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Ride_On stop reading that jake
delawaredevil Hi Mariposaohmi
PaGuy50 There's this thing going around where today's eclipse and the celestial alignment on the 23rd are signs
delawaredevil Phew that was a fingerful
Justin_Casey Jake got his fidget spinner out and majoring it for size
PaGuy50 Hb ride
jakefromgulfshores i never even seen a fidget spinner
pat10463 signs of what Pa?
jakefromgulfshores well a pic i have
roswell47 \no kust astronimical shit that happes
roswell47 \happeneas
easy262001 my son has about 8 laying around
PaGuy50 BRB. I'll get a web address for you
delawaredevil Eclipses are just natural occurances, been happening since the beginning of time.
pat10463 yep dela....
easy262001 from lain to light u to glowing
jakefromgulfshores we may be reading about you tomorrow easy
duglas6995 Howdy folks
pat10463 hi dug
duglas6995 Hi ya Pat
easy262001 LOLLL NAW Jake, Exit only on these body holes
roswell47 its not some &^%king sing and goofy shit is supposed to happen
boxers1 gm dug
duglas6995 Howdy boxers
jakefromgulfshores its like when the date rolled over to year 2000
easy262001 that was a flippin mess
roswell47 lol no shit jake
easy262001 my wife's grandmother drained her saving accounts
roswell47 dam easy
PaGuy50 I can't get it to attach Pat šŸ¤”
easy262001 freal roswell and gave every child and grandchild their share of the monetary inheritance
easy262001 she was convinced it was over with, lol
roswell47 lol 18 yrs ago
jakefromgulfshores We having eclipse party at beach
easy262001 awesome jake
jakefromgulfshores Florabama Ros
duglas6995 Party on Garth
easy262001 lol yupp roswell
roswell47 wow easy
jakefromgulfshores they party for ant event
roswell47 florabama will always party on
slab hunter 2.5 min event
easy262001 actually 3 hour event from start to end
jmorris55 ;yawn: gm gm gm
duglas6995 cloudy and overcast here with rain, won't see no eclipse anyway
easy262001 gm jmorriss
boxers1 nice here today
jethro55 brb client
jmorris55 hi pat..gm
jmorris55 hi boxers
easy262001 Margaritaville too jake
jakefromgulfshores Live Music Free Hot Dogs Complimentary Moon Pies $2 Blue Moon (Draft) $1 off Dark ā€˜Nā€™ Stormy $1 off Liquid Sunshine
roswell47 its not that big of a deal i saw the partial in 79, but its not like independance day like that chik on the capitol rcors building
roswell47 records
duglas6995 great old movie
easy262001 be blessed all and stay safe and sane today
jmorris55 hotel room is nc are going for 700 per night lol

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