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FEISTY_MS_QUEEN oh my goodness
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN i don't think i would have that with some of these people on here
pepe_ I would talk to your daughter about adding her
TomTenn moseying along... not on a locator so yall won't know where I mosey
pepe_ we all use it as a safety
JENNI JENNI JENNI why she never leaves the house unless she is with me lol
JENNI JENNI JENNI I only have robbin on friend finder so I know when he is leaving job sites and when to pick him up
JENNI JENNI JENNI he used to send me his location but there are times he cant get on his cell
edgolf1 hello Jenni
JENNI JENNI JENNI i have to go to the store soon and I really dont want to go
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN why does it have to manage phone calls?
JENNI JENNI JENNI its really not warm enough to wear a jacket so that means I have to put a bra on
BjGo poor Jenni
pepe_ Jen, as a rule, bras are a must outdoors
JENNI JENNI JENNI only thing i like about cooler weather,, never have to weat one
pepe_ yes?
JENNI JENNI JENNI yes poor poor me
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN why does the app have to make and manage phone calls?
Faith10 ello Room
BjGo hi Faith
Faith10 Hi Bj
byung478 Gotta have----------------Faith
pepe_ you can set it to send a froup text if something happens, so it has to have permission
JENNI JENNI JENNI I hope this pill has hit me enough that I can go and not pass out,, last time I almost did on the store and knocked over a few two liters
Faith10 By how are you lol
discdoc22 Hello room, I am new to this and want to make some friends.
Faith10 Hi Disco
discdoc22 Hi faith
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN hi Disc and welcome to Wire
byung478 Faith yu knocked me out!
imfreisback feistyyyy :gappywave:
Faith10 By lol when , how lol
discdoc22 Awesome! nice to meet you all!
byung478 Faith soon as yu posted to me i lost connection--
Faith10 hey Jenni
JENNI JENNI JENNI hey faithhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
pepe_ good to see y'all
discdoc22 so how does this work?
Faith10 By lol wasn't my fault lol your pc loves me a lot lol
pepe_ I have to scoot
byung478 like a lightning strike----
Faith10 Jenni how are you dear
byung478 latta pepe-
Faith10 By lol
imfreisback making a call 867
pepe_ bye y;all
pepe_ love ya Jen
JENNI JENNI JENNI I am ok,, and you

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