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happywesty rack of bbq ribs that is Hey Penny, how about some fattening ribs some night
rockislandred1 hahaa tiny
penny7 i ll babysit iggy
Cindi42 Hi star
countryboybt1 lol looks to me right guy was walking around in room with bullseye target on his forhead <was passing out ammo...lol
happywesty as Penny finishes up here pasta and sushi
penny7 i do like me good ribs now and then
rockislandred1 love her voice
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN it is over with Countryboy
happywesty oh penny .. I know where to find the greatest ribs ... restaurant that is
penny7 i had fish tacos with rice and beans ..and slaw..so nice
mikeandhisbike45 great voice!
penny7 happy ..i ve been to that famous one near the Zoo
happywesty the Zoo .. as in San Diego zoo?
happywesty listening to Rock's tune ... hmm
rockislandred1 its in balboa park
happywesty oh Penny we do have to talk then
Kimmielou hi scorp
happywesty oh ty Rock
happywesty Rock knows SD
rockislandred1 great park
rockislandred1 or did anyway
happywesty bike trails there, Rock?
rockislandred1 in the park ues
wprodrigues3 What's going on tonight
happywesty cool .. I will have to bus over there some time
rockislandred1 stay out of the bushes on the north end
happywesty do you remember the name of the rib place?
Kimmielou < so confused
happywesty I have been dying to have ribs for some time
happywesty big thick juicy bbq ribs
penny7 it is going...wprod
penny7 i prefer baby back
happywesty the room is moving at a nice pace right now .. that wont last
happywesty cool Penny ..
Kimmielou hi rain
penny7 i also like the burn ends
happywesty hi Rain
happywesty burn ends
Kimmielou feisty?
Rain444 Hello Kimmie :-)
rickRoch57 hey rain
Kimmielou may I pm you
happywesty good to see you back, Rain
Rain444 Hi Happy
kraym hi Rain
penny7 can t recall...it s near the Zoo...suppose to be freaking long line
Pepe_ 'wow, that is good
happywesty long line ... hmm .. sounds like reservations are in order
Rain444 Thanx happy...glad to be here
wprodrigues3 Yes Kim pm
Pepe_ did anyone say anything good
penny7 dang ribs were huge..it s skeery..u d love it
kraym hi Star
rockislandred1 i said anything good as soon as you left
rockislandred1 couldnt hepl it
Pepe_ Root beer in glass bottles is goodddd

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