ksyster so are the Braves..hopefully.they have to pay for that expensive stadium
serdelb re read it robert
serdelb good morning state
statebobny morning
ksyster Cubs..they did well last year
Robert_13 KS, I have not been there in a long time . . . not since getting the flu
serdelb yes they did ksyster
redbeardjim thought the falcons built that
samthomas168 derb do you follow any home teams
ksyster they built one too LOL
ksyster glad i don't live in the counties that have to pay for them
ksyster sorry that you had the flu Rob...
Robert_13 <<< not a fan of those cubbies
serdelb lol robert
serdelb sam you talking to me
ksyster i was for the Bears when i lived in wisc {S superbowl shuffle
Robert_13 yeah, and they say Macs don't need anti virus, LL
redbeardjim im more of a football person but likes most sports
serdelb no sam l dont not a fan of detroits teams
samthomas168 but no teams in mich
ksyster i like baseball more....more when my g'sons play..the hot dogs are cheaper lol
samthomas168 ok understand
serdelb no sam just the local high school
samthomas168 yes that real sport
ksyster those games are a lot more fun to watch
Robert_13 Have not had coffee in ten days, surprised I can chat
serdelb yes less pressure
serdelb why robert
l8ypetals Robert yer dreaming
samthomas168 agree my olderst daughterwas very good athlete loved going to see her plzay
ksyster and entertainin watching little boys picking flowers instead of trying to catch the ball
Robert_13 You have great baseball stadiums for the Braves and Gwinett, Ks
ksyster mine too Sam..she got a softball scholarship
samthomas168 yes that is great ks
Robert_13 Serd, I have the flu'
Robert_13 hi there sam
serdelb awww poor robert lm sorry
samthomas168 hey robert
ksyster we do but the minor league braves have a lame name now..they're the Buttons lol
ksyster glad you are better Rob....
ksyster they had to give up the Braves name
Robert_13 wow, did not know that Ks
samthomas168 not sure about little boys picking flowers ks
ksyster lol they get bored when there's no action
samthomas168 o ok got it
redbeardjim me too lol ks
ksyster LOL red
Robert_13 flu has morphed to sever chest cough . . . kind of scared a bit
ksyster should have known you'd say that
serdelb just get better robert
ksyster Hi Zip
serdelb good morning zippoman
samthomas168 take care of that robert can lead to pnmonia
zippoman2442 Good morning
l8ypetals Mornin ZIP
Robert_13 Ks, have you had breakfast at the OK Cafe?
ksyster true maybe honey..garlic bourbon mix
samthomas168 later all be well
ksyster if it's in Atl no..i only go there for concerts
serdelb good morning boatmaster
ksyster and lock the door and take weapons
ksyster we have some good concert venues out here now too...so i go even less
ksyster bbl tc all!!
ksyster hope you feel better Rob!
serdelb hb ksyster
l8ypetals MO wake up !
serdelb what have you been upto robert ltns
serdelb good morning spector
Robert_13 <<< phone
serdelb hb robert

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