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laura64 brunnie, im concerned for you then
teresam01 Good afternoon all!!
brunnie Im talking about the juice
BjGo hi Teresa
wisperr lol, lots of wreckers lined up after the races, lol
laura64 im even more concenred now
laura64 dang get a depends
Ramblinrebel68 i have a dedicated interview system laura, if they see me and dnt run.we have an interview...lol
jakefromgulfshores brunnie squirts on the ceiling
laura64 lol ron good luck
brunnie Laura if you know your partner well no need for head hoods
laura64 dang well she can buy those old timey rubber pannies the babies used to wear
laura64 brunnie im good love
brunnie plastic pullups
frankentruck we have figure 8 races here in Kaukauna on thursdays
countryboybt1 ok im back from going into the stone age...lol
laura64 yes even with frills for your kinky night
brunnie oh my
wisperr they're good too,, havent seen them in a long time
jakefromgulfshores what do you clean ceiling fan blades with brunnie
countryboybt1 hiya laura
brunnie swiffer
laura64 CB Hello there you
countryboybt1 hiya wisper
frankentruck I don't go there much, rather see dirt races
wisperr hiya country
robertcamaro76 sexswing lol jk
SunshineDeb you all have a great day
SunshineDeb bye frank
wisperr yea frank, i agree
Witty_DearAbby you too Debs
laura64 brunnie you may wnna fumagate
jakefromgulfshores this is going downhill fast
laura64 toodles debeers
countryboybt1 hiya witty
brunnie ok enough of that jake...we are scaring off the nice people
SunshineDeb toodles alrua
laura64 going jake?
Witty_DearAbby hi COuntry bb
frankentruck I put a go pro on one car for all the races
Witty_DearAbby okay... gotta get moving and start packing
wisperr a what ???
laura64 you race frank?
laura64 see ya Witty, safe trip
brunnie lol @ kit on mute
gb64sbra ga Laura
Witty_DearAbby we are moving Laura
brunnie wait!
laura64 Hellooo kit
frankentruck no laura, I did but I just fix them now
brunnie it expired
happywesty hi folks
laura64 oh to wy, abbers?
Stoneponyjr Laura doll
happywesty hiya Frank
gb64sbra hi happy
brunnie eww laura really?
laura64 yes really brunniek dont be a hater
brunnie I will hate
jakefromgulfshores bbl , not in the mood for puffy today
laura64 now behave

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