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justaduck where is home ?
vivvvles k back
Gene1122 south ga
vivvvles i posted it
justaduck aww sweet marie
GotShotAtWalmart Thats Ok Juliet
vivvvles go look at my feed
dawork1959 where your heart is
frozenfishy who says i havent had sex since the operation lol
vivvvles ty Jante
sarcasticsybil wb again damnit
justaduck walmart, can ya blame her
vivvvles ty witty, lol
CherryBIossom22 u posted ur vibrator?
PeppahL your hand doesn't count
frozenfishy a few of the girls did stop by to see me lol
windswptwords TMI Foshy
CherryBIossom22 i mean fryer lol
Chele1L Ky why dont u like it?
GotShotAtWalmart Not Really Ducky
vivvvles fishy, u paid for them
vivvvles lol Cherry, i can just fo u
Jante_nut lmao cherry
PeppahL lol doesn't mean you got laid
sarcasticsybil what kinda cookies vivv?
GotShotAtWalmart People Tend To Lay low On Wire
frozenfishy paying is better viv, they go home after
Gene1122 fishy if you have had sex she musta done all the work lol
justaduck probably had a frying pan laid up the side of his head peppah
vivvvles Jante, dont laugh at her, ur encouraging her
gabbyangel159 doesn't want to know if Matty got laid...ewwww
marielee50 Good night all. Just dropped by for a sec.. Cheerios :-)
justaduck i think it gets too crowded walmart
frozenfishy thats the best part gene, at this point all i can do is jsut lay back LOL
vivvvles i did chicken witty
justaduck hagn marie
PeppahL I'm sure she usually does.. even before the surgery
Jante_nut that's why i'm laughing viv lol
Chele1L Nite marie
vivvvles lol shit,,pay me, i will go home too
gabbyangel159 marie nite
Elico47 good evening all
sarcasticsybil ahhh ok vivv
Jante_nut tc marie!
Gene1122 i dunno that might drive me crazy
justaduck ge elico
frozenfishy <<fliopsp viv a nickle
ky_pisces Buzz it's a pos
vivvvles lol Jante, yea yea yea
erck1 OK......lost again
sarcasticsybil ummmmmmmm don't we all pay for sex in one form or another? lol
Jante_nut lol viv
frozenfishy dance woman , dance!
vivvvles fishy,,,,,,nickle wont even give u a smile
PeppahL exotic dance
vivvvles yup, what witty siad
frozenfishy its better than canned food!
mikeandhisbike45 thunder snow here now, with ice .... yuck
CherryBIossom22 chicken dance lol
qnzfinestdoc you look great Vivvles
vivvvles :dancing:
GotShotAtWalmart Juliet used To Say Hi ROMEO..Guess Im a Washed Up Fabio Now On Wire
Jante_nut erck are you using your phone to chat ?
dawork1959 you dont have to bobbi
justaduck yuck mike
vivvvles ty qnz, do i know u?
Gene1122 does not pay for sex
vivvvles ewww fishy
gabbyangel159 ok, Kota wants to go outside... brb
rockislandred1 cool ness hun again lol glad you arnt working in the aftermath of it lol
vivvvles Gene, good boy
qnzfinestdoc no ..but im complementing you regardless

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