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bowlinggeneral hi kattyann
annie1945 it pays to advertise heh shy? lol
jakefromgulfshores oh, i was checking to make sure i wasnt in transgender room
rak03252 LOL Jake
shysweetsf58 gave the Charming badge to rak03252
shysweetsf58 lol annie
rak03252 {{{{{{{{{{SHY}}}}}}}}}}thanks !!
rak03252 gm Key !!
annie1945 no offense meant shy.. just what I think.. u say outloud hahahaaa
bonniek348 hi annie
rak03252 gm Annie
annie1945 gm rak03252
annie1945 hi bonnie
shysweetsf58 my dog is afraid of scary monstor on tv lol
rak03252 got enough snow today, to be a nuisance...gotta clean off car if i wanna go out
NancyMichelle I wish it would snow here
bonniek348 me too nancy
annie1945 me too.. but my car is garaged .. its the garbage man that I felt sorry for lol
annie1945 what a mess out there lol
jakefromgulfshores we got 1/32 inch last week first snow in 35 years
rak03252 wish i could ship it to u Nancy and Bonnie
bonniek348 you call that snow jake lol
RonUponATime has lots of snow you can have...for free!!
jakefromgulfshores yup here we do
shysweetsf58 1st time I went to Florida it was 40 degrees
NancyMichelle it might snow here Sat
shysweetsf58 I had a wax for that lol
jakefromgulfshores they close schools below 40
rak03252 lol shy
Aliasdaveagain it's -28C here right now
shysweetsf58 I was so excited to see a bug on the side walk
rak03252 ( cant wait of next time shy comes to NJ, rak thinks to himself)
annie1945 is that where u live rak?
jethro55 a june bug?
rak03252 yes Annie.. northrn NJ
shysweetsf58 don't think I will ever go to that scary state
annie1945 nice .. I'm in PA
rak03252 lol shy
jakefromgulfshores arent you late for bingo , jethro
rak03252 anywhere near Dingmans Ferry Annie ?
rak03252 thats where my grandkids are
annie1945 im in the Poconos.. about 35 minutes from the NJ border at the Delaware Water Gap
jakefromgulfshores how far you from sportsbook casino jethro
rak03252 o ok, i am aware of that area
rak03252 i dont think Dingmans Ferry is too far frm there
rickRoch57 nice area, annie
annie1945 well its beautiful here and I first used to come here for vacations or weekend getaways... when I had the opportunity to move up here... I did
bonniek348 don't youi have to be at least 15 to play bingo
NancyMichelle bye cowbosy
rak03252 LOL Bonnie
rickRoch57 near the appalachian trail, isn't it, annie?
NancyMichelle cowboy too
annie1945 Dingmans Ferry is way up north.. I think near the NY border
annie1945 Poconos? .. is NE PA
bonniek348 lol rak
rak03252 no Annie, its right off 206
annie1945 not anywhere near the Appalachian trail...that I'm aware of
annie1945 Blue Mountains
rak03252 am thinkn u need a map Annie LOL
rickRoch57 ok... i had thought the trail went near the Del Water Gap

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