lookyhere0o0o never moved one myself
barksbt merj, i'd bet it would go over great down there!!!!!!!
f150truck02 barksbt oh ok thanks
rachel35034 got to get that seal back right or it will leak
barksbt looky, i have; had to replace a wax ring; was not easy!!!!
marcclin2 drives me nuts
barksbt RACHEL, wax rings give you some room for error.
rachel35034 no its not barks and hubby use to make me come sit on it.
Aplomb_ hi Rachel, hi everybody
sweettxreb hello stone
rachel35034 hey stone
sweettxreb hi rachel
stoneverse13 hello Sweett
barksbt oh, okay, RACHEL; i replaced this one, and it's not leaked yet; and that was about 8 years agol
merj38 bark I live in the Villages pop 130,000 over 55 comunity
stoneverse13 Rachel... hugs
barksbt hi, Stone
barksbt hi, Sweet.
stoneverse13 hey Barks
rachel35034 you probably got it just right barks
barksbt oh, okay, merj
barksbt RACHEL, then it was dumb luck!!!! LOL
stoneverse13 hello there Crazyto
rachel35034 lol barks
crazytodig4u hi aplomb
Aplomb_ hi crazy
barksbt merj, that's a lot of folks!!!
barksbt like living in a city!!!!
skywalker1129923 gack city liven
marcclin2 lives in a cool little 750sq ft condo in Bothell Washington
barksbt i hear that, sky!!!!
skywalker1129923 less its a small one
merj38 The Villages sells about 350 houses a month and has for years
rachel35034 the villiages ???????????? merj
marcclin2 paid for
barksbt i live in a 3K sq. ft. house in eastern TN.
barksbt on an acre of land.
rachel35034 thats where buffey use to kid about.
barksbt folks leave me alone; i leave them alone.
marcclin2 top floor ... pretty view
barksbt yep, sky; have some friends who live downstairs since i fell and broke my leg and dislocated my hip and laid on the floor overnight.
marcclin2 sounds like a lot of work bark
barksbt gives them a good place to live, and i'm not alone in the house.
rachel35034 stone what is tommie doing tonight?
stoneverse13 she's eating blackberry pie
barksbt marc, it is, but keeps me active and alive.
stoneverse13 and drinking tea
rachel35034 well phhhttttttttttt
barksbt yep, sky! it is.
barksbt good for her, Stone
rachel35034 love blackberry pie
marcclin2 my neighbor know to stay away from me too
stoneverse13 she has it all over her face
rachel35034 lol stone
barksbt RACHEL, i want to get a Marie Callendar's blackberry pie now!!!
stoneverse13 she just said NUM NUM
rachel35034 so she likes it huh
barksbt marc, my neighbors know me, and they don't bother me; but they do check up on me.
barksbt that's works.
marcclin2 good for you bark
rachel35034 barks I like to make my own and take the seeds out and just use the juice
barksbt oh, okay, RACHEL; i don't do any baking except at Christmas.
smdh799 Hello everyone
barksbt folks, bed is calling.
rachel35034 I do when I feel up to it
rachel35034 where is Iwana?
dennis1952 hi smdh
rachel35034 nite barks tc
barksbt hagn, all; Vets, walk safe and rest well; thank you for serving, it's appreciated.
barksbt tomorrow, all.
marcclin2 nice talk bark
merj38 See ya folks, it's that time night for me to write a bit.
sweettxreb nite barksbt
rachel35034 Nite merj tc
rachel35034 crazy who is Iwana?
smdh799 merj nite
smdh799 rachel me
marcclin2 sounds like you have a beautiful home
rachel35034 oh ok didn't I talk to you in the old room?
smdh799 yes we did rACHEL

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