiful
saucenotgravy1 hope it dont snow
missshutterbug53 i was in freakin heaven
mredbuffalo did ya get some good ones

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