The Artist Formerly can i get a rollllllllllll tide
Ana_72 Hi serious
Ana_72 Hi okj
liolewis is it your first time on wire Ana?
Samantha65xoxo Ana it says you were here 2 years ago
Ana_72 No, but everytime I come I stay for very few time
liolewis u will like this room ana...u will stay longer
Ana_72 yes, but I come like oce per 3 months
Ana_72 because I can not read lines very fast
Ana_72 loooooooooool
Ana_72 I am slow
liolewis we are all slow here lol
Samantha65xoxo Its fine the room is slow lol
Ana_72 so I am finally in the right place
justben56 Samantha....Her internet is down
Samantha65xoxo oh maybe that was the problem
Ana_72 I noticed that the rooms with less people seems people that used to come very often
Ana_72 and that are alredy friends from ages
Ana_72 Is that true?
seriouslistener1224 I just started here
Samantha65xoxo I dont think so
Samantha65xoxo thanks pat
Ana_72 Thanks for welcoming all
Ana_72 need to go
Ana_72 sleepy
Ana_72 tc all...
lovesserenity22 So sorry for jumping in this room. Trying to figure out how to do something on this Wireclub site. Forgot how to set font color. Ugh
Samantha65xoxo its fine lol
lovesserenity22 When I hit the back arrow it comes in here. Not sure why. Sorry
Samantha65xoxo you can come in here lol
lovesserenity22 Thanks. Just didn't want to pop in and out and you were wondering why. I'm trying to learn this new site. Pain in my behind. lol
lovesserenity22 going to go and try to learn some of the settings etc. Take care.

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