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libbage006 jim who am i supposed to be watching in the golf game
jime713 lol lets
smokymountainlobster puts cole slaw on my chili dogs
BackwooodsBarbie Well I have to find a new insurance agent down here for car...because the state of SC won't let me use my KY insurance ...go figure
letsjustsayimgay Miracle Whip is not allowed anywhere near my home...
rainydaysmiles naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyy
machman26 mayo and ketushup on potato fries
rainydaysmiles hi mari withh the sweet moostachio
naughty459 raunyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hoity toity and cole slaw
hoity toity mayo in tater salad
MariPosa2021 hiya rainy
naughty459 mach my gentleman friend
jime713 and that like 150 credit hours
ThruDragonseyez mayo Isnt a food , should only be used as bait
libbage006 i know mother alice and her husband looked at each other after the 2 kids went upstairs and said.." our boys are smarter than we are"
smokymountainlobster mayo on my cheeseburger always
naughty459 dmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
jime713 Meg had one grade not an A in college and it was a stats class . she got a B
machman26 naughty my lady friend
letsjustsayimgay Naughtyyy ;O ) xoxoxoxo
Chatnip mayo should NEVER be on any hot food
dm5357 naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
MsLottie Well folks.... time to get busy here.... See ya's all later......have a wonderful Father's Day to those fathers out there an to the rest of yu.... enjoy your Sunday
averyhappywoman54 make a thumbprint and fill with water
naughty459 letsssssssssxoxo
ThruDragonseyez naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hoity toity I throw a cube of butter in a mason jar fill it with hot water come by dunk your corn in it the butter floats to the top and coats the whole cob
smokymountainlobster puts mayo on my fried bologna sammich
MariPosa2021 I think I'm making him eggplant parm today
naughty459 dabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Chatnip gag mach
libbage006 like mike
naughty459 machhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
letsjustsayimgay what is powdered mexican ?
libbage006 big head genes jim
averyhappywoman54 water on top Jerpz
ThruDragonseyez Sunshine n , wb
naughty459 mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
jime713 her genes
machman26 mayo and mexican powder on corn yum
Jerpz and Lipton onion soup
BackwooodsBarbie it's delicious
MariPosa2021 naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
BackwooodsBarbie Lobster? don't knock the street corn until you try it
naughty459 lobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
libbage006 takes a village
averyhappywoman54 I didnt know
Jerpz heard of that
Chatnip elote or something like that
naughty459 chatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Jerpz I read a recipe today MAYO in the hamburger meat before you cook it? ANYONE?
smokymountainlobster naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
BackwooodsBarbie Happy Father's Day, Lobster
ThruDragonseyez lobster , day aint over yet , still hope for me too
libbage006 i give LIsa credit too !!
letsjustsayimgay eggs and oil on corn...eww
Chatnip it was horrible
smokymountainlobster hibi i have a daughter thats 28
hoity toity lolollobster
smokymountainlobster mayo on corn? thats just wrong
averyhappywoman54 lobs I didnt know you had kids
libbage006 B is a damn good dad
jime713 he hd all A's this
Chatnip went to a place yesterday and they put mayo and assorted other BS on a piece of corn
letsjustsayimgay my kids are all feral..
libbage006 makes me smile too
MariPosa2021 aww lobby

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