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Richmcg should be, I havent seen you in your PJs
tfergie008 and you wont
sunnybcgirl07 No you havent
karenofcalifornia68 I love beauty and the beast.
Richmcg she kust call the lil memmaid stupid?
Dancing Cow ugly face gorgeous body
Richmcg yes I have sunny
Dancing Cow yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dancing Cow hot hot hot
karenofcalifornia68 Moana, mulan and Pocahontas
sunnybcgirl07 Oh you mean the teddy bear onesie blanket thing?
byung478 Ride-on----
Richmcg uh huh
h0nd0 rich.. in that dream she had a onepiece on
sunnybcgirl07 That's not my pjs lol
Ride_On by..ung
Richmcg no more of a flannel onsies lol
Dancing Cow my mom straihtened me out.... not just good looking people get to have sex
karenofcalifornia68 Flannel ponies, loo
Ride_On hay rich
tfergie008 hey ride
Gurly_1 hi ride
Richmcg Miss Ride
Ride_On gurly
h0nd0 heya ms ride
byung478 hiride
Ride_On hondo
Dancing Cow I honestly BELIEVED sexy meant gorgeous
h0nd0 << yells :ETS ALL TAKE A RIDE!!!
Gurly_1 you feeling better, ride?
karenofcalifornia68 You are all gorgeous in your own ways
byung478 sexy iz as sexy does--
Ride_On lil bit
Gurly_1 i believe everyone is too, karen
Dancing Cow and gorgeous people don't always have gorgeous kids
Dancing Cow but, sometimes ugly people have gorgeous kids
Ride_On who the f is loretta gary n why the hell would she send me like three or four adds in the first minute i was in the room
h0nd0 given my mirror.. suggest. thats not quite true
sunnybcgirl07 Looks aren't everything who cares
tfergie008 i have no idea lol
repweinerbeaner Look at OJs daughter now. Woof
h0nd0 id settle for a fergie.. on a sunnyday
Dancing Cow sometimes pretty girls never get asked on dates
Richmcg loretta gary is using a picture of lindsey-pelas-grayson, and PMing everyone
sunnybcgirl07 Uh weiner your name says it all. Click
Gurly_1 i look at personality and a man's butt.......not his face
Ride_On looks are important howevere with that being said everyones idea of attractive might be diff
tfergie008 loretta take that fake picture and beat it
h0nd0 << covers
karenofcalifornia68 It's the ugliness or kindness within that truly defines your beauty that exudes out.
Richmcg alot of personality in our butts
repweinerbeaner How tolerant
Ride_On lmao no joke ferg
Dancing Cow well, I always wanted someone good looking and stupid
sunnybcgirl07 So true karen
Gurly_1 why the hell would u want someone who's stupid?
TomTenn dancing.. do they have to be good looking <bats my eyelashes>
byung478 Rich isnt available Dancin cow--
Richmcg so they dont thay I am?
Ride_On lol gurly
Dancing Cow lol hello Rich?
Gurly_1 looks only last so long.....gotta have someone you can have a conversation with
sunnybcgirl07 I'm thinking Cow is just yanking our chains
Richmcg ya think lol
karenofcalifornia68 Now stupidi ess you can't fix. LOL
sunnybcgirl07 Or maybe it's me and this fever lol
Ride_On <=cant do stupid

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