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rockislandred1 lol brunnie
laura64 <--lefty
silvea but my darn hipm is not young right now
fiercechipmunk what are you gonna do with the chicken while you're gone?
mikeandhisbike45 halloween costumes, sushi, thats abot it
rockislandred1 lol tiny iggys been obnouxious the last 2 days
brunnie sounds awesome mike.....which one of you going to be KLK?
silvea i hav eto go toteh orthapidic dr tomnroow
penny7 haha....
rockislandred1 he should be horse for all the crowing
laura64 Mike are you going to washington?
vdamien674 penny7 hello young miss lol
penny7 what did he do ...smallls
laura64 or rock.. whomever
silvea i zsuren hope i get a cortizone shoit
ramblingrebel68 hello penny
countrybig <drinking warm apple cider I ran out of coffee
rockislandred1 my bonus moms house sitting
penny7 Mmmm sushi
brunnie ewww cb lol
silvea ahhhhhhhhhhhh countery
rockislandred1 i am going there laura
silvea darnit
mikeandhisbike45 Laura, shes comming here
rockislandred1 its my turn lol
silvea put a bit of brandy in hte cider
ramblingrebel68 yep.. still blocked
fiercechipmunk why am i all worried about a chicken?
laura64 aww wonderful rock
vdamien674 allo Penny747 is there a pilot in the plane, lol
silvea rambeling by who
laura64 thats great, excited for yas!!
byung478 silvea i like how yu think---
praireedawn its a pretty time here
ramblingrebel68 oh well . dont care
countrybig its god with cinnamon in it
rainydaysmiles my dil made warm apple cider the other night with whipped cream on top.was so good.
rockislandred1 lol chippy because hes an interesting cock
penny7 talls was renting the bulldozer just to drag u outta the hill...just in case...LOL
brunnie I think mike needs to visit rock 5 times and rock to mike once since she has to deal with a ferry
laura64 lmaoo rokc
fiercechipmunk he's a dirty bird!
silvea oh that wpoud be good
ramblingrebel68 by penny, sil.. she blocked about 3 weeks ago.
rockislandred1 my place is not flat and is an island
brunnie <---travel agent
vdamien674 bulldozer, in france we use the same word in french language lol
silvea who rambling
rockislandred1 hes been here 3
laura64 mike how many times have you visited Rock?
fitnessrowmantic hello mikebike 45
norah_abc lol brunnie
mikeandhisbike45 i have to use the ferry, or fly, to get there too brunnie
rockislandred1 to my one lol
byung478 Brunnie--yu mada as much sense as yu never do----
laura64 ahjhhhy ok
laura64 i see
d_davis16 sorry had to leave back now
vdamien674 bulldog, bulldozer must choice lol
brunnie ok mike you 4 times her twice cause you're a man
silvea rambling who blocked u
rockislandred1 hes coming here for new years
penny7 3:1 ...smallls u have some catching up to do
ramblingrebel68 penny7 .. blocked me silvea... but
laura64 i think whatever works for you both, ignore brunnie
rockislandred1 no penny i dont lol
silvea oh sorry
fiercechipmunk ok, i need a nap
penny7 i love number ...so have to put it out there...
brunnie see he cant argue with that haha
vdamien674 silvea i can help you to write lol
laura64 when are you going there rock?
mikeandhisbike45 new years !!!
silvea lol vd i doubt it
countrybig < will have to take my homemade bed apart day before new bed arrives
fiercechipmunk hagd everyone
rockislandred1 tuesday is travel day

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