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mikepeter6012 its 50 here today
Jante_nut hi irish
TomTenn <---only did 4,999... just so show I am a man
Gurly we're supposed to get snow today but there's no clouds in the visible sky
byung478 TOMTee was yu licken a Tootsie pop or whut?
mikepeter6012 tom your a mouse
Jante_nut hi tommy
Gurly hi tommy
TomTenn oh wow.... I was called a mouse.... wait, is that good or bad?
TommyBoyTX Hi Jante..Hi Gurly
Lexxuss Hey there Tommy
byung478 im tellin ya yur tongue gonna be sore--
Jante_nut do you squeak?
TommyBoyTX Hi Lexy
mikepeter6012 a good mouse
TomTenn jante, only when I move
Jante_nut I had a neighbor that sounded like a mouse
killbuck canyon is calling me back we could do sky walk with her
Lexxuss At least it's not a mouse
Gurly that would be a blast
Gurly i'd love to walk barefoot in the red sand again some day
Lexxuss Snoring like a mouse?
Jante_nut she was awake
Lexxuss worse
TomTenn mouses snore?
statman1900 red sand
jujuabe wow i dozed
Jante_nut a loud mouse lol
Gurly lol, juju
killbuck shed pee herselfmaybe u too
Gurly oh i know i would.....i have a problem with heights lol
TomTenn didn't know juju was asleep... I hope she doesn't scroll back
statman1900 where is red sand at?
Jante_nut hi classy
Jante_nut hi bully
Gurly although the helicopter ride didn't scare me to much
jujuabe fear of heights gurly?
Gurly Vegas, stat
jujuabe i got a fear of groups of people
Gurly yes, juju
jujuabe i cant be in a room with alot of peeps
mikepeter6012 tom no picking on juju
Classy_Woman hello everyone!
byung478 Lexxussssssssssssss yu go To san Antone stock show and Rodeo????
Gurly my sil is like that too, juju
TomTenn classy, good morning
MoonlightBob hiya classy
jujuabe feel like they stealing my air
Jante_nut hi rowdy
TomTenn juju, I can't pick on you, so don't read what I write
jujuabe ok done tom
Rowdy1953 Hi Jante
jujuabe i still like u tho
byung478 she must be on them old ladies for not doin thier pushups right--
jujuabe yeah i have to go to the store and places when lowest amount of peeps are there
mikepeter6012 don't like to fly
jujuabe otherwise i feel faint
jujuabe yeah im not crazy about flying either mikep
TomTenn I love to fly and it shows
jujuabe I prefer to drive
mikepeter6012 love to use amtrek trains
jujuabe oh that is on my bucket list
MoonlightBob prefer the train when I have the time
jujuabe train across country
mikepeter6012 I would love to
byung478 TRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN TRainnnnnnnnnnnn take me on out of this townnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
MoonlightBob took it to Denver a couple times, and dc twice.
jujuabe lol byyyyyyyyyyyyyy
killbuck oh worlds largest joshua forest that way too piearce ferry has old west town used in maverick movie
jujuabe i been on santas train in Wa
byung478 < bows-
jujuabe as a lil girl
jujuabe got hot chocolate
Lexxuss Didn't know Santa has a train

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