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vivvvles hola lobster
vivvvles hey gwennith
earameye are you going to be impolite and unfriendly?
Ride_On hay feisty
gwennith Ear cause he does everyday
pleasefeedthelobster google it gwen
ucscruzin that's not on my agenda
gwennith Rideeeee
h20dawg37 Hi Vivv*************************
vivvvles where is Rocky?
vivvvles Rocky?
vivvvles Rocky?
gwennith on brb
ucscruzin but it don't havta be to get ejected
vivvvles ((((((((((((((((dawgie)))))))))))))))))))))))
gwennith HI dawg
one2many I'm trying to figure out my chat status...
vivvvles hey one2
h20dawg37 Hi Gwen
sailor_c76 Hi room
one2many hey vivvs
earameye there's a chat status?
gwennith HI sail
vivvvles dont ask me
gwennith he thinks so
vivvvles lol gwen
ChileanMan Chuckles - the profile of Gwennith says she is 117 yo, funny (hello to her)
one2many ear...it's an unspoken thing
ucscruzin chat status?
earameye wireclub keeps sending me e-mails. i keep spamming them
ChileanMan But she looks rather young, just 100 or so -smiles
h20dawg37 I just got beat by someone else besides you in Wordy Vivv
ucscruzin what kinda emails?
BriFi huh what who when where
gwennith lol Chile hello
vivvvles lol Dawgie,,,awww, sucks to be u
sailor_c76 Hi gwen
earameye we miss you!!! you haven't shown up in over 24 hrs!!!! (which is a lie)
h20dawg37 lol....no...just sucks....lol
earameye stupid stuff
ucscruzin from where, Ear?
gwennith I get them too
vivvvles lol dawgie, sucks what?
one2many always keep tabs on your chat status
ucscruzin from THIS site?
gwennith they want money
h20dawg37 what are you offering Vivv?
earameye yes. dunno if it's this room specifically
vivvvles oh, i heard money,,,,,put me in
BriFi adjust yr setting you wont get them anymore
vivvvles lol dawgie, ? moi? pfftttt
gwennith No ear it's wire
earameye those are the title lines for the e-mails. i don't open them, i just spam them
vivvvles omg, i cant stop yawning
gwennith Bri it's on my email not here
ucscruzin I do that too
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN it isn't this room Ear
one2many vivves...you short on sleep?
BriFi correct but you can adjust in settings gwenn
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN the rooms themselves do not send emails
ucscruzin mu puter is makin weird noises
earameye feisty, i would hope not. i'm guessing it's just livewire in general
h20dawg37 she goes to bed at three and gets up at 1
vivvvles one2, i am today,,,,why? u gong to sing me a lullabye?
gwennith all my setting are on private or friends only
one2many I've tried to adjust my chat status...but I couldn't find the setting
FEISTY_MS_QUEEN it is just an automated email from wire saying they miss you and to come back and chat
earameye i've only chatted here for a few days. surely no one is that obsessive
BriFi ;emme look for you gwenn
vivvvles dawgie,,,,u keep thinking that,,,,,i do have a son, and i do work u know
h20dawg37 lol.....you keep teling me that
one2many vivves...I can sing lullabyes like no other...lol

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